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10 Simple Steps To Self Love Especially for an Indian

We are sent to schools and tuitions to learn and understand everything in the world, other than the most important thing of all, ‘Self love’. We are taught manners and etiquettes, rights and wrongs, goods and bads but what about self?

The reasons; why it is important to love ourselves before loving anyone else?; why is it important to learn to take care of ourselves before taking care of others; why so many people are lost in their lives doing things they are never really excited about?; Why are there people, caught in the middle of responsibilities cursing their lives when all they need is a little break?

Let’s start with the basic, what is self love? It’s as simple as it sounds. What do we do when we fall in love with someone else? We are simply happy for the most of the time basically because we know there is someone who is there to share our thoughts and take care of us, we know there is someone to have our backs.

Self love is just like that, it’s about being happy with ourselves, spending some quality time alone in a café giving our thoughts a break, taking care of ourselves and do everything that makes us happy, no matter if it’s dancing barefoot in the rain or eating two cones of ice cream at the same time and do as many weird things a person can think.

When we understand how important this self love is, then we truly know our worth and that is the time when we refuse to accept the things that make us feel anything less. That is when we know how stable and blessed our relationships with our friends and family are and how important it is to be happy with what we have.

Down below are 10 ways to fall in love with ourselves, these are simple and it will benefit.

10. Learn to be grateful

No matter how bad our lives get, if we have blood running in our veins then we are blessed. Lower your expectations on everything and simply let everything be a surprise, may it be a candy bar you bought after 15 days or maybe just a child running around chasing butterfly in a garden, everything has a touch of happiness and when we let that happiness touch us by surprise, make us feel right and our heart really smiles for that little while, then we can say we truly are grateful. It’s that feeling of joy and satisfaction that make things better.

09. Stop Complaining

It is known that people go through many bad things in life, but it is fact that nothing is permanent; so enjoy when times are good and have patience when situations are tough. Stop complaining about all the little things in our lives because there will always be problems, without them life would have nothing to go on with and eventually everything will settle down. Go 24 hours without complaining and you’ll surely see your life changing for good.

08. Be optimistic

Optimism isn’t just a word but a life style. Play the glad game as they show in the movie ‘Pollyanna’. Whatever the conditions are, there’s always something to be grateful for. Sometimes we might not be able to find it at the moment but maybe after a short time and maybe from a different angle, we will understand why the thing had to happen and how it has changed our lives. So just know, nothing happens for no reason, there’s always something for the greater good.

07. Stop self negative talks

This might not apply to everyone but there are people who aren’t very confident of themselves, they doubt and belittle themselves in their silly little head, for all those people, you need to know that you are the best version of yourself, never forget that. There might be things you aren’t very proud of, if that could be changed then change it if not then accept it and move on. Everyone progresses at their own pace; this life isn’t a race, we all are in the same team. Never forget that and never ever speak negatively of yourself and also others.

06. Take care of your body

This heavy traffic and fast life has really worn out our bodies. We get little time to exercise and eat healthy and even when we get the time; most of us get lazy when it comes to taking care of our bodies. But we don’t need a lot of time for that, try stair instead of elevator, cycle instead of bike, fruits over Pizza and water over cold drink. That won’t take much of your time. Change the little habits in your life and see your life changing.

05. Make meditation a habit

If our body is a temple then our mind is the God residing in it. Just like our body needs food and exercise, similarly, even our mind needs food and exercise. Feed it with good, positive thoughts, test its creativity and for the exercise, meditate. It’s really easy, it doesn’t matter if we are at school or at work or anywhere else, just sit, close your eyes and slowly count the breaths, as long as possible and simply relax. Don’t be bothered by the thoughts lingering around. They’ll come and go.

04. Wear a smile, always

Smile is very contagious. It doesn’t mean we don’t have problems in our lives, but how we choose to shine even after going through everything we have. We still have our lives, food to eat and a roof above to live in, we can smile for that. Often a beautiful smile gives away all the solutions to all the problems we have, it makes everything look so much more beautiful. If you don’t believe this, go and look at a picture of you with a genuine smile.

03. Stop living in the past

Past is good place to visit but not a place to stay. Whether it was good or bad, it’s gone, focus on now and make it a place worth visiting in the future. Everyone makes mistakes they regret or memories they miss but this is the not the end, learn from the mistakes and give a chance to yourself to make better memories. Today is all you have, be sure to live it.

02. Always be student

Leaving the schools and colleges doesn’t mean that our studies are over. Always be willing to learn new things and work hard for it, just like a student. There is no end of knowledge; also there is no end of our capacity to learn. As long as a person wishes to keep going with it, life cannot really be dull as some people may call it. Travel often, you never know what surprise a simple road trip might bring.

01. Be the reason someone believes in goodness again

A good deed doesn’t just leave an imprint on someone else’s heart but ours as well. This habit is just like that of a child. If they see someone cry, they forget about themselves and wipe their tears first. Though they are naughty but their heart is always pure, they like to see others happy, they believe in the magic and they believe that there is good in the world. A simple act of kindness can do a lot for someone.

These are the simple tasks anyone can do, take one at a time before combining them all together, then you can’t help but fall in love with yourself. It’s a beautiful life and there are so many good and magical things out there. Let your heart be excited about everything, let it take risk, let it get lost and let it find its way back home.

Akanksha Agrawal
Akanksha Agrawal
I was named Akanksha Agrawal when I first cried on 18th July 1997. I've always loved to study and get in touch with new things. After completing my high school studies from KPS Bhilai, I opted for CA as a profession but gradually, it came to me that it wasn't the best option. Currently I am all with B.Com planning to do MA in literature. I have a great interest in spirituality and self development. Reading and travelling are the top in my list of hobbies.

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