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Big Bazaar or Vishal Mart, which one is better for best clothing shopping for girls and boys

India is a country with so many private companies blooming these days nicely. The world of common shopping centres has expanded since last two decades quite well. Vishal Mega Mart and Big bazaar are two such shopping hubs which have fixed places in the list of favourite shopping destinations of people. These are the companies with a frequent rise almost every year in their business cycle. Now, before I let you analyse the better place to shop for clothes in, let’s just know a bit about these grand stores.


Vishal Mega Mart Private Limited is a private or non-government retailer company which is nearly nine years old. Established in 2010 this company has a big annual turn over of about Rupees 6 billion.


Big Bazaar, as the name depicts, is another BIG retail market with almost all your daily necessities available. Big bazaar has its parenting from the organisation ” FUTURE ” and with its annual turnover of approx 9000 crores, it has many sub – stores under it. When we talk about clothing, the sub-stories under it are FBB and CENTRAL.

Now let’s begin the comparative analysis between both in terms of better clothing for boys and girls. I’ll be covering a few heads mentioned below:

  • Quality of Products 
  • Variety in Products 
  • Price Comparisons 
  • Designs and options available 
  • Size suitability
  • Trending stuff

So let us begin.

Quality of products:

Quality of product normally depends upon the price levels. But at times you get good quality at a low price too. Although this has a condition. This will take a lot of time in looking for the right fabric at low price at Vishal Mega Mart. But one thing is sure that you’ll get something satisfactory for yourself at Vishal mega mart. Coming towards the FBB and Central getting a good quality fabric is easy but at a low price is quite tough. FBB and Central keep good stuff at a high price usually. But the quality of the fabric is going to be at the top level. One thing which I noticed was the availability of some clothes with ordinary quality but a high price. I still don’t get a reason to buy such clothes for myself.

Variety of products:

Variety is almost equally available with both the retailers but the clothes in FBB and Central are available according to their seasonal collections. Their collections are varied enough, but when you enter the store of FBB as a common, typical India teen or youth, maybe your mother would not like the types of clothes available there. The funk in the clothes is available at a bit high level than in the clothes of Vishal mega mart. Vishal Mega Mart focuses on the middle class typical Indian people making them access both funky and simple clothes under the same roof. There is abundant variety too, but duplicacy in the brands can be faced.

Price Comparision:

Now, this is the head which brings up the broadest difference between the two cloth traders. Prices at FBB begin from 299 mainly. But the good products are normally above the range of this. Prices at Vishal Mega Mart begin from low range and go higher gradually but, you may find a satisfactory product at Rupees 200 too. Vishal Mega Mart has a large variety under Rupees 500, but at FBB, with 500 in your pocket, it’s a bit tough to get a good product satisfying your wants. In simple words, comparatively higher prices are found at FBB and Central.

Designs and options available:

Professional designers design clothes at FBB and Central. While the clothes available at Vishal Mega Mart are a mashup of various local and standard brands. FBB and Central usually have big brands under their showcase wardrobes. Also, few clothes available at Vishal Mega Mart are the copied versions of the original big brands. In such case, if you want to wear a T-shirt with U.S POLO written on it but can not afford the original one, you can check Vishal Mega Mart to find a copy of it at a reasonable price. Big bazaar always keeps the original brands under it. So it is reasonable for the rates to be higher than in Vishal Mart.

Size suitability:

Major size categories are available in both the stores, but what matters is the suitability or the fitting of the size. If I bought ‘Small’, it shouldn’t be too small. And if I bought XL or XXL, it shouldn’t make me look like a hanger with the clothes hanged.

In both Vishal Mega Mart and Big Bazaar, the clothes for ‘ small ‘, ‘ medium ‘ or ‘ large ‘ wearers are comfortable and fit. But to people with sizes like XL, XXL or XXXL, they may be problematic sometimes. They may be too loose or may create a situation where XL would be tight for you and XXL may be too loose for you.

So, in such a situation you may need alteration done for your clothes. To avoid this, stretchable wears are a better option.

Trending stuff:

Talking about trend, what matters a lot is changing in the cloth collections according to the changes in the world of trends. For example – If ruffles are in trend and you don’t have enough pieces on your sale wardrobes, that can be a piss off for the buyer.

Trends keep changing, and it’s needed for the stores to keep walking on the ways where the trend and fashion goes. Big bazaar is much more known with this fact, and that’s the reason why their collections change according to the trends and seasons. Vishal Mega Mart is comparatively new in the world of cloth shopping and has established itself just nine years ago, so maybe you won’t find everything that is currently in trend. This does not mean that they don’t update their pieces. They do. But FBB and Central are a bit quicker and swifter.

After all these facts I mentioned above according to my point of view, it is completely up to you and your choices. Choose what makes you happy, comfortable and satisfied.

Happy shopping

Mansi Yadav
Mansi Yadav
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