Op-edChild Labour: An Inhuman Act Prevailing In Society

Child Labour: An Inhuman Act Prevailing In Society

It is said that: “Children are one of the most precious and adorable creations of God.” Their innocence and enthusiasm is their beauty, and that makes them natural. But is it sensible to snatch away that innocence from them? Is it fair to deprive them of all the happiness that they deserve? Doing all this is nothing other than committing a crime, destroying millions of lives. The thing to feel shame is that this crime is taking place all over the world, which we know commonly as ‘Child labour ’. Child labour is the trap that is entangling several innocent lives with darkness and stealing away the joy and amazement.

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A statistical report said that India has about 1,26,66,377 child labourers. The age when they are supposed to enjoy their childhood they go on working in factories and mines. Instead of getting delighted in the moments of happiness, they work hard for a single piece of food. They devote themselves to washing utensils rather than holding a pencil in their hand. Isn’t it something fierce? How can we live in a society that behaves viciously with those innocent children for their benefit? Children are forced to work in mines, dhabas, factories, houses risking their life for the shortest benefit of earning their livelihood. Most often, it happens to the orphans when all they know is that life starts and ends with them only. They are very sure of the fact that no godfather will come to give them a better experience. So, it entirely depends on them to make a life of their own doing the worst of the worst wrecks.

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Many times it becomes a compulsion for the little children to earn for themselves and the family as they become solely responsible for it. The child labour is not at all limited until the working of the children when their priority should be education. They even deal with harsh treatment. The people who give them work most often treat them brutally taking advantage of their poverty and impotence. Almost 90% of the child labour in India is in its rural areas. Mostly they are girls who are being indulged in household activities dropping out of schools, leaving behind their right to be educated. Overpopulation is also somewhere contributing to this global problem. On seeing small kids working in the hotels, near roadside shops, I wonder how stone-hearted or helpless they are that they don’t feel pity for their kids. Instead of providing bags and books in their hand, parents overburden their kids with the responsibilities of earning for the family.

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The United Nation’s program UNICEF and several other NGOs are effortful towards reducing activities like child labour. Since long back, UNICEF has been dedicated to bringing down this social evil. We, as the citizens, continuously keep on screaming about human rights. But to what extent we are providing a helping hand to the tiny tots who are becoming a victim of child labour and are sacrificing their childhood for their family? This is a big question on our humanity. Just before their eyes open to see the dreams for a better future, they are filled with darkness.

Child labour protest, child is meant to learn not to earn

I don’t know why the god punishes the innocent kids in such a pathetic way for not having committed any mistake. Just for being born poor and unprivileged? To be harsh to a child is not good. But to not let that child enjoy his/her childhood with full joy and charm is the biggest sin one can commit because “Childhood is the best gift by God in a person’s life”.

Medha Shukla
Medha Shukla
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