Op-edConfidence is the Key to Success: How to Make Yourself strong and...

Confidence is the Key to Success: How to Make Yourself strong and Lively?

Have you ever felt the fast pounding of your heart the moment you come to the stage for a performance? Does it happen like stammering in front of the person you meet for the first time although you don’t stammer? Something ubiquitous among these situations is the lack of confidence. It generally happens to people that they are very good at work. But when it comes to attending situations among a group of people, they are likely to shiver, stammer and even sometimes faint.

Do we ever give a second thought as to why it happens? It’s because of the surroundings and the way it affects. We deal with a lack of confidence because we have somewhere experienced underestimation. Either we underestimated ourselves, or someone did with us at some point in time. Sometimes not getting the appreciation we deserve also becomes a reason for the lack of confidence in us.

Career Confidence

You might have observed some people speaking fluently and flawlessly at a public meeting. Many people are gifted with this confidence since their time of birth. But some need to nurture and enhance it. Be it APJ Abdul Kalam for being the ‘Missile Man of India’ or Amitabh Bacchan for being the legend of Bollywood. It’s the confidence that led them to such positions. Not the overconfidence. Similarly, many other famous personalities have been successful because of their faith. The inner self-confidence generated positivity inside them and led them to do works of honour and dignity.


Fish from small jar to big jar

There comes a situation in life when people feel low, and the confidence in them disappear for a while. It seems like all the positive thoughts are shattered at once, the optimism is lost somewhere. In those situations, there are specific ways one should adopt to boost confidence:


Stay in a positive environment

A positive surrounding is like a cure for all the negativity. It is always said that your personality and thinking depends on the people you are surrounded with. It is a normal feeling that if someone boosts your morale and praises you, your confidence level automatically rises.

It’s time to meditate

Since a long time back, meditation has been proven as an authentic medicine for all psychology related problems. Whenever you feel like your spirit, energy is going down, spare some time for meditation. Making it regular in your schedule works best.

 Listen to some motivational speeches

It’s an observed fact that words emerging from people who are capable of motivating seem to be quite useful. There are thousands of motivational speeches by eminent personalities that have helped in regaining confidence. It’s because many times more than sympathy, empathy works.

Do something that makes you happy

Whether it’s about hearing fast music or making crafts, writing poems, collecting coins or planting trees. Often when you feel low or with no confidence, go for activities that give you inner satisfaction. You will not believe it, but it really works. Doing things you just love releases happy hormones in your body and automatically increases the level of confidence.

Building confidence for others is an easy task, but generating confidence through self-efforts is comparatively difficult. There happen to be situations where you can feel like nothing is left, all the excitement vanishes, the self-confidence is lost, and nothing seems to be good. But those are the times where only you can help yourself. Regaining the lost confidence through one’s own ways and work is worth appreciating. Ultimately, what you achieve is self-satisfaction and an urge to achieve many more things. My personal experience says that the way you can do it for yourself, no one else can do it so well. So, ‘Help yourself, Shape yourself; Be confident, but not overconfident’.


Medha Shukla
Medha Shukla
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