EducationData Science and Machine Learning tools towards a better Career

Data Science and Machine Learning tools towards a better Career

Data Science has many facets under itself and fosters many disciplines under its umbrella. The field incorporates scientific methods, processes, algorithms and systems to derive knowledge and insights from data, presented in many forms representing in both structured and unstructured forms. Data Science is a field of the future with many tricks up its sleeve. Some even go on to say that it is the integration of the concepts in statistics, data analysis and machine learning.

It applies the techniques and theories extracted from many subjects like mathematics, statistics, information science and computer science. Data Science is a unique concept in the world of education that brings together the best of all the subjects acting as this great merger or collaborator.

Online Course in Data Science

From the centers of the tech giant IBM, we have a flurry of free online courses. Data Science Fundamentals IBM is offering this course represented as Cognitive Class and the official website was previously called Big Data University. The program gives a comprehensive view of Data Science is covering its essential disciplines. The time allotted for completion is around 20 hours but that may vary from one student to the other. A computer science student will grab the subject faster than a fresher.

Other than this there are online courses offering Data Science lessons that cater to Business Analyst Professionals, Information Architects, Statisticians. It is also for developers trying to master the subject and willing to take up the designation of Data Scientist or Machine Learning Expert. There are many platform where you can opt for the Data Science Course.

A basic course in Data Science includes the following:

  1. Data Science Introduction and Importance
  2. Data acquisition and Data Science life-cycle
  3. Experimentation, evaluation and project deployment tools
  4. Different algorithms used in Machine Learning
  5. Predictive analysis and segmentation using clustering.
  6. Big Data fundamentals and Hadoop integration with R.
  7. Data Scientist roles and responsibilities
  8. Deploying recommender systems on real-world data sets.
  9. Work on data mining, data structures and data manipulation.

Full-time courses on Data Science are also available like the Advanced Program in Data Science at IIMC.  Post Graduate Programs are also provided like the Post Graduate Program in Data Science from IIIT Bangalore in association with the upgrade. It is an online course.

A syllabus for the course at IIM-C is all inclusive, keeping topics like Machine Learning and Big Data Storage and Analysis. The objective of the program is to bring in new participants and introduce them to various mechanisms and tools bordering around the topics. The course enables students to have a better understanding of software like the XL-Miner, SAS Enterprise, Miner, SPSS, R, @Risk, Arena, Apache Park, Python etc.

The Post Graduate Program at IIIT Bangalore is made in accordance with the needs of professionals and serves the purpose well. It gives the chance of interaction with Industry people. It gives the facility of doubt clearing and practical workshops fill up the student’s calendar. It also offers job assistance in compliance with top firms. A total of 400+ hours of learning for the students. The team or faculty work in tandem to provide an enriching experience and there is a student success manager assigned to the students.

Another intrinsic part of Data Science is Machine Learning. Before jumping into more details lets find out the definition of Machine Learning. Machine Learning delves deeper into the scientific study of algorithms and statistical models. It implies that the computer system performs a particular task without making use of explicit instructions solely relying on patterns and references instead. It is usually defined as a subset of AI. Machine Learning is effective in making people’s lives easier. The subject is taught elaborately and is pursued, by many.

Online courses in Machine Learning are available for students and professionals alike. Like the Machine Learning Certificate Course at Intellipaat. Machine Learning with R course from Intellipaat is a certificate course. It is all-inclusive and designed as per industry requirements. The training teaches about Artificial Intelligence and helps an individual to master the techniques of Machine Learning with R by incorporating the algorithms, supervised and unsupervised learning, probability, statistics, decision tree, random forest, linear and logistics regression.

There is a Machine Learning Course offered by DataCamp and it is an introductory course. It offers 6 hours of training covering topics like performance measures, classification, regression and clustering.

Students having knowledge of linear algebra, basic probability and statistics may apply for a Machine Learning course at Stanford. The only prerequisite being they have to be students of a major American college with a minimum degree.

A basic Machine Learning course has the following contents:

  1. Introduction to Machine Learning with R
  2. Various techniques of Machine Learning
  3. Mathematics of Machine Learning
  4. Preprocessing of data
  5. Supervised learning techniques with R
  6. Introduction to regression with R
  7. Techniques of classification with R
  8. Unsupervised learning
  9. Introduction to Deep Learning.

There various options for Machine Learning and Data Science. With the world closing in on technology these are the two avenues to look out for. Opt for any one of them and your future can turn out to be glorious for sure at least that what most experts are talking about. They are especially giving rave reviews to these subjects since these will open up new doors for every student. The subjects add more worth to your resume. With the advent of cutting edge technology, these subjects are becoming the answer to all your modern problems. They offer unique solutions and bring in a certain level of innovation.

Data Science is a vast subject and can be termed a field. It dabbles in many disciplines and closely studies Machine Learning. So both are related. Many software like Python is taught, which helps to satisfy the curiosity of eager students. We find it useful as a tool for the future. Machine Learning uses various algorithms to cater to the needs of professionals. Professionals like Data Scientist and Machine Learning expert are a gift of these fields. Many positions are created due to these fields of study and are eventually becoming coveted vocations. An increasing number of professionals in the fields are seen as a positive outcome for the coming future.

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