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Difference between Love and Infatuation

LOVE and INFATUATION are two different things that feel similar, but are totally different in terms of stability, loyalty, and longevity which is an important factor for long lasting love. To understand the difference between the two, we first have to define them for the better understanding. I hope you have sometime to give in reading out our this article.

Those who are confused or looking for “Love aur Infatuation ya Affection kya hota hai?”, then you are at a right place. Love in dictionary language is defined as “a strong feeling of affection” and on the other side the “Lust”is defined as “an intense, but short lived passion or admiration for someone or something”. That was how dictionaries defined these terms.

There’s a difference between thinking that someone is cute, having a crush on someone, being interested in someone, liking someone, loving someone and being in love with someone. Never ever mistake a temporary infatuation with love. You could end up with long terms regrets.

The most common problems in people nowadays is differentiating between the two feelings. I have tried to differentiate both of them by dividing them in two separate sections. Hope that can help you out in clearing your doubts and for a better understanding of love.

What is “LOVE” Really?What is "LOVE" Really?

  1. Love is an ever-lasting feeling that is really hard to end up.
  2. Love is mature and can take place at any age after maturity.
  3. Love tends to happen slowly and gradually taking its own time to develop into a strong feeling and closeness.
  4. Love cannot happen with different persons at the same time until you are cheating with one of them.
  5. A love is said, when you couldn’t find out a particular reason to like the person.
  6. Love crosses all boundaries of being perfect.
  7. Love mostly happens with person that you know with whom you have been involved in conversation.
  8. Love is based on many other things other than just physical attraction.
  9. Love develops many feelings on you including care, sympathy, sensitivity and most importantly respect.
  10. Love cannot be mistaken as “infatuation”.
  11. Love sometimes asks to make sacrifices too.
  12. Love is all about the phrase “Us” rather than “Me and MySelf”.

Understanding “infatuation”, so called affection Understanding "infatuation", so called affection

  1. Infatuation is a temporary feeling that keeps on fluctuating.
  2. Infatuation is immature and takes place mostly during teenage phase or childhood.
  3. Infatuation happens on an instant and tends to fade with time.
  4. Infatuation can happen with different people at the same time.
  5. Infatuation is when you know the reason for liking someone in particular.
  6. Infatuation happens only when you find a person to be perfect.
  7. Infatuation can even happen with a totally stranger.
  8. Infatuation is based totally on physical attraction.
  9. Infatuation develops feelings of aggression, obsession, jealously, hatred etc.
  10. Infatuation can be mistaken as Love.
  11. Infatuation feels like love until it’s time to make sacrifice.
  12. Infatuation is more about “ME AND MYSELF” rather than “US”.

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