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Here are Some Cool Uses Of Aluminum Foil, what you would like?

Living in a home, you’ve got to make use of almost everything. One such thing is Aluminum foil that is ordinarily used to pack food in order to keep them moisturized, hot and safe for a longer period of time. Did you know that other than the basic usage, there are several other cool, unknown and even unimaginable ways to make use of it.

Today, we are going to discover some of the very interesting uses of aluminum foils and I am damn sure you are going to find some very useful and strange. In this article we have listed the top 10 best uses of the Aluminum foil and the answers to your question, what all you can do with an aluminum foil.

1. Use as a Scrub

aluminum as a scrub

Suppose you run out of scrubs and you have a lot of pots and pans on your sink waiting for you. The simple trick is to take sufficient amount of foil, roll it into the shape of ball and start up with your task.

Caution: Do not use an aluminum scrub on Teflon surfaces as it can end up being poisonous to your health.

2. Use as an Iron Sheet

aluminum as an iron sheet
You can speed up your ironing efficiency. Just take a little piece of sheet and stick it between underneath the cloth on the ironing board which will reflect the heat back up. Thus saving a lot of your energy and time because it helps the iron to get hot quicker and remains hotter for longer time.

3. Use as a Scissor Sharpener

aluminum as scissor sharpener
Take a piece of sheet and fold it for few times say around 5-6 times until it’s hard. Now taking your scissors make straight cuts in the sheet. Keep cutting until you feel the dullness vanish and the sharpness building up in your scissor.

4. Use as a Battery

aluminum as battery
If you run out of AA batteries and the time isn’t good to go out to buy some, then this trick is going to prove to be your life saver. Use AAA batteries instead of AA and on the edge place a small rolled up ball on the remote control and see the magic. It will work temporarily, but my advice doesn’t become too dependent on this formula.

5. Use as a Floor Protector

aluminum as floor protector
Heavy furniture is often too much of a trouble to move around in the room. With a small piece of aluminum sheet placed on all the four corners of your furniture which really very convenient to slide it from one corner to another. Thus, preventing your floor from scratches or even if you have to move it over the carpet it works there as well

6. Use as a Re-sealer

aluminum as re-sealer

The opened food bags are really frustrating. If left unsealed and opened it brings a bad hygienic issue. The trick is to put the required amount of sheet over the pack while closing it from the both sides. Now taking an Iron, heat the aluminum foil for a few seconds. Now remove the foil and see your brand new packed snack bag.

7. Use as a Masking Tape

aluminum as masking tape
Let’s say, your entire house is under the process of painting or say you are painting all your doors and windows. The first thought that makes room in your mind is to somehow protect your door and window handles so that you mistakenly don’t cover it up with paint. Well, just cover your handles with a piece of aluminum sheet tightly and nicely and paint recklessly.

8. Use as a Rust Cleaner

aluminum as a rust cleaner
Getting rush all around? And looking for a quick solution? Well, you can use it as rust cleaner all you need for this is a foil and some water. It is said that aluminum takes out rust from any metal based surfaces. If your taps have caught up with rust, then try this method. Just damp your surface with some water and then using foil sheet rub the surface and you are done.

9. Use as Glitter Nail Polish Removal

aluminum as nail paint removal
Glitter Nail polish is typically very difficult to remove from your fingernails as compared to the ordinary Nail Polish. Take a cotton and pour some acetone on it. Now take a square part of aluminum foil and fold it in half so that it could overlap on your finger. Place the acetone cotton on the nail a roll aluminum sheet over, it covers your nails completely. Repeat the same process with other finger nails too. While taking it out make sure to twist it to and fro, and remove both cotton and foil at the same time.

10. Use as a Tarnish Removal

aluminum as a tarnish removal
With some aluminum foil, hot water, salt and baking soda you can clean up your tarnished silver ornaments. Place aluminum on the bottom of any deep object covering its edges. Add equal amount of salt and baking soda in hot water and stir it until it get dissolved. Pour the mixture into the container and put all your Tarnished silver in it. Make sure that silver should be in contact with the foil so let it settle down completely on the bottom. Leave it for about 5 minutes or longer and remove the silver’s out and see the difference.

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