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Most Weird Jobs Around The World

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It’s our universal desire to do something that is respectable and at the same time acceptable, not only to society but to ourselves too. But today, I am going to mention some of the world’s weirdest and gross jobs that you might or might not want to do during your whole course of life. By mentioning these following jobs in a list we are not trying to criticize them in any possible form, but the our main motive is just to make you all aware with these unique jobs that you never ever have heard about.

1. Pet Food Testing

pet food tester
Sounds gross eh? But it is a thing for sure, that too a big thing. The Owner of Pet Food Company “Huds and Toke” named Mark Gooley eats Dog Food for a living. The main task of these people is to test Dog Food everyday by eating it themselves and making sure that the quality of Food is good. Just in case, if the Food doesn’t pass the initial tests, then the Food is immediately rejected without any further delay. Thus, they check for flavor of the food for the betterment of pets.

2. Food Stylists

food stylist
Basically, they are hired in commercial and photography world. The purpose of these “Food Stylists” is to make the food on Television/Magazines look presentable and good enough to attract people to it. Besides, it is less weird and more classy job in the list.

3. Condom & Sex Toy Tester

sex toy tester
To make sure that the Company’s product is effective and lasting, special individuals are hired on high rates. As if not sufficient, once the testing session ends, these candidates are even asked about their experience with the product. All in all, they are asked to feedback the product. No comments on that!!

4. Bed Tester

bed tester

As the name suggests, nothing is exactly there to do but to be lazy and a sleepy head. The job involves testing the comfort level of the “Mattress”. All you are asked to do is lie down and show of your laziness to the world.

5. Crime Scene cleaner

crime scene cleaner
Cleaners according to us, are the people who clean houses, utensils, offices, etc. but here these cleaners are way too different from the ordinary cleaners. They are engaged in the activity of Crime Scene Cleaning that is; they have clear and sanitize the Dirty stains of blood or remnants of body parts that are basically left on the spot after the crime takes place.

6. Professional Snuggler

proffesional snuggler
Ever wanted a professional Job with nothing much to do other than just snuggling with different sets of people? Then, this is your work spot. With a rapid growth of snuggle sessions around the world candidates are also hired on decent amount.

7. Professional Pushers

proffesional pushers
Most famous in Japan this job is meant to make people reach their required destination on time, be it their work places, school or even somewhere else. The main task is to push people inside the trains while they get stuck in the crowd. These people have their own costumes and are supposed to stand just near the cue so that they can do their work immediately as the train arrives.

8. Deodorant Tester

deodrant tester
If you cannot stay away from poking your nose in other’s affairs, then use your nose to make some money. The simple task to be fulfilled is to check the fragrance of new deodorants. Not as simple and as clean as it sound’s. The real challenge is to smell the fragrance of the product from the armpits of the selected candidates after they apply the product. We can definitely call it a Stinking Job.

9. Chicken Sexer

chicken sexer
It’s probably not what you’re thinking. The Duty of a chicken Sexer is to check the gender so called “sex” of the newborn chicken, that is, to identify whether the baby chicken is male or female. After the Gender Identification both male and female chickens are kept separately for further process.

10. Professional Mourners

proffesional mournersProfessional Mourner’s are specially hired for “Death ceremonies”. These Mourners are hired on hourly basis and will present their grief on the person’s lost livelihood and you know what the best part is? That no one is able to identify them as professionals between the ordinary people.

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