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Easiest Yoga plan for Losing Weight

If you are here, I’m assuming that you have already tried those weight loss products; it’s good if you have not. I’m sure you have considered going to the gym too, but it might be just not the right thing for some people.

Well, you have been ignoring the easiest way to lose weight. Yoga may sound lame to you, and maybe you never gave it a try. But the poses I’m going to tell you here are not really tough to do, and they are mostly like basic exercises.

Keep in mind that these exercises are easy, but it doesn’t mean you won’t have to work hard. The technique is easy, but efforts have to be applied, and there is a proper way to do these poses.

Here are some easy asanas to lose weight:


Keep your feet together and hands aligned with each other. Your back should be straight. Try to relax and loosen up your body. Take a deep breath, don’t try too hard, though, and bend forward. If you have done this often, then you would be able to touch your feet. If not, make your maximum effort and try to touch the bottom of the legs. Hold for a few seconds according to your comfort, and then come back to the original position. Catch your breath, and then do this again.

Do 50 reps; for this reason, it is very simple, yet it will burn your belly fat. This will also boost your metabolism and help you enhance your digestive system.

Stith Konasana:

Stith Konasana

For this aasan you have to stand up again. Keep an optimum distance (about 2 foot or less) between your legs. Raise one of the arms, let’s say left, and keep it upright over your head. Now slowly bend sideways to the opposite side, right for now. While you are bending, make sure both of your arms and legs are straight. Try to touch your foot or bottom of your right leg, then look up to the palm of your left hand. Take deep breaths before bending and while coming back up. Now do this for the other side.

Do 20 reps on each side. This exercise will help you burn the fat on your sides and hips and if you have sciatica problems.



This pose will help you lose fat from your love handles (sides of your stomach) and also from the hips. In the initial position, your legs should be apart at a comfortable distance, but it should be more than 3 feet. Then turn your left foot away from your body in a straight position. Make sure you are able to balance your body. If not, then reduce the distance between your legs. Now take a deep breath, slowly bend towards your left. Remember to keep your spine and the right hand straight while touching the foot with your left hand. Just in a few seconds, come back to the initial position. Take a deep breath, turn your right foot away from your body and do the same on your right side. Do 20 reps on each side, i.e. 40 reps in total. You can do it with speed, but in that case, you may distort your body posture. Better keep it slow but perfect.

This is not only good to lose fat but also makes your knee stronger and cures minor back pain. But you should not do this if you have major back issues.

Chakki Chalanasana:

Chakki Chalanasana

For this pose, you have to sit down. Keep your legs straight and at a minimum distance from each other. Now keep your hands straight and join them; while keeping them straight, go forward and move your body in a circular motion from right to left (Anti-Clockwise). To complete the rotation, you are going to have to move your body backwards too. Don’t bend your arms and keep your hips stiff.

Do this 10 times, take a break for 10 seconds, then do it in a clockwise rotation for 10 times. Like this, you have to do 20 rotations in each direction, 40 rotations in total. This helps with losing fat, improves the reproductive system and digestion as well. You can start with doing only 20 rotations if causing any kind of pain, and avoid it if you have a stomach ache.

Pad Vrittasana:

Pad Vrittasana,yoga

This one is the easiest. You have to lie down and then raise one of your legs and start rotating it. You have to raise it high enough to do complete rotations without touching the ground with that leg. Your back, hands and hips should be touching the ground all the time. Do 10 rotations in an anti-clockwise direction, then change the direction. Breath nicely and then starts doing the same for the other leg as well.

These 40 rotations will help you fight weight gain and also tone your stomach and glutes. You should not do this if you have any kind of severe back problem.


Dwichakrikasan, Yoga

This is simply called cycling in English. Lie down and while keeping your hands beside your body on the ground, raise one of the legs and bring your knee closer to your body and try to touch your hips with the ankle. Do this like you ride a cycle in a rotatory motion. When done with 1st rotation, do the same with the other leg.

2 sets of 20 reps will be more than enough here. But this could be tiresome, so you can take a break, give your legs some rest and then continue. This asana is good for your bowel movements, stamina and of course, it burns your fat. However, you should take this one slow if you have issues with your spine.

Don’t keep both of your legs raised up together, do it with the 1st leg, rest it on the ground, then do it for the 2nd leg. Decrease the number of rotations too.

Now, if you have fat in your arms, especially in your triceps, here’s what you have to do. Stand in an upright position, raise both of your arms sideways on the level of your shoulders, and start shaking them. You have to do it at pace, but not too fast. This looks very simple but does this every day for a minimum of 2 minutes, and you will see the outcome within a month.

Before doing all of these, you should warm up your body a little. Some stretching is welcomed, but the best option is to jog. No, you don’t need to go outside. Just jog at one place. Around 40-50 steps will do a lot of good to you.

When you are done with this, then you should follow all the exercises in the order given above.

These yoga asanas provide you with an easy way to lose weight. But weight loss from these may sound bizarre to some people. Well, these are not for making abs, but doing these on a regular basis will burn your fat in a month, and if you keep following this plan, it will give you a perfect looking fit body.

Here are some diet tips for you as a bonus. After waking up, you should drink warm water on an empty stomach. You can also try boiling some cumin seeds (Jeera) with water and drinking them. This will burn fat a lot if you do it every day without fail. Drink more than 3 litres of water in a day. Now everyone knows they should cut down on carbohydrates and sugar, but reducing the amount of salt in your food will also help a lot. Salt holds the water and fat in your body, especially on your face. Having soups and salads instead of oily food is a tough thing to do, but when you start doing yoga, you will feel good about yourself and your body. So even if you are not able to do dieting, doing yoga will motivate you to do so.

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Agastya Tiwari
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