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10 Reasons Why Books Are Better Than Movies

Various novels have been adapted as movies, and many people prefer watching movies rather than reading a book. What do you choose?

Well, people mostly prefer movies because movies make a visual appeal. It attracts easily. However, books are far more interesting. Once a person starts reading, he can never stop. That’s the magic of books. After that, a person will always prefer books.

I started reading two years ago, my first novel was “The Invention Of Hugo Cabret” by the author Brian Selznick, which was full of pictures, and that’s why I picked it. Although, it was the story that attracted me and not to mentions the feeling of ecstasy I felt while reading. It was a great experience, and it opened me to books. I started reading more and more. Of course, even the books without pictures and were as much enjoyable as the first one.

As I started reading, I realised that books are far much better than movies. Many books have been adapted as movies or television series. Although comparing the two, books are always preferred. Books are better than movies’ persuasive text.

Here are 10 reasons why books are always better than movies:

Books give you imagination:

Books make you creative and increase your imagination. You visualise everything in your mind. It’s like you are watching a movie in your head. However, the thing I like the most about books is that every feature of a person and scenario is written, and you give it life.

Take the famous Harry Potter series, for example, by author JK Rowling. It’s the best seller series of all time. It is a fascinating example of the phrase “Imagination has no bounds”.

Books are Deep:

Books are more far-fetched and deeper. The scenarios are elaborated. Every part of a scene, every character’s personality is explained better. The characters are given time.

Books take their time. You can read and re-read and re-read. You can re-read your favourite lines, mark them. And also can re-read to understand better.

They are not bounded by anything.

They Change Your Life:

Books do not give you exact knowledge but a sense of life. Every book has some kind of moral in it, making you think, which will change your perspective about things in your life. They give you facts about life.

One book which I highly recommend to everyone is “A thousand splendid suns” by Khaled Hosseini. It completely changed my life. The cruelty which women go through in Afghanistan and still can love, it’s adorable and regrettable at the same time. It’s a mind-blowing piece of art. Could you read it, you will know?

Put the pieces together:

As movies are rushed, they try to cover everything but can’t. Movies always leave some gap holes. And when you read the book, you will understand better.

That’s the credibility a book gives to its reader, and it allows the reader to put the pieces together. Script-writing may not do the story justice.

Taking the Harry Potter series as an example again, even though the movie is made in parts, various scenes are cut off, even some characters. And various things are left unanswered in the movie. Books cover it all, from Why Harry’s aunt Petunia hated him to Voldemort’s past and his family. All in all, books are better than a movie’s conclusion.

Increase linguistic Skills:

In movies, we already see an actor playing a role, although when we read, we imagine the scenario, character’s facial features, personality, attire, ourselves, as described in books. Hell!! Even the sound and the pitch in which the dialogues have been delivered.

It helps us in understanding the language. Linguistic skills include listening, reading, writing, and speaking. Books provide us with all of them. We listen to the dialogues in mind while reading them. We speak to ourselves about the plot and twists while writing the best of dialogues for ourselves.

Develops Vocabulary:

Vocabulary is not just about the words in a language but also the artistic forms and movements in the language. Books help a lot in our learning of words and their techniques.

Various times, while reading a sentence, there comes a particular word which we haven’t heard before, but as we read the sentence, the meaning of the word automatically comes into our mind. I am sure this happens to all of us. If not, we look into a dictionary or google it. This is how our knowledge of words increases.

They are not rushed:

Movies are limited to a three-hour time limit, even though parts can be made, but still, not everything can be covered in movies. There have been many movie adaptations of best-seller novels, and you can always see some of the scenes are always cut off.

Scriptwriting is different from novel writing. Scriptwriting does not do justice to the novel.

Take The Da Vinci code by author Dan Brown; for example, the movie is rushed, and many scenes have to be cut off that are present in the book.

Portable Get-Away:

Books are portable. You start living in that world of the story. You start connecting with it. Books provide insights, a feeling of attachment.

They are like a getaway from real life. They have the power of transporting you to another world. Words have their power of attaching, catching the eye of their reader.

You live a different life with it. As George R. R. Martin said, “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.”

Reduces Stress:

Books are relaxation boosters. They calm your mind. They improve awareness and apprehension.

Researchers say books are way better than watching tv or listening to e-books. Books diminish depression and reduce stress.

Indeed, books sharpen your minds. As per research, reading books helps in preventing Alzheimer’s.

Best Teacher:

A book reader always manages his/her time well. Also, the reader always has a sitting habit. Books provide a sense of discipline and loyalty. They provide the basic values of humanity.

Books are the best of friends a man can have, and it’s completely true. A book will always teach you well, and it can never give you a negative opinion. They make you a better person.


Books are a medium of life. They bind you with your life. They are protectors. They are better than movies’ persuasive text.

Books are you. If you are an avid reader like me, you will relate to this,

Sometimes, somehow, you relate someone from your world to the character in your story. But mostly, you lose yourself in a story. You imagine yourself as a part of that story’s world of the book you are currently reading. It becomes a get-away from reality.

Avani Singhal
Avani Singhal
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