EducationFamily Wisdom By Robin Sharma: A Book Review

Family Wisdom By Robin Sharma: A Book Review

We as human beings are always involved in the long run of expectations as well as achieving. From taking birth to gaining senses and then being an adult till attaining the old age, all through these processes, we are constantly busy in acquiring materialistic possessions. We think that our happiness is hidden somewhere in these objects. But what we knowingly ignore is that apart from these materialistic desires also exists is true happiness. From family, living together, understanding each other what comes is actual happiness. The family is the biggest strength of a person and to make that family happy and satisfied is the greatest achievement one can have in their life.

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The beautiful theme of having a good family and using your wit to make it more content and blissful is highlighted in Robin Sharma’s one of the finest piece ‘Family Wisdom’. The book is all about ‘The 5 Masteries of the Family Leader’. It is a term which overall contains some of the basics of life needed to nurture a child and shape up the personality. Being a parent, it is the wholesome duty to inculcate the originality of life, know about the talents and abilities of your child, teach your kids how to dream big and achieve true success. It’s also about realising the true essence of relationships and bonding.

The complete book is a conversation between a brother and a sister, where the brother leaves all the worldly possessions and materialistic desires and turns into a monk. One day he suddenly returns after a long time in the life of her sister and explains her about what is life and what as a parent she should know about her children. As a family leader, what all wisdom she should gain in order to beautify her life and relations.

Robin Sharma has a different style of writing where he comes up with motivational stories. His idea of imparting encouragement through his books is admirable. One can think that motivational speeches are boring. But the way he does is commendable. Through a beautiful conversation of a brother and a sister, the way he has portrayed an inspiring message of taking up life in a responsible way and that too in an easily understandable language is appealing. He gave a good message to the upcoming parents and to all others who are messed up with their life and family.

Through a short title he provided a broad and a helpful message and solution too. If one abides by the thing he comes up in his books, the person can find life really interesting. His way of reflecting positivity in his work and spreading it all through is really a work that deserves appreciation.

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For a kid, happiness is in buying a toy. For a student, securing highest marks in exams is happiness. For an adult, getting a good job brings happiness. Happiness can be seen in different forms in different people. But at last what the person realises on his/her deathbed is that to live satisfactorily together with the family and to give good upbringing to the young ones is the biggest thing he/she has won in life. Although you have millions of bank balance, a Ferrari and all the fascinating materialistic possessions, at last all that will remain is your character, personality and the good image you have earned as a person and most important for your child. All the wealth will stay here, the body will turn into ashes, but all that will be remembered by people is a good soul and pure heart that leads to great fame.

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