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How Exactly Should We Plan a Vacation!

Vacations are the most awaited part of the year for everyone. We start making random plans in our mind before the vacations, but when they arrive, sadly we are not able to use them properly. I in particular spend most of my vacation sleeping. Sometimes, life doesn’t go as planned and go with the flow kind of attitude sometimes waste most of our precious time. How to plan a vacation is also an art and we are here to discuss some interesting tricks doing the same.

Step One – List out

First step is to create a list of all the things you want to accomplish in these vacations. Write down your study plans (if any), any new skill you want to acquire, friends you have to meet, places to visit or you can create any other milestones of your own. Just be careful to list them down accurately and point wise.

Step Two – Avoid Tight Schedules

Secondly, you must allot the number of hours every day or the number of days you want to spend doing a particular thing. Supposedly, you decide to practice Mathematics for one hour every day, learn cooking from your mother every day for half an hour or so and so on. But don’t pack your day with too much work, allow yourself some leisure time. It is a personal experience that tightly planned schedules are rarely executed. It is vacation after all and you must have some time to just chill.

Wake up Early

Try to start your first day as early as possible and then try to bring it in routine. As the proverb says “The early bird catches the worm.” Early mornings are very peaceful and free of disturbance. You must learn and do some meditation and yoga for half an hour every single day. Any kind of prayers or remembering god with prayers is also a good alternative. It will give you good vibes and keep you fresh for most of the time. Then go ahead and try your best to be on time and do everything as you planned. After a few days, you will be automatically following the routine without trying too hard.

Socialize Yourself

Make it a point to socialize and meet all of your friends this vacation whim you promised. Get together with old friends and cherishing old memories is an essential part of your life. Don’t miss this opportunity, initiate plans and try to execute them. Make that extra effort and you will be satisfied with yourself.

Plan a trip today

Plan at least one trip this vacation. Money fulfills all your dreams but adventure is something that feeds your soul. Travel when you are young and energetic. Not one of those luxurious travels, but travels full of adventures. The world is too huge, start now!

The four step simple strategy works for this also. Think, Plan, and Execute, Check! Try to make the most out of this vacation. Try my strategy and please let me know if it works for you as well. A few suggestions for your list, learn a new trick, do meditation, plan a trip, spend quality time with your family and friends, and last but not the least chill!.

Yashika Kulkarni
Yashika Kulkarni
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