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Fitness: How to Stay Cool and Fit Even During Pregnancy in India?

Pregnancy: It is the period of utmost happiness and excitement for a couple when a woman gets positive results in her pregnancy report. From there a new journey begins for the woman, i.e. to become a mother from a lady.

A mother and child relationship cannot be described in words. A mother knows her baby more than anyone else in this world, she keeps the baby in her womb for nine months and bears the pain to bring a new life in this world.

Although it is the time to enjoy and cherish, but for a new mother it is also a period where she has to take care of herself and her diet as she is going to give birth to a new life. Whatever she eats or drinks, is the main source of nourishment for her baby in the womb. The Family also have to take the initiative to make her happy and take care of her diet so that she gives birth to a healthy baby.

Here are some tips to keep yourself fit and healthy during pregnancy:


A pregnant lady should drink sufficient water to keep herself hydrated and prevent constipation and indigestion. Water is essential to absorb essential nutrients and transport minerals and vitamins to our body cells from the food and flush out the toxins through urine.

It also helps to relieve problems associated with dehydration like constipation, anxiety, fatigue, nausea,headaches and preeclampsia. Drink fruit juice, soups and milk for healthy development of brain and bones and try limiting caffeine containing beverages as excess caffeine can lead to miscarriage.


Need of Sleeping During Pregnancy

One may find difficulty in sleeping and suffer from restlessness due to change in body structure and hormonal changes as progesterone is in excess. Most of the women have sleeping disorders during pregnancy as it may be due to emotional factors and some physical factors such as stress of becoming a mother and fear of labor and delivery or due to frequent urination, numbness of hands and leg cramps which are very common symptoms during pregnancy.

Select a proper position to ensure good sleep for at least 6 hours to keep stress away and stay fit and healthy.


Healthy diet including vitamins, minerals, fats and proteins is important for a pregnant woman since the brain of a child starts to develop in the womb of the mother. The kind of food you eat directly affects the development of your baby. Include green leafy vegetables, pulses, nuts, cereals, Daal and whole grain in your dietary plan.

They eat sufficient amount of fruits and eggs, which fills the daily need of vitamins, fiber and proteins required for your body. Diet plays an important role in giving birth to a healthy baby as well as affecting the health of the mother after delivery too.


Spend time inĀ eating slowly and chew your food properly. If you chew well you digest well. Have frequent meals at regular intervals of time to prevent indigestion and heartburn. Check your calorie intake and manage your weight gain. Eat right type of food to avoid pregnancy problems.

If you go out with your partner avoid fried and spicy food and prefer food which is rich in fiber and contains less saturated fat to avoid high blood pressure and obesity during pregnancy.


Cooking During Pregnancy

Cooking helps a lot in being active and divert your mind during pregnancy. Keep your kitchen occupied with healthy food stuff and cook the food you love to eat for yourself.

In later pregnancy, a child can feel everything whatever mom is doing. He can listen to your heart beat and sometimes respond to stimuli. Cooking can also help with breast feeding after his or her birth as the child already knew the taste of the food you eat.


Exercise during pregnancy

Exercise is beneficial to keep oneself away from stress and stay fit, but avoid overdoing it. It helps to relieve back pains and prepare your body for labor. Keep track of your body weight for a healthy pregnancy. Simply walking for some time, jogging, swimming and meditation can help with constipation and bloating and swelling in hands and feet. Mood swings are common in pregnancy and exercise can help to improve your mood and increase energy.


Relax yourself, be positive and stay away from negative thoughts. To keep away from stress and anxiety call your friends and talk to them. Pursue your hobby, singing dancing and listening music can boost your energy and improve your mood. Friends are those people whom you can easily talk, share your worries and fears. Enjoy going out with your friends laugh and try to stay happy.


Visit your doctor for routine checkups to avoid problems and pregnancy related complications. Doctor will monitor your health and can treat the problems before they become worse. Discuss your doubts and worries with your doctor to keep your mind at ease and tension free. Doctor will provide you guidelines for taking healthy diet and the kind of exercise for healthy development of the baby. Only a doctor can let you hear your baby’s heartbeat for the first time during sonography and tell you about the baby’s due date.


If you are pregnant, you have to quit your habit of smoking and intake of alcohol. Cigarette contains harmful toxins which gets absorbed into your blood when you smoke. These toxins reach your baby through blood and reduces the oxygen supply to him or her. Smoking and alcohol can result in giving birth to low weight babies, stillbirths, premature baby or lead to miscarriage. Children of smokers suffer from birth defects and various other diseases.

Drinking alcohol can affect the development of your babies brain and give rise to many complications during delivery.


Shopping for unborn baby

Live the every moment and gain different experiences in each month. Talk to your partner about the new baby and plan out a budget for things you want to buy for new born. Go on shopping and buy things you will need immediately after delivery.

Spend some time with your baby by keeping your both hands on your belly and try to connect with him or her. Make a list of names for your baby, note them down on a paper and select the appropriate one.

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