EducationFun Websites for anyone Interested in Medical or Forensic Science

Fun Websites for anyone Interested in Medical or Forensic Science

Medical Science refers to subjects which try to understand the methods of the human body. It consists of anatomy, physiology, pathology, biochemistry, microbiology, and genetics, etc. Do not listen to those spoilsports who say that you can practice only in a lab. With technological development, you can also learn from the comfort of your house, especially with the web portals that we have covered in this article. Most of the people are confused between the medical Science and Forensic Science, well we have already mentioned about the medical Science whereas, the Forensic science is as criminalistics and is widely made use of during some sort of criminal investigation in some cases, forensic experts vouch as witnesses during some criminal proceedings.

You might be or may not be interested in any of these branch of Medical and Forensic sciences no one can not deny the intrigue of these two branches of science. This article, we have listed the websites which websites are related to these study of Medical and forensic Sciences while exploring and researching interesting and helpful key areas in each field. Consider bookmarking and registering! on these websites as it worth and you’ll have a fun experience for almost. That being said, scroll carefully for these websites, might have provocative images of the human body along with generous doses of body fluid.

Best website for online study, research and practice of medical science and forensic science are:

1. is hosted by The University of Utah Eccles Health Science Library. With the old school design of the site, it is easy for anyone to scroll through without any unnecessary flab adding to it. The site loads fast, too. It contains information about general pathology, systemic pathology, anatomy and has tutorials regarding pathology, too, which is specially designed to cater to the needs of students and health care professionals. Some terms might be too complex too, and not much explanation has been provided regarding these difficult words. So one might have to keep a google tab opened at the side. Other than the little (or a huge) inconvenience, everything else is perfect. There is also not an abundance of provocative, vomit-inducing images, so anyone with sensitive insides can surf on the website.

2. Crime Scene Investigation Network

Crime Scene Investigation Network

Crime Scene Investigation Network is free, but you may get annoyed with the advertisement, which is a very small price to pay for good things that you get from there. It is a pot full of gold with records of articles written by actual practitioners. According to the website, it is one of the most popular website related to forensic science. Rightfully so. There are plenty of articles related to criminal forensic starting with guidelines, procedures to several video presentation. There is a separated section for crime scene photographs and evidence. The website has an organised layout. And separate sections dedicated to forum and resources. It even has a section dedicated to employment in forensic science. Consider clicking on this one at least one. Your whole life will change!

3. All About Forensic Science

All About Forensic Science

It is the youngest of all the websites listed above, yet is no less informative, and has been launched by David Webb. It is useful for beginners interested in forensic science with complex information provided in terms simpler than any book can offer. The website is better in a sense; it does not presume that you already know everything there is to know. This is widely useful for writers who wish to write some crime novel, especially as an all in one research website related to forensics. One has to be careful because decomposing corpse litter the website’s simple layout. But if you have a strong gut, nothing is too damaging. The images are not too in your face, so there is also that. It gives you information about the propagation of forensic; even has experts who offer their assistance and solve queries. One can see just how much passion these people are!

4. Touch Surgery

Touch Surgery

Are you interested in some stimulation? Here is the perfect website for you. It is also available on ios and android. Touch Surgery is a great learning tool for anyone and everyone. According to some reviews, students who used Touch Surgery performed better than others. They specialise in general surgery, cardiothoracic, orthopaedic and traumatic, obstetrics and gynecologic, trauma, emergency, vascular surgery, plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery, dentistry, Oromaxillofacial surgeries and plenty others. All of these stimulations have been checked and created by professionals. So there is authenticity, too.

5. Open MD

It is a search website. Basically, it is a search engine, specially dedicated to the medical field. In case you cannot find something on google, try searching over here. Being a search engine dedicated especially to the medical field, it will sort out everything in between to give accurate results. It also works like a dictionary. Lack of the idea about a certain term? Simply OpenMD the word and ta-dah! Other alternatives include HealthLine, which is useful for reducing time searching. Healthline is easily the best search engine when you have a paper to write. Or if you want some papers to read. There is HardinMD which is useful to research things related to the disease. All of it being categorised alphabetically.

6. MerckManuals

Merck Manuals

It is a website containing a wide selection of books related to healthcare. It can be used for disease diagnosis or therapy. Of course, self-diagnosis is never advised. But reading about diseases is fun, right? And the best thing about MerckManuals is that unlike other websites, it gives you the whole cake. The website comes in three versions. There is professional, veterinary and consumer. The former for students or people in the occupation, the middle for pets or vets and the latter for, of course, patients, parents and caregivers. Or really, just bored individuals.

7. WebMD


The classiest of the classic. Who is not aware of WebMD? Then you probably have not been on the internet for long, and now you know so, do not waste your time and go check it out. It is almost like the Bible when it comes to everything related to medical science. The amount of useful information provided there is just as precious as a diamond. Lurking through it, try not to self-diagnose. In case you are sure some sort of disease refers to you, go to a doctor and do not just take medicine listed as a cure (if any). Self-diagnosis can be harmful.

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