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Top 10 mysterious places to visit across India

Who doesn’t love Wow Facts and what’s better than living on a planet that itself is a Wow fact? We live on a planet that is the unique one in the universe. More than 65% of the Earth is still unexplored. The majority of this proportion is the sea, but still, we have many mysteries solved and unsolved. There are several mysterious places around the world, and you certainly don’t need a nail cutter if you keep learning about these places. There are many mysterious and strange things happening around us about which there are no explanations formed and found. We have solved millions of mysteries till today, a billion are still there (known or unknown) and trillions are waiting for us in the future. Travelling and exploration are beyond Kullu, Manali or Shimla. So, why not travel to a place where you meet newness and peculiarities on every step. This could be a next-level thrilling experience and if you’re an ardent person, who knows if you become the one who solved any of the mysteries existing around.

India is a beautiful country, and there are several beautiful places with their own mysteries. Few solved and many unsolved. Many of these include places where mysteries happen, or a particular mystery keeps going on, becomes a dangerous but a tourist attracting places. Across India, we have a lot of mysteries waiting for us to get solved. Many tried to solve these mysteries. Some even died, but they were not solved.

The Top 10 mysterious places to visit across India are as the followings:

1. Mount Kailash

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It is widely known as “the stairway to heaven”. Its height is about 22,000 feet from the Tibetan Plateau. Hindus and Buddhists also call it as Mount Meru. It is considered sacred amongst them. It is pyramid-shaped and considered to be made by superhuman divine beings. It is forbidden by Hindus and Buddhists to climb this sacred mountain as it is believed to be the resting place of God Shiva, who must not be disturbed. Amongst the Tibetans, it is believed that a monk named Milarepa climbed it to the peak, and when he came back, he warned everyone not to disturb the god. If you go through the google maps, you will find that Mount Kailash is the centre of the world or the world axis and Axis Mundi aka cosmic rays. The mountain makes a figure of the symbol of “om” which is considered sacred amongst Hindus. The most shocking fact here is no one except for Milarepa has climbed the mountain. Many died, and most of them returned due to one or the other reason. Usually, the reason was whether. Mountaineers said that they experienced as if time was running too fast there. Their hair and nails grew at a very fast rate their. Once a group of Siberian origin climbers moved above a certain point and experienced the ageing of a few decades in hours. They all died after returning of old age about a year later.

2. Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple

Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple, temple vault b, temple door, temple mystery, treasure

Sree Padmanabhaswamy temple is widely known for its wealth. It rightfully holds the title of the wealthiest institution as well as the place of worship ever recorded in the history of the world. An estimated amount of 22 billion dollars of gold and jewels are stored inside its underground vaults. There is one vault called Vault B which has not been opened yet. Locals believe that it has such an amount of gold and jewels that even if someone opens it, the one who looks at it will go blind because it is too shiny for the human eye to bear. They also believe that this vault can only be opened by chanting a ‘Garuda Mantra’ by a sacred and powerful ‘Siddhapurush’ none of which are alive today or knows the mantra. Apart from this local and the temple authorities warn that if anyone forcefully tries to break in the Vault B, then the circumstances will be catastrophic and devastating. The world may end there. Anybody who made that vault did not want anyone to open it ever in the future. Though special teams from across the world have tried breaking through the vault none of them succeeded.

3. The Red Rain at Kerala

Red Rain Falling At Idukki, Kerala

Sporadically, red rain or red-coloured droplets of water fell in Idukki, Kerala from July 25th to September 23rd, 2001. Initially, it was suspected that a meteor burst coloured the rains, but later it was reported that the rains were coloured by airborne spores from a locally prolific terrestrial alga. Later in 2006, it was proposed that the coloured particles consisted of extraterrestrial cells. This was supported by the isotopic ratios of Nitrogen and Carbon present in the red rain. This supported the theory of Panspermia. During the first day of the red rain, leaves burnt out and turned grey. They had a blood-like colour. Some locals said that they saw green and yellow-coloured rain too. There were many theories made for this, but none of them has been proved yet.

4. Cave 16, Kailasa Temple

Cave 16, Kailasa Temple, ellora caves, ajanta caves, cave 16 of ajanta

The mystery of this temple is very shocking. This is the oldest structure amongst the Ellora caves and is carved out of a big single rock. This is the only temple in the world where carvers started from the top and excavated downwards. It is made by the technique known as cut- out. The rock is around 6000 years old. According to officials about 4,00,000 tons of rock were removed from the site in the making of the temple. Where did all this leftover rocks go is still a mystery as they were not found anywhere near there. It is believed to be made by extraterrestrial beings as it is impossible to construct even with today’s technology. Historians confirmed that it took 18 years to construct the temple. Even if 7000 workers worked for 12 hours continuously without rest, it would give us 5 tons per hour (Just to remove the debris, Carving, etc. is omitted). This is not possible with today’s technology too, then how can they do this. It is impossible to destroy this temple. Aurangzeb hired 1000 workers just to destroy the temple; the only thing they could do was take away the carvings from some parts. Some historians believe that there is a whole civilization beneath the temples because they have found many small tunnels, such small that humans cannot even enter them. Then how can humans make them without entering the tunnel? The temple has carvings of tiny humanoids which indicates that there may be a tiny humanoid civilization under the temple. Because of the circular design and statue of four lions on the terrace, the aerial view of the temple shows an ‘X’ mark. This is believed to be a spot for the location for extraterrestrial beings.

5. Baba Harbhajan Singh

Baba Harbhajan Singh, ghost story, baba harbhajan singh temple, mother, fear files

He was an Indian Army soldier. He is also known as the ‘Hero of Nathukla’. A shrine was built in his honour. He was martyred in the eastern Sikkim. It is believed that he comes in the dreams of his fellow soldiers and tell them in advance about the enemy attacks. Not only one but many soldiers go through the same dreams, and it always comes true. It is also believed that he slaps every officer who is not under discipline or sleeping during duty. A temple has been made in his name too. There is a Hindi short film with name Plus Minus which stars the famous YouTuber Bhuvan Bam and the famous Bollywood actress Divya Dutta. Every year his belongings are taken to his home back in a specially reserved empty train seat. There are several incidences of people travelling next to his seat claiming they have seen Harbhajan Singh and talked to him as well. A room has been kept reserved for him to rest, every morning when the cleaner enters he/she feels as if someone was here as the bedsheet is usually curled up and small things get to another place indicating a sign of the presence of Baba Harbhajan Singh. Even several Chinese soldiers have agreed with the presence of Baba Harbhajan Singh. He died at the age of 22.

6. The legend of ‘Nale ba’

The Legend Of Nale Ba, nale ba ghost in 1995, real story

There used to be a witch in the early 1990s of Bengaluru where the witch used to prey men. She would call men across the streets or from the door and speak in a female voice (usually in the voice of the victim’s mother). After this, the victim used to die in about 24 hours. People came up with a solution to writing ‘Nale ba’ outside their homes which means come tomorrow and the incidents stopped. Even today 1st April is celebrated as ‘Nale ba’ day there. Suppose you have watched the Bollywood movie ‘Stree’. In the beginning, it says ‘ based on a ridiculously true phenomenon’, that ridiculously true phenomenon is this from early Bengaluru.

7. The Kongka La Pass

Kongka La Pass In Ladakh And Its Ufo Activities

The India-China war of 1962 was fought here. After that war, this place was abandoned and a no man’s land. Both Indian and Chinese armies patrol near it but are not allowed to enter. This pass includes Aksai Chin and a part of India extending to Ladakh. This place is believed to be the underground base of extraterrestrial bodies or aliens. Many claims to have seen UFOs or Unidentified Flying objects as we say here. In this pass, the boundaries are formed when one tectonic plate dives under the other making a huge area enough for an underground alien base. People have claimed to see a 4 feet tall robot-like object or alien in one of the mountains. Indian army has visually seen UFOs like objects flying, but they were not recorded in any of their sensors. Many locals there don’t get surprised now by seeing weird coloured lights now as they are now used to it.

8. The treasure of the Jaigarh Fort

The Treasure Of The Jaigarh Fort, nahargarh fort, amer fort, 1975 emergency gold truck

It is believed that a huge amount of treasure has been stored inside the fort by the Kachwaha Dynasty. Some believe that successful loot by Maharaja Man Singh was hidden in the fort. In 1997 during the Emergency, the then prime minister Indira Gandhi started a search operation amongst the fort. Gayatri Devi, the queen of the fort, was imprisoned at that time. We still do not know whether anything was found or not.

8. Gyanganj

Gyanganj, gyanganj netaji, siddhabhoomi gyanganj, gyanganj experience

Land of the undying: Now this is completely mythological. Only Hindu and Buddhism texts talk about the presence of such a place where immortal beings live. Only great saints devoid of bad karma can reach here. Gyanganj cannot be seen by humans or any other present-day technology. Some believe it exists on a different plane. Tibet can also be included here. There are visitors like Guru Sai Kaka and L.P. Farrel who claim to have visited Gyanganj.

9. Jatinga

Suicide Spot Of Birds, Jatinga, Assam

The place of suicidal birds: Jatinga is a very beautiful hill station in Assam. During certain weeks of the year, birds mysteriously commit suicide. It is a very horrible site to see, and nobody knows why it happens. Hundreds of birds of different species and colours converge here and automatically fall to the ground. It is horrifying to see the site. It is slowly gaining international attention as well. Many scientists tried to explain the mystery, but no one can.

India is full of mysterious places. These were some of the best ones. We do not know whether we would find answers to these or not. For all the above-mentioned places, too many researches and surveys were conducted by efficient national as well as international officials. Though many gave their theories, none of them seems completely believable.

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