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Hacks to improve your concentration even in a Chaotic situation

When we are working or studying alone in a peaceful environment, it’s quite natural for us to concentrate. Still, the problem arises when we are in a chaotic situation. Today we will discuss a few such hacks which will help you to keep your concentration level high no matter how much chaotic the place is!

The first thing which you have to remember is that your work, your studies are your responsibility, how it is done doesn’t matter. Getting it done correctly is what matters the most. That is the reason why knowing how to maintain concentration and focus instead of getting distracted is so essential for all of us. It not only enhances our productivity but also increases our self-confidence.

Follow these tips to minimise distractions in a chaotic atmosphere and stay concentrated on your task:

1. Prioritise High-Value Tasks

Prioritise High-Value Tasks

Before you begin to work, always list down your work. You may think that it is an extra workload, but you do not need more than 2 mins. Once you’ve listed out all your tasks in short format, rank them in order of priority and tackle the most critical tasks first.

2. Keep the centre of attention within yourself

Keep the centre of attention within yourself

When we are in a chaotic situation, we often get distracted by other things happening around. To avoid that we have to divert our attention from outside of ourselves and we have to bring the centre of attention within our inner self. Whenever you feel distracted by the chaos, slow down a bit, take a few deep breathes and try to listen to your heartbeat. It’s noisy outside, but doing this little trick will help you to bring your concentration back because you will force yourself to hear the heartbeat in that chaos, which will, in turn, increase your focusing level.

You can close your eyes and also imagine a glowing ball of light in the centre of your forehead or imagine the calmness of nature, green trees, blue sky. This will help you gain focus.

Once you have regained your full focus, open your eyes slowly and immediately start working. You will see that you can focus better than you were doing previously. If again, you get distracted due to the chaos, repeat the above procedures for a minute, and you will be able to concentrate once again.

3. Use the Pomodoro Technique

Use the Pomodoro Technique

Use the Pomodoro technique to work in breaks throughout your day. With this method, you work in 25-minutes followed by a short, 5-minute break again repeat. Repeat until you’ve completed four cycles. Then, take a more extended 20-minute break once a day. This will help you focus more, and you won’t feel bored. In a chaotic place as well, take a walk around, view what others are doing and again get back to work.

4. Stay Organised

Stay Organised

Limiting distractions while you work is very easy to say than done, especially if you are working or studying in a chaotic place. To help minimise distractions, make sure your workspace is organised and tidy, so you can quickly find what you’re looking for.

5. Use white noise to cancel out other noises

Use white noise to cancel out other noises

White noise is a steady, continuous background pattern of noise which is stable and has no rhythm. It is a sound, unlike different types of noise. White noise does not focus the listener’s attention onto something in particular. Examples of white noise are sound of rain, the sound of the fan, the sound of the waves etc. It is often referred to as blank noise as well. When you are working or studying in chaotic situations, there are different kinds of noise. The neighbourhood, household, or co-working space noises can be an issue, or in general sudden honking of vehicles or just loud music is being played outside, try listening to instrumental or high vibrational soothing music or use white noise to filter out distracting sounds. You can get plenty of white tones online, download one of them and use as and when required. Instead of focusing on different sounds if there is only one background noise, our attention level is high.

6. Plugin soundproof earplugs or headphones during work with no music on

Plugin soundproof earplugs or headphones during work with no music on

If you generally have to work or study in a noisy environment, use, soundproof earplugs, which reduces the noise to a very great extent and helps you to focus more. Earphones, to some extent, work like earplugs, but noise reduction capacity is not that great. Plug the earphones in your ears with absolutely no sound on. These will also help cancel out the background noise and help you concentrate on your work.

7. Practice mental exercises regularly for increasing concentration

Practice mental exercises regularly for increasing concentration

 I am listing below super easy spiritual exercises which will help you improve your level. Check it out! When you focus your thoughts, you increase its strength. The activities that I have listed below are boring at the beginning but extremely useful. Also, read Love Just Loves: Heal Yourself With The Practice Of Self-Love.

Exercise 1: Using the water Technique

Fill a small glass full of water. Now fix your eyes upon the water in the glass. The calm state of the water will help your mind to calm down as well. Stare at the water instead of thinking about anything else. This is a trick which allows you to stay mindful. You can work peacefully in any chaotic place because peace resides within.

Exercise 2: Smell

When you take a walk, or if you are sitting anywhere, see how many different kinds of smell you can detect. Then choose one particular fragrance that you like and try to sense only on that smell.  This improves the concentration level.

Exercise 3: Focus on breathing

Breathe in profoundly hold your breath for five seconds and breathe out through your mouth. Focus just on your breathing. Our monkey minds always love chattering, so to help our mind focus and concentrate, we have to give the task to this monkey mind. So concentrate on breathing trains our mind to listen to our commands and become active.

Exercise 4: Watch Concentration

Take a clock or watch with a second’s hand in it. Look at the movement of the second’s hand, simultaneously count one to sixty, i.e. sixty seconds. Repeat the above process several times throughout the day whenever you remember about it. Do not think about anything else while you are concentrating on this process. It is tough in the beginning, but with the time you will get used to it.

Practising the exercises which you like the most and is appropriate for you; will help you gain concentration.

8. Practice, Practice and Practice

Practice, Practice and Practice

In the beginning, it will seem too tight since you haven’t done this consciously before, but with time and practice, I am sure you will master it and will be able to concentrate on anything you want to.

9. Make sure people know your policies

Make sure people know your policies

Tell people around politely that you are working or studying and cannot join in any conversation because you need to concentrate. Otherwise, people will think you are rude if you do not let them know what you are doing. Let them know that you are focused on your job and sticking to a routine. They won’t disturb you for sure. Be yourself then.

10. Its all in your head

Its all in your head

Working or studying in a chaotic place is a challenging task, but nothing is impossible for our subconscious mind. The way we train it, that is how it functions. So you will accomplish your assignment no matter in whatever situation you are working. Its all in our head if our mind is balanced, everything happens smoothly. Thank you so much for sticking till the end, try these hacks for sure. Till then take care of yourself, have a beautiful day ahead.

Ishita Biswas
Ishita Biswas
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