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How planets and gemstones can help you in getting positive results?

Gemstones are a really helpful thing to change a certain situation in our life. Some times our bad times can also be a negative effect of a planet in the wrong house. The planet can also have negative effects if placed in the right house with an enemy planet, for example (Venus placed with the sun in the 7th house of marriage chart) In this case, Venus is being debilitated by the sun and can have negative effects in my aspects of our life. We can relate to many situations and can find out about the placement of our planet without looking at our birth chart table.

Every planet has a special working, and the effects of the planet can disturb our daily life in many ways. We can figure out which planet is debilitated in our birth chart, and we can even find out in our day to day problems if we sit back and think deeply.

This article will try to explain the negative effects of a planet and supporting gemstones to bring out positive effects.

1. The Sun (Suriya):

Sun, Red Ruby

First comes the sun in the horoscope; the placement of the sun is very important. Lord Sun is the giver of strength, confidence, will power, ability to take the risk and challenging decisions. The Sun’s negative effects are different houses in the birth chart, but there are some common signs that your Sun can be debilitated or into the wrong house in your birth chart. Lord Sun is the one which gives us the power to do many things in our lives, but when the Sun is debilitated, it can have a negative effect on our day to day life and can be a problem to maintain relationships with our parents or the life partner. If you notice a sudden change in your behaviour without any reason and find yourself getting more anger than usual and it starts to affect your family relationships, especially fights or argument with father, you should contact a good astrologer and check your Sun’s placement placed in your birth chart. In this case, Red Ruby really helpful to change this situation. Ruby is a healing stone for the Sun and can break down the negative effects of the Sun.

To strengthen your Sun, you can even give water to Lord Sun every morning before 8 am; water should be supported with some rose petals. Red Ruby cost around 5000 rupees in India. A gemstone must be made according to your weight and should be proved by a good astrologer for better results.

2. The Moon (Chandra):

Moon, Chandra, Moonstone Pearl

After Lord Sun comes, the Moon in astrology is the planet that keeps us clam and balances or nature and health. The debilitated Moon can affect health as well as you can feel an imbalance in your moods. When the Moon shows its negative affect, you can feel a different irritation in your mood. Moon in the wrong house or combine with an enemy planet can put you in a confusing situation, and that can affect your health too. Week Moon can affect a person mental health and can result in insomnia and restlessness. A really easy way to strengthen the week Moon is to use the extra or perfume of white jasmine to the suffering person. If you want to strengthen your moon really soon, you can use the moonstone, pearl. Moonstone pearl costs around 4000 in Indian rupees. Moonstone pearl should be worn on Monday at night under the bright white light of the Moon, remembering Lord Shiva with a clear and fresh positive mind.

3. Mars (Mangal):

Mars, Mangal, Red Coral

In third place is Mars which is even known as Mangal in Indian astrology. Every planet shows different effects in different houses, and it also depends upon which planet it is combining to. Suppose a planet comes in conjunction with an enemy planet. If mars show its negative effects, an individual can feel more fear than general. Mangal can also affect marriage life and can even bring complications in marriage. Planet Mars is a really important planet, and it should be in balance to keep a person’s life in balance. Red coral is a gemstone for Mars. Red coral can help in getting positive effects of Mars. Mars mainly is responsible for a persons anger, courage and self-confidence. When Red coral is worn as a ring or a rosary, it will bring vibrations of Mars. This makes the aura positive and reduces the negative effects of Mars brings positive effects. It can ensure harmony in married life. Red coral can heal every negative effect caused by debilitated mars and help to get positive effects under 45 days after wearing it. Red coral can be worn in gold or silver on a Tuesday morning after dipping into Gangajal or raw milk. Red coral is a hot gemstone.

4. Mercury (Budh):

Mercury, Budh, Emerald Gemstone Ring

In 4th place is mercury; it represents speech and activeness in a person personality. If a person has weak mercury or debilitated mercury, he or she can suffer from a speech disorder. When mercury is weak, an individual can feel lazy than usual. Planet mercury stands for speech and communication skills, and if mercury starts to show some negative effects, you can find that person introvert in nature or may even suffer depression. Weak mercury can even affect health which can make a person lazy and weak. The emerald (panna) gemstone can be worn to balance the energy of the mercury planet.

5. Jupiter (Brihaspati):

Jupiter, Brihaspati, Pukhraj Gemstone Ring

Jupiter comes at 5th place in planets. Jupiter rules the success of a person life. If an individual has a strong Jupiter, it becomes easy for a person to succeed in life, but if Jupiter starts showing its negative effects, it can make life challenging. If Jupiter is combust, you will find yourself hard to succeed in every field of your life. It makes life difficult no matter how hard you try; you will always find yourself alone and far from success. When it comes to job or career, and even in terms of studies, its power of Jupiter can bring us fast success. If Jupiter is debilitated, it has been seen that most people will take your credit. Even after putting in a lot of hardship and efforts and you are not achieving the best results, then you can contact your astrologer and get a yellow sapphire (Pukhraj). Yellow sapphire should be worn on the ring finger or index finger early morning between 5 am to 7 am after taking a bath. Wearing yellow sapphire can bring you good luck and help increase your chances of getting success in life. Yellow sapphire even brings wealth in-person life.

6. Venus (Shukra):

Venus, Shukra, Opal Silver Ring

In 6th place is Venus. Planet Venus is the God of love and all your social relationships. If Venus is debilitated, it shows negative effects on the love life of a person. In society, it affects the relations of an individual in a negative manner. Venus is the God of love, beauty and pleasure. If Venus becomes weak, you will find yourself unhappy even after having everything. Venus brings real happiness from the heart. Weak Venus will keep you sad all the time without any problem. Debilitated Venus will keep you away from all kind of love. If Venus is weak, all of your relationships will fail, and you will be left alone for no reason. To make your weak Venus strong, you can wear an opal gemstone. Opal can make Venus strong really soon. You can wear opal in a silver ring. Opal has to be worn on index finger early morning before 7 am after taking a bath. Dip the ring in Gangajal at night. Wear the opal ring only Friday in the morning with bright hopes and a positive mindset.

7. Saturn (Shani):

Saturn, Shani, Blue Sapphire Ring

Now comes planet Saturn. Planet Saturn in astrology is the way we deal with things in our lives and how we behave. It also shows responsibility in personal nature. When Saturn becomes weak, it can make a person careless and reckless. If Saturn starts showing its negative effects or its energy becomes unstable, it can confuse and scare a person. When Saturn is in a weak state, an individual can lose his decision making power, affecting his career in many negative ways. To make your Saturn balanced or bring positive effects of Saturn, you can wear a blue sapphire called Neelam in Hindi. Blue sapphire is a stone that works faster than many gemstones. Blue sapphire shows its effects in just 1 month. After wearing blue sapphire, an individual can feel a different spark of joy in him. Blue sapphire blesses a person with decision making power and even give clarity in life. If you feel that you need to be clearer in life, you can wear blue sapphire as a ring. Blue sapphire has to be worn on an index finger in a silver or gold ring. Blue sapphire has to be worn on Saturday morning between 5 am to 7 am after taking a bath. Before wearing a blue sapphire, you can contact an astrologer to bring out its best effects.

8. Rahu:

Rahu, Gomed Stone, Hessonite

After Saturn in astrology comes Rahu. Rahu brings speed to one’s life. When we have a strong Rahu, we feel our life moving fast and flowing faster than we planned. If Rahu comes in the negative form, it will delay each step of your life, you will find ways blocking, and your mind will be more in the wrong things like drinking etc. When Rahu is debilitated, you can face a sudden fall in life. Rahu gives speed in life and combusts Rahu block all the paths in life. You will find yourself helpless in most situations in life when you are affected by a negative Rahu. To make your weak Rahu strong, you can wear a Hessonite (Gomed) stone. Wearing a Gomed stone can help you bring positive effects of Rahu to clear your life path. Wearing a Gomed stone can bring good luck in individual life and help in career and job opportunities. Gomed has to be worn in the ring finger of the right hand in a silver ring early morning any day of the week. If you feel a blockage in life and want to clear those, you can wear a Gomed stone to help you succeed faster.

9. Ketu:

Ketu, Cat Eye Stone, Ring

At last comes Ketu in astrology. When Ketu is weak or debilitated, it can make a person financially weak and loss in business. Weak Ketu can bring money losses in your life and can make you detached and helpless. If you want to make your weak Ketu strong, you can wear a cat-eye stone. This stone can be worn as a rosary or a ring. Cat-eye should be worn in gold or silver ring in index finger in the morning any day of the weak. Cat-eye can bring wealth to your life and extreme business success.

Each gemstone has its own properties and should be worn individually; you should not wear two gemstones without asking an astrologer. Wearing two gemstones can make a planet weaker if the stones worn are of an enemy planet or a different element. Stones can work wonders in your life in many ways if worn in a proper way. Each planet has a special stone, and it can work to make a combust planet work in a positive way. All the gemstones start working in 45 days, and it can bring maximum results in 90 days after wearing a stone. The stone should be properly verified lab tested. Stone fixed in-ring should be more than 5 carats. Stones can change your life and can solve many of your life problems in a few days. Stones can make a debilitated planet make strong and combust planet to a proper degree.

Gemstones are really effective in making life easy. You can relate to any of the problems can even buy your gemstone ring online. The ring should be lab tested and should be worn in a proper process. While wearing a gemstone, make a positive affirmation and give stone positive words. Just believe that after wearing a gemstone, your life will take a positive turn.

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