EducationHow school as the temple in India became a business?

How school as the temple in India became a business?

Someone has rightly said — “There is the place of friendship and temple of learning called School, every second is a bright morning in School.” Each day comes with a new lesson—the very first step of each one of our lives. School is a temple of learning, where the teachers are the god (like). School is the place where children get the proper environment of learning and the environment in which children grow mature and successful. The role of the School is to educate each child.

The Indian Culture has always viewed school/college and education-related institutions as temple of learning, School teaches its student moral of the society and also culture, Schools transmits culture to children by celebrating festivals in School so that children understand the importance of our culture and festival.

Education Institutions like School, Coaching, etc. are meant to support the society, to teach the difference between right and wrong to the new generation because they are one who will become our future of the country. And it’s very important for them to know how they will analyze a situation. And how to handle a situation. Earlier, education was driven by devotion thought and culture, with emphasis on things like occupation and learning.

But now the scenario has changed a lot. It is no longer true that the School & colleges are the places where the student gets a proper environment to grow up and be mature and successful and honest human being. They are derailed. Somehow they are distracted from their track.

Schools are actually changing. Not only the scenario but also their motives and honesty. Schools/colleges have now become business. The teachers and students both are struggling in the changed scenario of the temple of education. Morals are something that has become the thing of the past, and there can be no connection seen between the schools and Morals. The ancient belief is fast changing now.

The question arises, are we in the Business of Education or Education as a Business?

Schools and colleges are on the wrong track. Whether it’s for higher education or undergraduate studies or primary studies, setting up a private educational institution is a profitable business. Today, parents are willing to shell out huge sums to get their children a good education.

For primary studies, parents need to pay approx. A lakh per year and we talk about under graduation and post-graduation studies the fees could not be even calculated of private colleges.

Schools in India are so expensive now. Parents in urban are increasingly turning towards private schools and colleges over government schools and where learning outcomes are better.

Schools plan to increase the fees and development charges every year. Schools increase fees every year for the activities and functions done in School by the School. It is mandatory for parents to buys books uniform bags and other stationery items from the School or the shop which is in partnership with the School, conditions are getting worse day by day, and nobody is bothered about the same. Schools in India are Non-profit organization says the law, but no one to inspect that the law made is followed or not and if this continuous for so long. That day is near when School will become a luxury, and only wealthy people will be able to send their children to school.

Middle-class families cannot afford a hike in fees every year, and they do not have another option because the condition of government school is not up to the mark, no teacher, no building, no proper classes are taken the condition is really bad.

Government the businessman sitting on the head chair of those schools with the high fee should think about the society their duties towards the society. Humanity within us should not die after money.

Yashaswi Singh
Yashaswi Singh
Learner and Writer.

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