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How to install WhatsApp on PC or Desktop

This time I’ve brought awesome trick that how you can install Whatsapp on your PC or the Desktop. India considered to be at number 3 in the world in terms of using cell-phones. In today’s date nearly about every citizen of India have cell phone. But the problem is that still these people are far from the smartphones either due to the financial problem or the family problem. But no worries, you can run whatsapp in your PC or the desktop. This article will guide you smoothly that how you can install Whatsapp on your Personal Computer (PC) or on your desktop.

Things you will need (Requirements)

  • BlueStacks App Player
  • Windows XP or later
  • 2GB of RAM
  • Microsoft NET framework 2.0 (in case of Windows XP)
  • Basic knowledge of installation and browsing
  • Internet Connection
  • Mobile (any) with working SIM card.

How to install Whatsapp on your PC or Desktop

In order to install Whatsapp on your PC or Desktop you need to install BlueStacks App Player on your PC that you can download from the official website of the BlueStacks. BlueStacks App Player is an android emulator from BlueStacks that enables you to install android apps (or the apk) files. You can download Microsoft NET framework 2.0 from here.

Installing BlueStacks App Player

Once you have installed BlueStack App Player (if you have not installed you can download it from you need to move further towards installing whatsapp.

After installing BlueStacks App Player, follow these instructions to download and install whatsapp

  1. Run the BlueStacks App Player.
  2. Click on App Search icon and type “Whatsapp” without quotes and click on Search.
  3. Once you clicks on the search button, you will find the Whatsapp Messenger in the result.
    Whatsapp Search
    (Ignore points 4 and 5 in case you have located whatsapp in the search)
  4. In case there is no result or you unable to find the Whatsapp Messenger, you can download the apk installer from the official website of the Whatsapp (
  5. After downloading apk installer from the whatsapp’s official website right click on it and go to Open with option and select BlueStacks Apk Handler.
    Whatsapp open with BlueStacks
  6. Setup the whatsapp as on the regular android device you does.
  7. After installing whatsapp click on the WhatsApp icon in BlueStacks to start it. When you run it for the first time you’ll be asked to verify your phone number.
  8. Select the country you are residing i.e. the country of your Mobile Number.
  9. Input the Mobile Number and Click on OK button
  10. Once you clicked on OK button, the verification process will begin.
  11. Within 2 minutes you will receive verification code on your number from whatsapp either sms or call.
  12. Wait until it ask for the verification code. Once it appears, input the code.
    Whatsapp Install Apps

Congratulations you have successfully installed whatsapp on your PC.

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