Op-edHow to keep only the first name on the Facebook profile?

How to keep only the first name on the Facebook profile?

Most of people like you have questioned me in past that if it is possible to keep only their First Name on Facebook. Well, Yes! it is possible to keep only the first name on the Facebook.

For example See : Raag (You need to be logged-in to see)

Most of you might not be aware that many Indonesian people don’t have second name or you can say they have only the first name. In this case Facebook has changed its policy and permitted people from Indonesia to keep only the first name on the Facebook.

In this article we’ll guide you that how you change your name to only first name on the Facebook.

Things you will need

  • Internet connection
  • PC with any recent web browser (Firefox is recommended)
  • Basic knowledge of browsing and web browser

Step 1:  Getting login into Facebook

Very first step is that you should login your Facebook account using your Username and Password as you always login.

Step 2: Setting up proxy to Indonesia

As I mentioned above in the introduction that Facebook allows Indonesian people to keep their only the first name. Therefore you need to change the proxy setting of your browser.

Proxy setting will change your location to Indonesia

Now, How to change the proxy setting with Indonesian location.

Some proxy can be extremely slow, in this case you can try the other one

Setting-up proxy in Mozilla Firefox

  • Go to Tools (if not visible press Alt.+T on your keyboard)
  • Under Tools go to Options> Advanced
  • Under the Advanced option click on the Network tab
  • In the connection section click on the Settings button
  • Chose the Manual Proxy Configuration option
  • Enter the IP address in the HTTP Proxy field and Port number into the Port field that you’ve obtained from the above link
  • Also check the option Use this proxy server for all the protocols
  • Press Ok and close it

For other browsers see wikihow.com/Change-Proxy-Settings
Note: Revoke all the setting that you made after changing your name.

Once you configured the proxy setting follow below steps towards changing your name

Step 3: Change your Facebook language to Bahasa Indonesia (language spoken in Indonesia)

After changing your proxy setting you need to change your Facebook language to Indonesian language i.e. Bahasa Indonesia.
Change your language from facebook.com/settings?tab=account&section=language&view

Step 4: Changing your name

Congratulations you have successfully changed your name

Step 4: Restoring settings

After changing your name you need to restore previous settings which includes

  • Proxy Setting
  • Facebook language setting (language in Indonesia is known to be Bahasa)

Attention: It is against the Facebook policy. This article is only for educational and test purposes.

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