EducationHow to merge multiple Microsoft Word doc files?

How to merge multiple Microsoft Word doc files?

Microsoft Office is one of the world’s most used word processing software. Even after being world’s best word processing software, it lacks professional tools or you can say you are not aware of everything about Microsoft Office products. Doc files comprises of all the extensions such as .doc, .docx etc.

In our this article we will guide you smoothly on how to merge two or more doc files generated using Microsoft Word. Well, you don’t need professional or technical skills to join multiple Microsoft Word doc files. All you need-

  • Microsoft office at least 2007 or latest
  •  Basic knowledge of Microsoft Word

1. Steps to join or merge multiple doc files using Microsoft Word

In order to merge multiple Microsoft Word doc files you need to open Microsoft Word (blank or new page). Below steps will teach you step by step-

  • Open Microsoft Word
  • Click on Insert tab

Microsoft Word Insert tab

  • Followed by Object option as shown in the below image

Microsoft Word objects option

  • Click on Text from File… option as shown in the above image
  • Select the files that you would like to merge or join

Microsoft Word merger

  • Note: You need to follow a sequential order
  • Save the file, once you successfully merges the doc files.

2. Steps to join or merge or combine multiple doc files using KuTools

KuTools is a professional plugin for Microsoft Office by Using this tool you can merge multiple doc files easily. KuTools add-ups extra option best known as tools in Microsoft Word which enables you to select a series of doc files in a sequential order and without effecting the original format.

You can download KuTools from for Microsoft Word from

Once you download and installed the KuTools successfully, you will find new tabs in Microsoft Word such as:

  • KuTools
  • Enterprise

Steps to join or merger multiple doc files using KuTools

Well, in order to combine multiple doc files using KuTools follow the below instructions –

  • Open Microsoft Office
  • Click on Enterprise tab
  • Under Enterprise tab click on Merge option location in the left side

KuTools enables you to select multiples files or folders. It depending upon your requirement.

KuTools merge files and folders

  • In order to Merge Multiple files click on Add Files or Add Folder
  • You can adjust the sequence of the file using buttons such as move up/down and remove.
  • Click on Merge button, once you arranges the files in a sequence
  • Save it, once you successfully able to merge the file

3. Steps to join or merge or combine multiple doc files online without any software or plugin

You can visit to merge multiple doc files and convert it doc to pdf and vice-versa

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