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How to Take Care of Electronic Items so They Last Longer and Better

Electronic objects are a vital part of our life. They require extremely high maintenance though. Getting them fixed is expensive as well. Buying a new one squeeze out the life of your pocket, too. So, the best option is to take care of your machines. It does not mean decking them in plastic. Taking care and maintain them does not require any expensive items. It just requires a bit of care on your side. Like making sure the dust stays away, things do not end up getting broken or they do not overheat.

How to take care of earphones:

  1. The device should not be playing any audio when you pull the jack off. If you do play an audio while removing the jack, it can cause a pop in the driver and hence, result in driver failure.
  2. Keep the earphones clean and free from moisture as well a dust. This will help optimise the performance the performance.
  3. Clean the ear buds in soapy, warm water. Dry them perfectly before you put it back on.
  4. Use a brush to clean away any dust from the earphone. Use a sharp object like a toothpick to remove remaining residues.
  5. Try to keep away any knots and tangles from the wire. Do not pull on them.
  6. While storing the earphones, ensure you do not wrap the cable over tight. Invest in a storage case if you don’t have already.

How to take care of a table fan:

  1. The best and incredibly easy way to clean off the dust from fan blade is to use compressed air. They come in cans which can be purchased from any hardware store.
  2. To clean up your table fan, here is how you proceed.
    1. Disassemble your front and rear grills.
    2. Clean them in a mix of detergent and water.
    3. Wipe off with a soft, damp and soft cloth.
    4. Refrain from doing anything to the motor.
    5. Dry the parts.
    6. Reassemble
  3. Find a box which is about as big as your fan. Cover the head of your fan and insert it in the box. You do this to stop dust from collecting on the blades.

How to take care of your mobile phone:

  1. Make use of a cell phone lanyard so your cell phone does not fall off.
  2. Dip a cotton swab in alcohol and press it against your phone to clean it. Note that you should only the exterior of the phone and not interior. In case of a touch screen mobile phone, use lint free cloth for better protection.
  3. Do not use a spray bottle to clean your mobile phone.
  4. If you are using your phone and it gets hot, stop using it. If anything, use it in intervals of time.
  5. Invest in a screen protector and a sturdy phone case. This is to prevent any scratches on your beloved phone.
  6. Keep your phone charged between 40% to 80%.
  7. Keep your phone updated. Update your phone’s operating system when it becomes available.
  8. Too many apps slow down your phone. Keep only those which you actually use.
  9. Keep your phone in shade at all times and at low brightness.
  10. Use cell phones for voice calls.
  11. Store your phone in open area instead of confined spaces

How to take care of your television:

  1. Keep the plugs of your television away from the socket when not in use. This reduces energy consumption and prevents the Television from getting overheated.
  2. Keep sharp objects away from the screen of your Television.
  3. Use a spray cleaner to clean your Television screen.
  4. Keep the Television away from direct sunlight and heat.
  5. In case you live in an area with a lot of power fluctuations and power failure, invest in a stabiliser. Connect your Television to it so it would not be harmed during short circuits.

How to take care of your washing machine:

  1. Regularly check the hoses of your machine for any sign of wear and tear. Replace it if there are any trace of cracks or breaks. Otherwise, your house can get flooded.
  2. Refrain from overloading your washing machine. It will make the machine lose the balance and topple over. No money for guessing how would that turn out.
  3. Keep your machine levelled or at least on a level ground. You might think that it is perfectly normal for the machine to vibrate but it is not. Keep the machine closer to the floor, all four legs and check if it is vibrating.
  4. Front loading washers are more efficient than top loaders.

How to take care of your laptop or computer:

  1. Keep the liquids away from your laptop or computer. You might think it would not spoil, but take no chances. If you do have to drink tea during your session, cover it up.
  2. Have an antivirus software to use it against viruses. Even if you download from a trusted source, chances are that it will contain some sort of virus. Remember to keep it updated!
  3. It might be cute that your cat is sitting on your laptop, but it could also be dangerous. They can knock the laptop off or cause the internal structure of laptop some damage.
  4. While shutting off the display monitor, make sure there is no small object in between the laptop screen and keyboard. They can damage the screen, scratching or poking through.
  5. Close the lid from both sides and not just one. This will prevent any pressure on that particular hinge and prevent bending or snapping of the laptop.
  6. Hold your computer and laptop by the base. Do not hold it by the screen. It can lead to screen damage and hinge damage as well. Note that the screen can easily be damaged so you need to be varied of any pressure you put on the screen.
  7. Do not tug on the power cord. This can lead to breaking off of the cord from the socket.

And there you go! Was not that easier than dealing with repairing cost and easier on your pocket than having to buy a new one every time?

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