Op-edHow to Uninstall Android apps from BlackBerry OS 10 Completely?

How to Uninstall Android apps from BlackBerry OS 10 Completely?

Before the coming of Android, earlier there was only three leaders in the mobile manufacturing sector — Nokia, iPhone and the BlackBerry, but after coming off the Android-powered smartphones, the mobile manufacturing industries emerged very rapidly.

Many micro-chip and mobile accessories manufacturing companies like Xiaomi came up with their smartphones that have forced many smartphone manufacturers to cut off the prices. Android brought opportunities for the domestic companies, here in India itself, companies like Micromax, Videocon and Lava jumped into the mobile production field. Known and trusted bands like BlackBerry and Nokia failed to continue the trend and the craze in the people due to high prices and lack of the features which was readily available with very low-cost smartphones running on Android OS.

BlackBerry has always been a player — It brought BlackBerry OS 10 which has shocked the entire Mobile manufacturing industry since the BlackBerry OS 10 was capable of running apps developed for the Android operating system and the BlackBerry native apps.

Many Developers and companies found this game to be revolutionary, but even after so much of efforts BlackBerry failed to bring back the audiences due to the limited numbers of available applications and no Android App store, though it included Amazon App store which allows users to download Android apps, still apps like Whatsapp and other well-known apps were not available on the Amazon Store.

In May, 2016 Facebook announced a bad news to the BlackBerry users by stopping the API support to the BlackBerry Facebook and within a few weeks the same news came for Whatsapp that the Whatsapp app will not be supported anymore on the Devices like BlackBerry Z3, Z10, Z30, Q5 and Q10 after 31st December 2016.

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BlackBerry smartphones are capable of running Android apps, but still, most of the users are not able to install many critical applications and sometimes they are not even able to uninstall the apps from the device completely. Even after uninstalling the app from the device, it is visible and accessible in the Amazon store and share options.

No matter from where you uninstall the apps it will be still visible and accessible from many apps and options which consumes a lot of space, RAM and CPU — thus it slowdowns the performance of your device.

In this article, I’ll assist you with how you can Uninstall the Android apps completely, which are available in Amazon Store or your BlackBerry Device even after performing the default removable function.

Before we proceed, you should be aware that — what’s the reason behind this problem? Well, the simple answer is, You BlackBerry device which is capable of running Android apps have Bugs and after fixing the bug you’ll be able to uninstall the apps as well it’ll help your BlackBerry device to run Android apps smoothly.

Getting Started — Fixing the bug

BlackBerry Engineers are already aware of the issue, and they’ve developed an app named “BlackBerry Runtime for Android Applications” to fix the problem. You can download this app from BlackBerry World.

After downloading the BlackBerry Runtime for Android Applications, install it and open it. Leave it for some time and reboot your device after 10 minutes.

Now you will be able to uninstall apps without any problem. If in case you are still having a problem with uninstalling the apps, you can follow the next step.

Uninstalling Using Android Uninstall app

This step is only applicable if you have installed the “BlackBerry Runtime for Android Applications” from BlackBerry World.

If you have already installed the BlackBerry Runtime for Android Application, you can download the Uninstall app from apk4fun.com and using this app. You can easily uninstall the apps.

Once you’ve downloaded and installed the Remove app, open it and follow below steps —

  1. Ignore the Root notice and tap on I know button.
  2. Slide from left for the menu and chose User app
  3. Select the apps that you would like to uninstall and tap on Uninstall button

That’s all folks. Hope you’ll find it useful

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