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Is it Right for a Girl to Choose Mechanical Engineering?

Scopes for Girls in B.Tech and M.Tech in Mechanical Engineering in India and Abroad

Girls and mechanical engineering are usually considered as a contradiction in the world of engineering. Looking at the current scenario, one can hardly find a girl pursuing mechanical engineering. It would be probably in a ratio of 1:25 at its max in mechanical stream. But what I believe is that girls are as good as boys to study this field.

In initial stage, a girl might find it a bit problematic to handle the situations in classroom as it will be definitely a male dominated one but after some time, she will be well adapted to it. Mechanical engineering is a broad stream. It has a variety of subjects. Few subjects are practical or I can say based on physical work. But those subjects actually don’t need any great physical strength to complete them.

So if you are a girl and you are planning to opt for mechanical engineering, there is no wrong in it. Hereby, I am mentioning a few advantages and scopes for a girl in mechanical engineering.

During your academics:

  1. You will be the most known girl in the entire college.
  2. You can be a promoter of gender equality as a live example of it
  3. You will always have an extra support from your faculties.
  4. You won’t have to worry about your mechanical workshop projects and practical subjects. Boys will always be ready to get it done for you.
  5. Believe it or not, no one in your class will even dare to talk rudely with you.

This branch involves more of a logical approach. It deals with how things around us work in reality. It even comprises design and development of new products that can be useful in day to day life to make it simpler and easier.

The post academics and career side are more brilliant. You can have the following opportunities after being a mechanical engineer.

1. Designing

During your academics if you focus on learning, designing software like Auto Cad, Pro- E, solid works, etc, you can be a part of any MNC which deals with production and design and development. Learning these softwares is not a big deal. It will be a high paid job and a stable one too.

2. Purchase and procurement

Big companies have their purchasing department as a core unit. Being a mechanical engineer, you can be a perfect person for procurement of raw materials and other goods used in production and maintenance. As you will have attained all the knowledge about the components of machines, the designs of machines, their working and their maintenance, you can easily decide what to procure and what to not at a specified price rate.

3. Quality control

Quality is the most demanded things for any aspect these days. You can be a devoted quality control engineer. It requires no physical labor. All it requires is a good knowledge of measuring instruments which will be already catered to you as one of your important aspects in your college academics.

4. Automation and programming

Automation and programming need pure mental work rather than physical work. It deals with creating, verifying and applying the codes and programs to make a system work automatically. This work needs a good mind, a laptop with the appropriate software and a chair. That’s it. It’s a high paying job with less or no physical effort.

5. College faculty

Being a faculty in engineering college is also one of the most reputed jobs. If you are willing to pursue your career in teaching, it can be the best what you can opt for.

So, if you feel like going for this course, go for it. Listen to what your heart says, not what the society and others has to say. It’s your life and no one has a right to judge you. Opt for it and show the world that even girls can be mechanical engineers and can perform even better than boys.