Op-edIs Reliance Jio right choice for you even after 31st March 2017?

Is Reliance Jio right choice for you even after 31st March 2017?

Reliance Jio the wireless revolution which you can call it another white and green revolution in India. On the eve of its grand launching almost everyone was shocked to hear that they are going to get unlimited data while lifetime free nationwide calling with Reliance Jio. This news has not only shocked the countrymen, but also leaders of the telephony industry in India and today’s condition is most of mobile service provider have cut-off their calling and data rates by more than 60%.

The companies which were charging a huge amount of monthly rental on the name of offering free local and STD calls with limited data service has started offering free unlimited on-net and off-net local and STD calls with attractive data offers at very minimum monthly rental and this is all became possible just because of Reliance Jio.

On the eve of Reliance Jio’s launching its founder-cum chairman, Mukesh Ambani announced free unlimited lifetime calling with unlimited data until 31st December 2016 which is now extended upto 31 March 2017. The company has also offered various other offers with Reliance Jio connection which included free TV, Games, Anti-virus and premium Music app etc.

Now, the question is:  “Will it be a right choice for you to continue using Reliance Jio after 31st March 2017?”

As the Happy New Year offer is going to end by 31st March and to continue using Reliance Jio after 31st March 2017 you have to recharge it by least Rs. 19 in which you will get unlimited local and STD calls with 100MB 4G data download including unlimited at night. Those who are excited about getting at least unlimited at night, well the bad news for them is, according to Reliance Jio’s term & condition “unlimited at night” means unlimited data download between 2:00am to 5:00am another bad news for those who are thinking that at Rs. 19 they will get at least free unlimited Local & STD calls, well the bad news for them is , the Reliance Jio is a VoLTE based network, which uses your data when you make calls — in simple words, no data balance = no calling as you need data balance to make calls.

Now, if we talk about the Reliance Jio postpaid plans which is started from Rs. 149 per month in which you will get only 300MB 4G data download (and unlimited at night between 2:00am to 5:00pm) and unlimited local and STD calls (note: you need data balance to make calls).

The answer is clear-cut you have to pay for what you get. Now, once again, for those who can afford to pay Reliance Jio will it be still a right option for them to continue using it?

Well, according to me it will not! And the reasons that why should you not use Reliance Jio after 31st March 2017:

1. Network problem 

Though Reliance Jio is not the only service provider in India, which is suffering from connectivity and call drop issues, but if we compare it will the poorest service provider in India Reliance Jio stands at position #1 in terms of worse network problem in almost every part of India.

The basic features of Reliance Jio is not properly operational which include call forwarding and call waiting. Most of Reliance Jio users are not able to activate and deactivate the Reliance Jio call forwarding as they are getting either SIM card error or network problem.

Even the customer care are not able to fix this issue or you can say it is not in their hand.

2. Poor Customer care support

As I have already mentioned that Reliance Jio customer care are not able to sort out basic problems. Do you remember when you made a call to your other service provider and for which purpose? Well, you must have called them either to register a complaint against balance detection or billing inquiries.

Now, think of Reliance Jio — They have not even started billing or recharge facility on that their customer care executive remains busy and what will be the condition of their customer support when they will start charging to its customers?

3. Poor calling experience 

Almost everyone of you will agree that Reliance Jio have poor calling experience and call drop issues. To make calls sometime you have to attempt many times to connect with the person.

The calling issue is also due to rivalry between the service providers and you must have heard the news where the TRAI penalized with 3050Crs. jointly on Airtel, Vodafone, Idea and other service provider against the violation of quality service as they were limiting the in-calls of the Jio.


Though the Reliance Jio is suffering from multiple crises, but still there is room for improvement and when the company has announced to invest Rs. 30,000 crores in improving their network infrastructure and quality of service — which will make Reliance Jio the ultimate player of telecom industry in India defeating other service providers.

Now, most of the service providers are afraid of losing their valuable customers, which is another sign of the improvement of telecom services in India. No telecom company wants to lose their customers and to keep them associated with them the telecom companies started investing in network infrastructure.

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