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Is walking really a man’s best medicine? Let’s find what happens to your body when you walk

For many decades it has been said that walking is the best medicine for man. But do you know that why the walking is the best medicine for man? It is one of the most overlooked activities and it is much more beneficial for your overall health. There are so many things that have taken place in our today’s life that makes us to take less step every single day and which is not good for our health. Walking is a very important activity for our overall well-being. The longest you will walk, the more benefits you will enjoy by walking. Once you know the benefits of walking, you will inspire to walk every day. If you do not have time to walk, then there are many opportunities that you can use to walk like you can go to the grocery shop instead of taking vehicle, choose the stairs instead of taking the lift, park your car at some distance so that you can walk more or whenever you get time, decide to walk at anywhere.Walking can transform our health if we walk longer.

Let’s get to it that how walking for 10, 30 or 60 minutes can affect to our health and make you feel good. When you walk for 1 – 10 minutes, then your body releases some chemicals so that your body gets fired up for the walk. Your heart rate increases from 70 to 100 beats per minute and this will increase the blood flow in the body and warms the muscles. Your body started to burn 5 calories every minute and carbohydrates and fats are used as a fuel to burn the energy. The blood pressure will increase a bit and these give more blood and oxygen to muscles. When you walk for 11 to 30 minutes, then your temperature of the body increases and this will make you begin sweating.

This point of time you will breathe deeper and faster and you will burn up to 7 to 8 calories per minute. In 30 minute walk, you will get relief from asthma attacks and allergy. When you walk for 30 to 60 minutes, it will give you relief to your brain. You will start to burn more body fat at this point of time as it will shed that extra fat. You will get more blood and oxygen to your body. At this point of time, you are making your heart healthy and strengthening your immunity. Walking is very effective for stress and anxiety relief. There are many benefits of walking. Some of the best benefits are here.

10 Best Benefits of walking to your body:-

1. Boost your Brain

In a study, it is found that walking improves your brain health. Also in a new study it is found that it actually improves the cognitive function. According to the Harvard Health, physical activity likes walking reduces inflammation, which can negative impact on your brain. Physical activity likes walking reduces insulin resistance and stimulate the release of growth factors like growth of new blood vessels in the brain which has a positive effect on brain health.

2. Good for your eyes:

In a new study it is found that taking walks can help in reducing the risk of AMD (Age-related macular degeneration) up to 70%. AMD is an eye disease in which people over 60 loss their vision. So people who adopt active lifestyle have a lower risk of AMD. Also, walking can decrease the risk of age-related cataracts. Also, walking helps in reducing eye pressure.

3. Good for Heart Health

In a research it is found that walking reduces some risk factors for heart stroke and disease likes high cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes. Also in a research it is found that walking improves cardiovascular health.

4. Improves Lung health

People who are suffering from lung disease likes chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), emphysema, and pulmonary fibrosis should go for walk in the fresh air. Walking in fresh air can do wonders for your lung health. Walking outdoors can boost your immune system which is a challenging part of people who are suffering from lung disease.

5. Lower risk of Pancreatic Cancer

Regular Walking can prevent Pancreatic Cancer. Diabetes, Smoking and high animal fat diet can increase the risk of pancreatic cancer. But the good news is that the regular walking can prevent the Pancreatic Cancer.

6. Improves your Digestion related disease

Simply walking can lower the blood sugar levels in your body. In a study it is found, those people who walk regularly have lower the risk of chronic constipation. Also, walking can reduce the symptoms of inflammatory bowel diseases. Regular walking can improve your digestion for a long run.

7. Muscles get toned and tighten

Walking can help in building muscular strength and endurance. Also, it contributes in toning and tightening your lower body and middle part of your body.

8. Good for Bones and Joints

Walking is easy and gentle on the joints. It helps in maintaining the bone mass. It can slower the risk of developing arthritis. This reduces the risk of osteoporosis and increases joint flexibility.

9. Good for Back Pain Relief

Walking is a low impact exercise which can give you benefit in your lower back pain. Regular walking can reduce the risk of developing lower back pain. It gives relief in back pain if done it regularly. People having slip disk should go for a walk daily as it will provide relief into it.

10. Calms and clears your Mind

Walking is a great form of exercise which can help in focusing your mind. It clears your mind and keep you away from worries. If you feel stressed or anxious sometimes then take a walk, it will help you in calming and clearing your mind from worries.

So these benefits are enough to start walking. You can start with 5, 10 or 15 minutes of walking and gradually can increase it to enjoy the maximum benefits of it. So enjoy walking to its fullest.

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