Op-edJournalism and Media: The instrument for amusement to connect the world or...

Journalism and Media: The instrument for amusement to connect the world or destructor-in-Chief

Well if there is an adage which has helped the ones to make it big by any means of the cheap standard, it is this

“The naked and the bold do not mind as they are sold by the gift and its kind.”

It is not known when did the media, and it’s role of assuming it’s duty to transship the news from one place to another start but many say that the first occasion that the world came to know about the MEDIACRACY was when the news of the victory was brought to the King in Greece when a soldier ran for 26 miles and 385 yards to convey the news that Greece had won the war. It is believed that this was the start of transhipping the news from one place to another

Since then slowly but surely the process of media and the medium of transshipping the news from one place of the earth to the another started It slowly started changing its shape in the form, and surely the art of modernity helped it to change its face

First Change In the World of Media:-

It is said and believed that the first such change in the world of media came when Baaz Mohammad, a General in the Army which was serving the Mughal force of Akbar had sent his note to the Queen written in a letter which was made out of leaf How far it is true or not but a movie Rani Roopmati did show this scene, and one could only believe that as no such proof are available to either believe that or deny that It started that way it is said

First Change:

The first real change it is believed came into the being when there was a Sikh-Moghul war in succession that had erupted when one of the Guru from the Sikh community had to send a letter to the Moghul Emperor saying that he was ready to sacrifice his two sons in order to get back a vast portion of the land for Punjab Both his sons were executed It seems that Guru of the Sikh community was Guru Teg Bahadur Singh Maybe I could be wrong in the name that I put here but it was he I guess He had used a piece of the silken cloth to inscribe what he had to convey and this message was sent forward to the Moghul Emperor That is how the MEDI came into the picture in India, and I could be wrong as well in my assessment, but this is what I could figure it out while making an attempt to know much about that

The World of Telegram:

This was the greatest invention of Alexander Graham Bell who invented the telegram This is a media which transmitted the coded message from one end to the another through the effect of electromagnetic force using the copper wire which needed the help of electricity to send the messages from one end of it to the another These coded message were decoded into the words and the sentences to get the full meaning of the news that were transhipped from one end to the other In an era where the movement was as bad as the walks of the tortoise and the speed of the snail then, this really had transformed the world of media The paper on which the messages were decoded to make out a sentence of it became the media and the medium was the telegram as an I have described Thus came into existence the medium and the media It was the Britishers who introduced it to India

The concept of the post office soon started taking place, and the Britishers used it as a tool to send their message from one end of India to anyplace that they felt like to convey their messages and it means This is what the reading suggests

However it was Mr Samuel Morse on 24th May 1844 who had first send a telegram at USA to one of his officer and thereafter Mr Bell made some changes into it with an instrument that he made that could send the message from one continent to the other This is how the media and the medium of telegram came into the force

Media in India

In India the media and the medium took a heavy turn and a significant place in the society when Bal Gangadhar Tilak and national leader like Gokhale put their head into the fact to start a newspaper in Marathi which was named by them as “ HITAVADA” “ HIT “ in Hindi is known as WELL BEING of the people and “ VADA “ in Hindi is known as COMMUNICATION Thus Hitavada meant communication for the people for it’s well This newspaper was started with a MOTTO that was “ Sarvajan Hitaye, Sarvajan Sukhaye “ which meant that this is for the well being of everybody and for the happiness of everybody This was the first of the local newspaper in Marathi then, which was circulated in India and it carried all the kind of articles and news to bind the entire nation into one to unitedly help Mahatma Gandhi to fight the Britishers

Just see the motto The media was formed with the sole object to make everyone happy and prosperous and make one and sundry to be in peace.However, the world of media ever since has changed

First English Newspaper:

It was the Times of India which was the first English newspaper/newspaper which was circulated by the Jain family in India It took it’s most modern form slowly when the Bennette and Coleman joined hands with them to make this newspaper a WORLD STANDARD NEWSPAPER Thus, and that was a movement when the concept of COLLABORATION started in India, and it was the media for the contemplation that started it and thereafter we still have so many a collaboration, and it’s concept in the world of BUSINESS INDIA

The era of Journalism and the role of Media:

Newspaper- well what is it One can define it as it is the offshoot of the various news that it encompasses in a medium which could be read and understood by the ones who are reading that The MEDIUM is the paper on which the news is inscribed and the ones who are doing the job to inscribe that piece of information on the paper is the media

This process is completed by the “subject” which we call is JOURNALISM hence the question arises is what is a NEWSPAPER

Well a newspaper is a medium which uses the media to amuse one half of the WORLD with the OTHER half’s trouble

It is this essence and it is this sense by which the media has to work and be on its feet but this scenario ever since 1989 has completely changed, and no more is the media which follows this principle These media have now become the puppets in the hands of the ones who can play with them and make them play and dance according to their tune

Media world over started changing since 1989 but the first volumetric changed was observed in the US in 1935 when the US first could assess that there was a WORLD WAR in the offing The target was and could have been the US they had sensed that The President of the US then purchased the media that was existing at the US to his favour only to bemuse the entire population of the US then That helped his cause and no sooner than the US and it’s allied force won the World War-2 the entire gamut of the media had changed in the US The media in US slowly started selling them to the POWER of the ones who and whose corridors were or would make them to see the White House There it started and slowly now we see the media all over the world and especially at India doing that in a grand manner for one party here at India and for one family I need not describe their name as to who is the party and who is the family

Media and its role in India:

In India the Indian media was considered to the BACKBONE of the society, and it served as the strongest pillar of the democracy Till 1967 the media was doing its job, and it was playing a great role to fabricate the engineering of the fragile society It brought about a wholesome change in the society then and it played a significant role acting as a middleman between the Government and the nation especially during the aggression against China and Pakistan in 1962 and 1965

However came Madam Indira Gandhi as the Minister of Communication under the Prime Ministership of Lal Bahadur Shashtri, Madam Indira Gandhi spared no effort to promote herself as something an ANGEL and APOSTLE of GROWTH and PROSPERITY describing herself that she could turn India into something unbelievable then She was more into using the All India Radio and Akashvani to promote herself and her role in building the country through her message That was the first time in the history of India that the media was turned into a ONE MAN AFFAIR Some who helped her in her cause became powerful administrator when she later was elected as the Prime Minister of this nation Others who did not fall into her plans were made to eat the humble pie This was the start of the era and the time when the media of India started playing a puppet of the ones who could trample them

The commercialisation of the media: “ Rugged “ India “ RAPED “ by the media

This took a real turn by 360 degrees when the private TV channels started playing their game in India The first of such was the WEEK THAT WAS which was promulgated by Mr Pronnoy Roy Slowly the other came and then the media marketing and its concept gave birth to the TRP which I always call it as TRIP AT RAPATROLLA KA PAATSHAALA The more the TRP, the more the world of advertisement to fall into their feet and the more is the rate charged

The WEEK THAT WAS got changed into New Delhi Television which we call it NDTV One could see a galaxy of journalist doing their bits, and slowly it became the toy in the hand of a political party which used this to the hilt for their benefit The real essence of journalism slowly started fading away and there came a moment when the media and it’s houses were absolutely NOT bothered to think of the OTHER’S HAL TROUBLE It was gagged to make around the corridors of the power at Delhi and to make HAY while the SUN was shining It was that and those moment wherein an abrupt the world of media completely lost it’s focus and became a house for minting money

The so-called COMPERED programmes and the so-called the “ CHEAP” guest started coming into the show and the nastic idea would be to hit the opposition below the belt OK- let me take the names. For example Mr Atal Behari Vajpayee was termed as GADDAR by Madam Sonia Gandhi It started from there and then the flood started gushing out of the dam that was broken The havoc that it caused by spreading the fallacious news and pieces of information and the catastrophe that it caused to the nation is indescribable but then as they say –


Boldly and nakedly the media and it’s democracies were seen and felt, but the people were absolutely dead and mum to do anything because their mindset was completely freed by the onslaught of the media of it’s worst of the kind For any reason the media of India were doing to the Indian and helping one party then in the same manner what the US media was doing at the US from 1935 to 1995 for about six-decade However here in India the advent of the Vajpayee era and now the Modi era completely quashed the heinous idea of the media and that ONE party which was there to completely uproot the nation

In the process some of the media personality and with profound request that I take their name to allow me to do so- Rajdeep Sardesai, Sagarika Ghosh, Barkha Dutt and some more of the ilk’s and the ones in the land of Hindi media like the ilk’s of Punya Prasun Vajapayee, Ravish “ RUBBISH “ Kumar and many more got buried under the debris of falsity One has to thank especially Mr Narendra Modi and the BJP to completely crush these SPRING-OF-FALACITY as we the ordinary general public were haemorrhaged for many years to bear their brunt and get those BOUNTIES from the mall BUMKUMS which we never needed at all

The General state of Media now: Rat Race and no Cat to Bell

Just cannot imagine the number of players that is existing in the world of media now It is almost a rat race and it is the question of being the SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST It is plain and simple This is a cat and the mice play where the million dollar question is – how can the rat survive in the race

The media sticks to them and those from where they could feel that they could get that piece for its survival They simply have become the edifice of preserving the money first and then to churn it out by any means and by any standard The result is the complete essence of the media and it’s importance has not only gone awry but it has completely changed Media now no more cares about the suffering that the people are going and to highlight them to bring about a socio-radical change The entire metaphor Mo-phases of the media has changed It is not more malleable and ductile It is the freezer media with no direction and magnitude It looks in for its opportunity to make it big by any amount of dollars

The ground reporting in reality and it’s connected with the eco-sufferers has completely vanished It now completely looks for the hours and not the minutes The reality has been thrown in the place where one would not be able to think as to what that place could be, and the cosmetics have taken the role This is completely and has completely destructed and shattered the media It is left with no spine or the backbone worth calling it a spine or a backbone The world of fallacious commerce has changed it completely

For today if you are not a sharp man with all kind of info’s placed at your fingertips, if you have to believe in this media especially the Indian media, you could be in no man’s land and without any remorse if the media feels that by destructing you theirs’s purpose and the matter is solved you could be sent crashing under its wheel of adversity in a manner that you would never be able to recover or rise once again The classic examples have been so many an Industrial House, so many a big business house, so many leaders and so many a celebrities The classic examples are Mr Vishvanath Pratap Singh, Mr Chandrashekar the two ex-Prime Minister of India, Mr Lal Bahadur Shashtri, Mr Netaji Subash Chandra Bose, and Mr Rajesh Khanna the FIRST ever SUPERSTAR of India

THE INDIAN MEDIA HELL CARES ABOUT THE ONES WHO ARE THE “ BPL “ That is the media for you It could be construed as the MEDIA NOW IS MORE THE DESTRUCTOR It hardly makes any attempt to connect the one half of the world with the other half’s trouble

NO- no more of that role has ever been taught of by the present media that exits in the world and the Indian media which is now only there for all wrong reasons

That adage of the naked and the bold proves everything about the media and especially the Indian media

Bhattacharjee Shyamal
Bhattacharjee Shyamal
Shyamal Bhattacharjee has been a SPORTS SCRIBE to start with, a MARKETING PROFESSIONAL for 35 years and author of SIX International standard books . Now he spends his entire time in SOCIAL DEVLOPEMENT and WRITING.

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