Op-edSlogans and Jargons: Deathtrap of Political Parties and Crucifixion of longevity

Slogans and Jargons: Deathtrap of Political Parties and Crucifixion of longevity

Well, I may seek the permission of one and sundry to write these lines of a song which was sung by the GREAT Kishoreda (Kishore Kumar). It is as under:

Gali Gali Harjaee, Jaa Teri Hoh Ruswaee
Tu Pyaar Koh Tarsey Mehfil Mehfil, Tujhkoh Milay Tanhai
Mujhkoh Udaasee Ki Tasveer Bananay Walay
Bewaafa Kyon Naa Kahay Tujhkoh Zamanay walay

Though I’m writing this article in English I have used that Hindi song sung by perhaps the GREATEST singer that this world has produced This song was from a film named “ Tere Baigaair Zindagi “ which was not released at all and which literally had drove Kishoreda to commit suicide but Mr S D Burman saved him More about that later, but this is the song which fits into the grooves of these modern day’s politician who throw a lot of Jargons and slogans, but they are hardly achieved.

Slogan and jargons have over the years raised the turnover of the famous institution of the business houses but most of them have lost their market share as well as the margin of profit A business house survive of course I’m talking of the days that we are in now by cutting the throat of its competitors Politics too had invented the style of creating so many a slogan and of course the jargons and they also have been following the path of the business house for their survival In what way to analyse the political slogan and jargons is what I’m going to do the next but I put here the song of Kishoreda as it merely and illustratively denitrifies the real picture of the Indian political slogans and the jargons Let me move to some of the famous Indian political slogan and the idioms Jargons are the slogans that are so depicted in terms of the wors that it becomes very tricky for anybody to understand them and the slogans later are converted into the jargons by the politicians to bemuse or confuse the people if the situation arises.

Ever since 1967 when the Congress party and particularly Madam Indira Gandhi had given the slogan – GARIBI HATAO this country, the political parties one and the sundries and the people of this country have been crushed under the wagon wheel of the slogans as well as the margins Well this article dissects and analysis all about various slogans and the dearth that they brought it with them.

The advent of the political slogan:


It was first in the year 1952 when for the first time the country went up to cast their vote to choose their government and their Prime Minister It goes without saying that Mr Jawaharlal Nehru was the candidate for the post of Prime Minister from the Congress The slogan that was used then was “ Bharat Ujala, Chacha Nirala “ It meant a man so wonderful for a shining India This started the trend Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru in 1957 singlehandedly won the overall majority for the Congress party and laid his FIRST ever Government of this country

Inference and the result: Nothing tangible came out to the people either from the Ujala or from the Nirala

It is here to be mentioned that after that from 1952 to 1967 the Congress party did not use or create any slogan to fight any election between that period as Congress did not have any competitor than to match its wilt and it kept on winning these elections without much ado

2. Diya Tale Andhera, par Prakash Banaye Faila Ujiyara

This was the first slogan that an opposition party by the name of Jansangh created and used it as their slogan to fight the Congress in the election that was held in 1957 That was the second national election to choose the Prime Minister of this country

Jansangh during those days was a party that was growing minimally to stop the advancing wheel of the Congress and none other than Mr Shyama Prasad Mukherjee, the son of Maharishi Dr Ashutosh Mukherjee who later was the political Guru of Netaji Subash Chandra Bose It may be recalled here that Shyama Prasad Mukherjee was the Minister for Industries under Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru He later deserted the party to form his party and he named it Jansangh

Jansangh during those days had the symbol of a lamp in ignition The message was that even if we are considered to be the dark side of the Indian politics but for the nation we are heading with a mission to drive away all the darkness that this nation is reeling under It was a good message and this Jansangh of those years has now become the Bhartiya Janata Party of the present times

Jansangh in 1957 just had two seats to represent themselves in the parliament, and one of them was Mr Shyama Prasad Mukherjee His speeches and his presentations in the parliament then were applauded in a great manner by most of the ruling members of the Congress well inside the house but Pandit Nehru never liked him at all It was a political murder which saw the end of Dr Shyama Prasad Mukherjee

Inference and the result:- This slogan went a long way to establish the BJP of late that we see today

3. Jai Jawan Jai Kisan Jag Utha Hai Hindustan

This was never a slogan that could have been or any political party used whatever in an election that was fought in India This was a slogan that was given by the Late Mr Lal Bahadur Shashtri This came into the picture after the 1965 India-Pakistan war

India had rattled Pakistan very heavily in that war but had to suffer a lot of villages, and a lot of the agricultural field that was completely devastated by the ravaging Pakistani tanks and the Pakistani planes that bombarded the agricultural field here at India The damage was huge and the loss was disastrous It was as if the nation would not be able to feed it’s surviving population and it would take a lot of time for the nation to rise and get to its feet

In this scenario the Prime Minister Mr Lal Bahadur Shashtri had urged the nation to be on the fast for one day a week if possible and had requested the nation to stop wasting items like water, sugar, milk and of course the salt This ignited the nation to stand up to the adversity and fight the calamity that was caused by the enemy India slowly but surely rose up

The ones to do this miracle was the youth of the country then, the farmers and the agriculture came back bouncing to put India again on the path of recovery and move ahead with faith and a purpose to make the nation strong that it was before that war

Inference and the result:- A great slogan that it was, and it reviewed India, and it’s standing within the country and abroad It was a non-political slogan, but it worked wonders for the Indian then to contribute immensely for the growth and the development of this country Mr Narendra Modi had added Jai Anusandhaan to it giving a tremendous boost to the sector of Science and technology

4. Harit Kranti: Garibi Hatao

This was just at the time of election during the year 1967 From 1966 after Lal Bahadur Shashtri had expired to about 1967 Mr Guljari Lal Nanda was the caretaker Prime Minister of this country. He carried out the good work of Mr Lal Bahadur Shashtri especially in the field of agriculture Madam Indira Gandhi was then pitched as the candidate for the post of Prime Minister from the Congress party for the 1967 election

It was Madam Gandhi then who came up with the election slogan “ HARIT KRANTI “ which meant that GREEN REVOLUTION Immediately afterwards she again came up with a slogan “ GARIBI HATAO “ which means drive out the poverty

Revolutionizing the agriculture and driving the poverty out was and were the slogan that the Congress fought the election They did not get the full majority For a record “ 1967 was the first occasion that the Congress did not get the full majority to rule India and Madam Indira Gandhi had to fall back to the Shiromani Akali Dal, and their heir’s the Badal family for ruling this country

Result and the inference Well from 1967 the poverty started growing in abundance and in out of proportion in this nation and the agriculture it was from here that it started taking a nosedive Between 1967 to 1969 India had to face the WORST of it’s three most droughts that completely ravaged the agriculture and the poverty grew by leaps and bound

5. Hum Sunhare Bhavishya Ki Or Badh Rahe Hain

This was the slogan that the Congress under Indira Gandhi used it to win the national election just after the emergency was removed from India The emergency was applied on June 26th 1975

All during the period of emergency what was going in the nation was not and never brought to the light and the notice of the people Through the All India Radio then Madam Indira Gandhi kept on telling this nation that everything under the emergency was going on well without any hiccups

She used this slogan to assure the people that everything done by her and her party during the emergency was done to move ahead in the right direction, and even the party would drive the nation in the right direction after the election

Result and the Inference:- The kind of wallop that the Congress received in the 1977 election is to “ rape the dead body that is kept in a morgue” All the BHAVISHYA of them and that family and the Congress just blew into the thin layers of the air then

6. Mera Ek Ek Khoon Ka Katra Is Desh Ko Khandit Karna

This was in an election rally that the Madam then, Mrs Indira Gandhi spoke about herself It was a pre-directed slogan that she used to the people to make them understand that the integrity of the nation was more important to her This was because of the liberation of the GOLDEN TEMPLE which the Indian Army under Mr Vaidya had to adapt to free the Golden temple from the size of the Punjabi terrorist then

The size of the Golden Temple rattled madam Indira Gandhi then However the temple was taken back by the Indian Government courtesy the Indian Army It was then assumed that the nation was into the verge of disintegration then Madam Gandhi was asserting the people that under her reign the nation would not disintegrate at all She was stained.

The Congress immediately went in for the national poll and used this words of Madam Gandhi in a calculated manner and won the election The sympathy that the people gave to Madam Gandhi by voting the Congress to the power was possible by these words of Madam Gandhi then

Result and the Inference – : The Congress and it’s slide started from here Leave apart the integration of the nation, many and many started leaving the Congress and the first one to do so was Mr Kumarmangalam Congress from an absolute majority 414 in numbers then did reached to the number of 44 The middle stick of the Congress ie the number 1 of the number 414 has been so badly shattered into pieces that Congress went down to 44 and now it is 52 in numbers A one A two A three A four Oh Number 54, It might reach 54 if Sunny Deol and one more seat of the BJP is taken away by the Election Commissioner

7. Acche Din Aane Waale Hain

One might not believe me It is your good self, at your service always who is writing this piece which gave this slogan to the RSS and Mr Modi when he was in charge of the state of Gujarat The RSS and Mr Modi after a lot of dissection used this as the slogan for the BJP during the 2014 Lok Sabha election This integrated the entire nation and brought them to the umbrella of the BJP with Mr Modi as it’s captain The BJP for the first time in its history and for the first time after 1984 won with a 2/3 majority to lay its claim to rule the nation

Result and the Inference-: Well the Acche Din really is a far preposition and a preposition but the seven accreditation of the BJP and the Modi Government 1.0 in which some reconstruction was done to infuse some light into the body of the soldiers and some social engineering that fell into the category of cleanliness and national health was the revival of a healthy and a clean nation In this matter the Modi Government 2.0 has to do a lot

8. Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas

Again you might not believe me One might not believe me It is your good self, at your service always who is writing this piece which gave this slogan to the RSS and Mr Modi when he was in charge of the state of Gujarat The RSS, and Mr Modi after a lot of dissection used this as the slogan for the BJP during the 2014 Lok Sabha election This was used by the BJP to completely integrate the social element of this nation to bind their thought process about the well beings, and the development that would be made in this country in case if the BJP comes into the power in 1984, all the section of the society would be included and every section of the society would evenly share every inch of the result of prosperity

This has an escalating effect on the voters and in the general election of 2019, one saw the BJP emerging winner by a huge margin claiming 284 seats in toto That laid the rule of Modi Government 1.0 in 2019 Mr Modi has now modified this as Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas, Sabka Vishwas

Result and the Inference:- It has been observed that the people of the country have attached themselves to the BJP in an manner that the BJP got over 27 and a half crores of the votes in 2019 and they won about 55% of the seats in toto numbering 303 seats overall The slogan has gone in well with the people and Mr Modi by adding Sabka Vishwas to it has again thrown the gauntlet very accurately at the right time which did hit the opposition on the head

9. Mann Ki Baat

Again you might not believe me One might not believe me It is your good self, at your service always who is writing this piece who gave this slogan to Mr Narendra Modi when for the first time I had written him a letter in an Inland letter That letter was personal and I had very specially written the headline in Hindi “ MUN KI BAAT “ stating him that it was a very personal letter

I was surprised to see that the Radio talks that he holds for the nation on the very end of Sunday carried and it always carries this headline MUN KI BAAT

Result and it’s inference-: The Hon’ble Prime Minister has been able to connect himself so brilliantly with all the villagers and with all the people residing in the hamlets and the cities of India that this programme a very NON- COMMERCIAL one has gone to become perhaps the BEST TALK programme on the AIR He has completely connected himself with the entire population of the country, and every Sunday would see the people waiting to hear him with austerity and propensity This programme has over 70 crores of people listening to him on the Radio sets at village which is in itself a WORLD RECORD

10. Khelega India, Khelo India


No country on this earth has ever come with a national slogan on SPORTS Sports is not a political issue at all but the Prime Minister invented this slogan all by himself and gave this country a slogan that if the Indian play the games and sports that will build the nation as well It is the ONLY slogan a non-political one and that too in the field of sports

Result and Inference- : India in the CWG games in 2018 created a havoc by winning medals in the competition that it was never expected to win The Asian games of 2018 created so many a flutters that India won some Golds in some of the events in the Track and the Field competition that those Gold came to this country after a gap of 36 years and some even after a gap of 48 years That was the ripple created at those games

11. The “NAAMDAR“ vs the “KAAMDAR“

The only slogan used by the BJP in the election of 2019 It was not a slogan for the party, but it was a slogan which differentiated the job on the national front which Mr Narendra Modi as an individual did it for the nation and which those did it for the last 57 years only to influence the ONE-PARTy-ONE-FAMILY

Result and Inference:- figure 303 speaks about it all The figure before this which sent the ones into the FRENZY was 36-24-36 but figure 303 speaks all about itself and the differential calculus that it held in terms of mathematics amongst the people The Chemistry of 33 parties holding hands after the Karnataka state election went in for an Osmosis change rather than it being adiabatic by nature

The Osmotically changes were in 17 states the Congress could not even open its account and 9 of their Chief Minister, one of their national President had lost his seat from his family grown home turf and their leader of the opposition of the period from 2014 to 2019 lost his sat from Gulbarga That was the cascading effect that slogan caused if it had to cause any

Well these are the slogans that I had witnessed it ever since 1967 when I was only eight years of age than to and till the moment when I would be completing my 60th year of life very shortly

I have not seen any slogan except that non-political slogan doing any wonders for the nation as well as for the people That personal slogan Mun Ki Baat is a different proposition altogether

The polity of this country and the politicians who have given the slogans or have added something new to that have to deliver and make India as one of the best SEVEN nation of the world

SAATH AJUBA, i.e. SEVEN WONDERS of the WORLD, as they say, India has to be ONE of the SEVEN wonders in terms of the nation of the world.

No doubt I repeat that line from the song of Kishoreda:-

Bewafa Kyu Na Kahe Tujhko Zamanay Walay if from now onwards the slogan created are not translated into reality and spring the weather of prosperity in India to remove the poverty that would be GARIBI HATAO.

Bhattacharjee Shyamal
Bhattacharjee Shyamal
Shyamal Bhattacharjee has been a SPORTS SCRIBE to start with, a MARKETING PROFESSIONAL for 35 years and author of SIX International standard books . Now he spends his entire time in SOCIAL DEVLOPEMENT and WRITING.

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