EducationJust in 3 Steps Start Your Professional Blogging Website with Rs. 100...

Just in 3 Steps Start Your Professional Blogging Website with Rs. 100 Only

Blogging is one of the fastest growing trend among the students and professionals. Today, thousands of geeks and newbies are making lakhs of rupees monthly from their blogging sites, but getting started with your own Blogging website require a lot of skill and knowledge — Is only a myth in this technological era.

People, especially the newbies think that to start a blogging website they require a lot of investment on hosting and purchasing a domain name which is certainly not true. In this article I will assist you not only in building your own blogging website, but also help you in making it a professional blogging website with Rs. 125 investments and that’s all just in 3 simple steps.

Step 1 — A bit mindstorming

The Nature of the blogging plays a major role in building up a strong and a long lasting relationship with your visitors as well as your blogging career. 90% newbie bloggers fail to continue with their passion, dedication and hardwork which is the key to success in any area including the blogging.

Before jumping into the blogging industry, you must decide the nature of your blogging website, i.e. — “What type of content, you will serve to your audiences ?”. There are umpteen numbers of possible topics on which you can start your blogging website, but you have to be very careful since mixing it with multiple stuffs you may confuse your audiences or going into an area which have already have a lot of competitors such as Sci & Tech, Gadgets and Entertainment etc.

Once you have decided the nature of your blogging website you can move ahead with Step # 2 which will guide you in creating an account on Blogspot.

Step 2 — Getting Started with previously known to be is a free Content Management System (CMS) powered and developed by Google, which offers free blogging account, but with a sub-domain which does not give a professional look to your startup.

If you are aware about the Blogging then you must be heard about the WordPress which is another open-source Content Management System developed by Matt Mullenweg.

Here I’ll not recommend WordPress Because —

Similar to, also offers free blogging account, but unlike in you won’t be able to integrate Google AdSense (major source of income) with’s blogging account.

I will not even suggest you to setup your own website with WordPress CMS if in case you are not ready to invest in purchasing hosting which will cost you at least Rs. 3000 per year.

To setup your blogging website with Google’s Blogspot simply go to and login using your Gmail account or sign up for a new account if in case you don’t have a Gmail account or you are not interested in using your existing Gmail account.

Once you have created your blogging account on you can continue with the Step #3 which will guide you in transforming your classic blogspot URL into a professional blogging website i.e.

Step 3 — Transforming into a professional blogging

It has been proven in many surveys and studies that professional have more chances to taste the success as compared to non-professionals. Being professional doesn’t sound good? Of course it does and with your own domain name i.e. — or you can give a professional look to your blogging website instead of which doesn’t look cool at all neither no one likes it. Even many audiences will not trust and rely on your blogging website because many such blogspot’s blogging websites have deceived them and infected their phones, PCs and bombarded with unstoppable advertisements and pop-ups.

You can register your own domain at Rs. 100 with or with Godaddy at Rs. 125 for a period of one year and can link to your account.

Once you’ve registered your custom domain name you can see which will guide you in integrating your domain name with your blogger account. Alternative to this you can ask your question at Isrg Forum and will love to help you in building up your own virtual world.

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