Op-edMahendra Singh Dhoni: "Shamar" or a "Bassima"

Mahendra Singh Dhoni: “Shamar” or a “Bassima”

This man Mahendra Singh Dhoni is simply a man with many a quality of being an ENIGMA He appears to be something very different when he places himself as a being so calm, quiet and unamusing However the way he invites the controversies and all of them in a pre-planned manner and a cool sublime mannerism, he really raises many an eyebrow against him and all the qualities that he displays Is he a HYPOCRITE as well This article describes all about this man who has placed himself amidst all the neo-Philip controversies Would make a very interesting reading.

Well, I start with a poem which reads as under:-

Marry Me Marry Me Oh! That Beautiful Queen
Why Should I, For You Aren’t My Scene
Milkman That I’m, For You I Would Lay Those Cream
Creamy Pie You Could Be For Me, For You Are “ NEVER “ My Dream

Well this is in fact a rhyme and one could call it a poem as well This was famous in England when the Queen had taken it over at England to rule the world This rhyme or verse if one could imply or apply over the Indian cricket the TWO who would really fall under its cover and would be covered well are the two entities – the BCCI and Mr Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

Both and for the ones who are the connoisseur of the game of cricket it goes without saying that the BCCI is the pump that inserts or pushes the air through its hole into the cricketers and the cricketers are the ones who become the nozzle of the BCCI to see that the air which the BCCI pumps into the game goes through it through the hole of eternity of the BCCI to the place that it has to go.

One cricketer who really had the mortification of seeing his entire generation go into the septic tank of the BCCI was Lala Amarnath Lalaji as he was affectionately called was a man who always fought with anybody and who so it could have been to see to that the cricketers got their rightful dues For that he was so many a times punished by the BCCI t did not end over there The trio of his Gen-next were the ones who were put into all the kind of deep trouble by the BCCI, and the career of those were completely crushed and killed by the BCCI The most to suffer on that account was Surinder Amarnath What a batsman was he ? He was nailed and crucified by the BCCI just because Lala Amarnath raised his voice against the BCCIWell there are many examples of these kinds but let me put a full stop on these.

If this is one case of being punished by the BCCI and the career being put to the septic tank there are many a case of the BCCI where they decorated the beds and the cots of some who fell for their supreme mercy These are many, and I would not like to name them but definitely the BCCI always hunts for the ones who could wear the shoe that they wish to put into their legs Let it be a biting shoe which bites, but then who cares If the “ dime “ brings the “ sweet-lime” why the hell damn care for the “ time “.

We know, and the entire world knows that the BCCI has the kind of money which the LORD KUBER too will admit that his treasure of everything will not match the BCCI in terms of the money that the BCCI owns and has in its possession. That way BCCI is the EMPORER of the world if one has to call it.

Well, there are TWO great EMPERORS’ in India who sit on the money. One of them is Mr Mukesh Ambani, and the other one is the BCCI.

Well, there was a poet, who later became the Lord He was Lord Tennyson He had once written a beautiful line which stands as such:-

Hello Rooney, You know why do you look funny
It’s because you do not play rummy, and your pocket is without money
If you aren’t gambling, keeping yourself from the dance
The meats will mince you, and you will have no fragrance
For if you wish to lick the honey of your life
Not necessary that you ought to have a wife, but money has to be your wife
Without money
Life is funny

The BCCI is the FUN and the ones who are attached to it are the most curious of all the funs That is a truth Over the years the BCCI has only been making all the moves to keep the money flowing it and it is exploitably has been able to beat all the other formulae of adding the money to its kitty To achieve its aim the BCCI has always laid its hand on encashing the weak ones who would toe to their lines to help the BCCI, and it’s stooges to fulfil their nasty aims and one of them who stands tall is none other than M.S. Dhoni who is known as the Captain cool of India.

I do not know why they call him a captain cool Once in 1962 when the Indian team playing a match against the Barbados team where Nari Contractor was hit on the head, has as many as seven players playing in that game who were rushed to the hospital for having been hit at some part of the body or the other. They were battling with enormous pain Manjerekar had his chin being hit very badly by an express delivery from Griffith, Contractor had his skull broken, Jaisimha had a swollen thumb, Sardesai had a hit over his eyebrow and he was in the midst of severe pain with his sight disturbed, Engineer had taken a hit on his face and luckily for him that did not prove fatal, Rusi Surti was hit on the right finger of his right leg and he could not walk for some time properly and Prasanna was hit very hard on his index finger on the left That was the real PAIN that Charlie Griffith had caused What was so extraordinary that one would say.

Well the skipper Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi visited these players languishing in the hospital then After meeting one and sundry the Doctors of the hospital pointed to the blood clot that he was carrying on the lobe of his right ear He was hit by a Griffith bouncer in that region Pataudi could not realize that When the doctors asked him to go for a body inspection, he obliged The doctors were surprised to see that the body temperature of Pataudi stood at eighty-five degree fare height “How come you have survived Mr Captain, you should be dead “ Pataudi was silent and cool even then WELL THAT WAS THE CAPTAIN COOL He was alive even though he was not in the best of the human body temperature which his body was carrying them. This news about Pataudi had created a stir and many waves of ripples then when the West-Indian newspaper had floated this story The Indian team was out for 86 runs in that innings and ML Jaisimha was the top scorer in that innings for India They lost that match by an innings but in the second Manjerekar got a wonderful 100 in spite of the fact that he was once again given a thud by Griffith in the second

Why is that they call M.S. Dhoni a captain coll anybody’s guess and I shall not waste my time in dissecting all about his quality But there is something which makes me feel that Dhoni is a “ BAA-BAA-BLACK-SHEEP “ with all the kinds of “ wool “ He might not have a “ dame “ but has bags full of excuses which could be termed as “ lame “

Psychology: Cool Amusing Personalities Are The Worst Crook

There are certain principles on which you dissect and analyse a man or a human being and his untoward characteristics and one of them which helps you to do that is psychology It has bracketed human beings into eight different characters and the “ love “ into 16 different forms It has categorized human beings falling into the principles and it has analysed each of them according to their habits, traits and class The “ cooler” ones are the greatest beings to be foxed into understanding them

The theory clearly says that the cooler ones are the most crooked ones if you have to follow them They can be categorized into two different class One of it would be very simple, straight and down to earth with no hangovers However the other one would be so different from what they appear to be Over it they seem to be simple, straight and very polite If you take them on that face value you will be hanging yourself to death these are the ones who are very crooked, full of naughty ideas, wayward in their integral approach, poisonous in their way of thinking and they always move to the end which only serves them with their ulterior motives

When it comes to anything wrong that they do- they purposely keep them afloat by keeping their cobs shut, and the mouth tight lipped Once the storm weathers away they again are back into the action for the worst to do These are the basic traits of the so-called the “ cools “

Mahendra Singh Doni: “Bemusing” “Confusing” or “Amusing”

Coming straight to the subject and to the point now it is somewhat very hard to categorise the so-called Captain Cool of India.

What is the category to put him into is not very sure Still let me explain and leave it to the detractors to analyse him and categorise him In my book and my terms I do not have a place for him to be considered as to be a good human being at all. He is full of wrong prepositions and theory full of odds A good human being purposely and again at many times would not at any moment continue to do the kind of things that Dhoni always does to pin the points and the fingers at him I would like to state some of the points that raise many a doubt about him being termed as good.

a. Whose packet or the kitty was that:

It was for the first time that we read in the Times Of India that he was pulled up by the airport authorities for carrying a bag full of foreign currency Whose bag was that If it was his why was he hiding it and taking it to abroad What was the necessity for him to do that If it was not his then whose bag was it and why was he carrying that It raises a lot of lingering questions and doubts High handedness and his relationship with the top echelons of the power of Indian politics again saw him getting scot-free to move ahead with all his acts and the game that he plays

b. His act of “wearing one glove” to win a match for India

Cricket or any game ought to be performed within the law governing the game, and it has to be in the spirit of the game Games have their set of rules, and one has no right to break that

In an international T-20 match, the World T-20 played at India, in a game against Bangladesh when India was in the brink of almost losing the game, in the last over and the final delivery of that match while Pandya was bowling, Dhoni before the final ball was bowled and with Bangladesh requiring one run to win, Dhoni removed his gloves from his right hand and stood ready to receive the ball When the ball was delivered he stopped the shot and rushed to the wicket to run out that last Bangladeshi to win the match for India LO!! It was for us the Umpire too gave the decision in favour of India to rule the Bangladeshi batsman out It was Mustafizur Rehman who has to see that mortification for his side.

Well the rules of the game and the rules of the game that governs the wicketkeeping that says that the wicketkeeper has to don the gloves in both the hands while collecting a legal and a fair delivery He cannot at any point of the time take away the gloves from his hand before the delivery is bowled After the delivery is over and the ball becomes dead the wicketkeeper can remove his gloves for anything he again has to do it for the next immediate delivery Dhoni thus won a game for India by befooling one and sundry involved in that game and by a method which could be termed as illegal In that manner he cheated the game and the spirit of the gamesmanship

c. His involvement in betting and match-fixing

He plays for the Chennai Super King in the IPL That team is managed by the proprietor of the Indian Cements He is Mr Srinivas, and his daughter runs the show. The son-in-law of Indian cement was caught in some act of betting and match-fixing and some of the notables who were fixed for this gruesome act were the ones from the Bollywood industry whose name is Vindoo Dara Singh A strong police interrogation revealed that Dhoni too it was who was involved in this kind of illegal betting’s or match-fixing, however nothing in terms of any tangible proof has come to the fore hence it would not be good to directly fix him for all these harakiri’s which the IPL team that he plays for and him to be set responsible for it High handedness and his relationship with the top echelons of the power of Indian politics again saw him getting scot-free to move ahead with all his acts and the game that he plays thrown than at the puddled.

d. Wearing the Military Uniform to receive his Padma Bhushan: Is That Award Meant For Defence Personnel’s

This is another controversy which the people saw it and then closed their eye to forget it. It was an open and shut case of idiocracy.

He wore the military uniform and he went up to the President, marching like a military man to receive his Padma Bhushan award A Military man is a non-civilian entity when he is in the service of the military A military man does not wear the military attire when he is attending a civilian function This is the rule A personnel from the defense wing of India if at all he attends a civil function he always dons the civil dress with a difference He always wears the cap or the badge of his unit that denotes his rank These entities do not attend any civilian functions as they are termed to be different in terms of entities though they are Indian citizens, when they are in their service of the Indian defence. However, if at all they attend the civil functions, they ought to take the permission, written from their unit to attend that The question that arises is:-


Secondly, these awards like the Padma Shri, Padma Bhushan to the BHARAT RATNA are not meant for the military personnel. The Military/ Defense personnel are conferred the highest nation’s award like the PARAM VEER CHAKRA, MAHAVEER CHAKRA etc separately How could a military personnel like MS Dhoni wear a military dress as he is an honorary military man, and receive that award which is NOT AT ALL MEANT FOR THE DEFENSE PERSONNEL In what capacity did he receive that award wearing the military uniform when these awards are not at all meant for the defence personnel Will Mr M S Dhoni provide an answer for the same

Wearing that uniform and doing all his rugged March Past in front of the several civilians present over there at the award venue, Dhoni just made the world to laugh at the Indian Military and this is a hanging offence He should remember it and ask the nation as well as the Military as well as the Indian Defense organization to pardon him for his STUPID ACTION

e. Wearing or donning that gloves bearing that “ insignia “

The latest of his STUPID of all the STUPID act was that of the gloves that he wore which carried the mark of insignia It happened during this world cup match He was caught by the ICC and its technical team of doing that

As described earlier Dhoni is an Honorary member of a unit of Indian Army Do not know who and why somebody gave him a pair of gloves to don at the World Cup this time The rules of these kind of tourney is very clear They allow any insignia to be worn or donned by a player if it relates to human racism condemning that, if it relates to social engineering which strengthens it, if it relates to the natural environment if it helps about improving the elements of humanism etc but one ought to take special permission at least months before the start of the tourney to do it It is because it has to be passed through a series of agreements of that body and the personnel who are responsible for the body that conducts these tourneys Did the BCCI or the man who wore that do that I guess no

How did he wear that gloves and for what reason Can he provide a comprehensive answer to the same or can the BCCI provide the answer for the same It is very simple The “insignia” of the Police personnel or its units or the defence units are not allowed to be worn or used for any matter by the organisers who conduct a tourney of this magnitude at any time How was it that Dhoni was donning that kind of an insignia and with whose permission

Cricketers a “munch “ of mockery:

Indian cricketers are a maunch of fallacious tasty savouries who always create the scenes for mockery The first of it’s and of that kind was Mohammed Azharuddin In 1992 the Indian team was to tour Zimbabwe and South Africa In the Test match and the only Test played between the two nation then the performance of the Indian team was so bad and so shallow that Mansur Ali Khan was asked to make his comments He only said that the performance was matching the peanuts and it was a shallow performance of the Indian players at Zimbabwe He openly criticized the Indian than for their performance stating that these were playing only for money and not for the reputation of the nation

Mohammed Azharuddin then came out in the open saying that if Pataudi needs money as he could be short of it, feeling jealous of we making money through our game, we can play some matches for him to provide him with some money to live a better life “ Pat “ came the reply from the Nawab of Pataudi He was very forthright to say that “ my entire life has passed in a palace where there were 150 rooms For my service there were 27 servants. I can provide one servant with each to these 18 players who are assisting the Indian team and whose number is 18 in toto to serve them for their entire life whenever they tour abroad, and till the moment they are playing cricket. Let me see if they can offer to pay their monthly service and it’s payment I have been still paying these 150 servants who have served the palatial Pataudi palace For if they can pay my servants for the service they render to them, I would not be ashamed to receive money from these one’s Let me see whether they are able to pay my servants the way I pay For if they are able to pay the kind of the salary that I pay to my servants and maintain them the way I maintain them, well I will heartily receive all the peanuts that they can offer me to make me rich and survive by their bounty That again was a “ spit-and-a-slap” on the face of these stupids mercenaries Indian cricketers.

The Indian cricketers ever since 1978 are often in the midst of controversies and the main reason has been the money To earn a quick buck and besides that to put them in the limelight they go that extra mile to corner the spotlight but in the process they fail to read the lines of demarcation As a result of the country because of their follies and foolishness lose their face.

Personal grudges, personal relationship of the wrong orders, intra-unit conflicts, false notions etc coupled with the lure of making extra money for all wrong reasons and also to get that additional benefits irrespective of the fact that they deserve it or not, these so-called the mercenaries play the game demonstrating that they are the ablest ambassador of the country to play the game However their acts and the performance at many times proves that they are the stupids of all the stupids beside being a “ buffoons“ that belies all the “ fallacies “ and Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s act that I have stated over here proves me “ QUAD ERAD DEMONSTRATED “.

That he is and without an iota of doubts that is what he is. That is what he is to me Well for the other for whom he might have done a lot of “ AHSAAN, “i.e. God Gifted Help and the like of them he could be anything that they think about him.

For the “ others “ the QUEEN that they wish to marry makes them go “ merry “ with these antics and that poem it is which makes it very clear about all the idiocracies and the fallacies that these cricketers believe in doing as much !!

Well for money, these mercenary cricketers are making their life – ” funny ” Whether Lord Tennyson had these cricketers in mind while jotting those lines is not known to me, but his lines are true.

Bhattacharjee Shyamal
Bhattacharjee Shyamal
Shyamal Bhattacharjee has been a SPORTS SCRIBE to start with, a MARKETING PROFESSIONAL for 35 years and author of SIX International standard books . Now he spends his entire time in SOCIAL DEVLOPEMENT and WRITING.

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