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Mesmerizing Offbeat Destinations in North Bengal

Do you love travelling somewhere unusual, someplace where nature empowers all energies retreating after this stressful situation the world is seeing? The humankind is suffering through a worldwide pandemic which has locked us at our own houses. According to several types of research, over 44% of the human race loves to travel and explore more of the world. The diverse in it is all for inner peace, challenging oneself, getting in tough with oneself, appreciating one’s life. Travelling can be paralleled with meditation and helps to break the monotony and dullness that life has become in this quarantine. Life has to be exhausting, and the urge to go out and breath in some clean, fresh, natural air has risen in all. After all the hustle of the coronavirus pandemic, you must go out for a change, somewhere you can feel the repose, building sustenance in life, to be with your inner soul unearthing the tranquillity.

Nonetheless, if you are the sort who is fond of offbeat location far away from the boisterous population, then a travel freak will positively suggest some places in North Bengal you should surely go around—gallivanting to uncrowded destinations in Bengal especially North Bengal, where nature breaths in peace, is a great way to implement leisure and amusement to your vacation.

Hearkening sounds of hills, forests and rivers with birds singing the most melodious songs and exploring trekking places that lie off the beaten path here are some mesmerising offbeat destinations of North Bengal you will love to visit.

The 6 unique beauties of the North Bengal in India are:

1. Lepchajagat

Lepchajagat, North Bengal, India

The shielded paradise for wildlife devotees, Lepchajagat is concealed in the middle of the luxury of the exuberant forest of Rhododendron plants, and conifers like pine and oak. It is a suburb in a small area, situated in the wilds at the height of 6959 ft just a few kilometres afar from the well-known queen of hill towns, Darjeeling.

Lepchajagat is a priceless gemstone of Bengal, afar from the emmet bolt in the middle of the wild and it seems as if one is surfing through the clouds. It is a gift of Mother nature. The tranquillity and illustrative view of the Mt. Kanchenjunga capture the souls of the tourists. It is sporadically populated with some small shops scattered with distance. Since there are no big markets, nothing but the chirping of birds breaks off the silence in the morning winding up with the sound of crickets. The stunning view of the white-crowned Himalaya enhanced by the flora which pampers the tourist with pleasure. There numerous places to hike, through the dense forest the tourist can adore the Himalayan biota. However, one can never evade the sun rising over Mt. Kanchenjunga. The most favourable time to travel to Lepchajagat is during the summers, as when the highly populated city warms up the destination with cold and refreshing weather becomes the desirable, safe house. There are homestays and WBFDC bungalow for tourist to lodge in with polite residents to guest you in.

2. Kolakham

Kolakham, North Bengal, India

Kolakham is a small suburb amidst the peace and tranquillity of nature and heaven for bird lovers. It is situated in the Kolbong Forest. It is a meritorious destination for the tourist who seeks adventure in the wild. It lies on the edge of the Neora Valley National Park, and it rests at an altitude on a hill 6100 feet high facing the majestic Eastern Himalayan Ranges. Only 108 km away from Siliguri district on the way of Kalimpong. Apart from enjoying the lush of the green valley, the dense forest and the tropical and alpine trees, one gets attracted towards the unavoidable Mt. Kanchenjunga and can never miss the first sunlight over it. You can also come across the wildlife inhabitants if you are fortunate. One can come across the varieties of birds chirping breaking the silence of the small secure village with very less population. It is an ideal destination to retreat yourself by travelling away from the crowded world taking shelter in the serene and tranquil nature. One would adore taking walks in the small, silent village with well behaved, loving and caring residents who help you enjoy nature more. A journey of 5kms will take you to the beguiling Changey Falls. There are some homestays with relishing facilities for you to enjoy the moments of your life.

3. Rellikhola

Kalimpong, North Bengal, India

A few kilometres away from the crowded Kalimpong amidst the lush of green nature emerges the silent small village Rellikhola. The suburb is named on the small river named Relli, which passes by the village. Apart from the chirping of birds and crickets, the soothing sound of the breeze and the rushing river breaks the silence of the peaceful site. One can enjoy the scenic view of the snow-capped hills and the green forest, and definitely the interaction with the lovely and friendly residents who make the trip more worthful. Due to less population, the offbeat destination is remained clean and safe for nature and the fortunate tourists visiting the village. The homestays welcome you to the place in a homely manner making the trip more a success.

4. Rishikhola

Rishikhola, North Bengal, India

RishiKhola is another small village named under the river named Reshi which passes by the suburb enhancing the hilly beauty of the place. Calm and composed away from the main sub-division Kalimpong at an altitude of 2000ft. It isolated and safely kept from the crowded tourist rush of the Darjeeling District or the Kalimpong market. The destination is popular for its quaint natural scenery and landscape attracting people towards it. One of the most favourite activities of the tourists is river rafting and riverside camping beside the gurgling river Reshi. The place is protected by sky-scraping hills spotted with viridescent lusty green forest all around the destination. Rishikhola is an amazing starting point from adventurous treks. It is located at the verge of Sikkim the traveller enjoys both the mystic beauty of Sikkim and the classic inheritance of mesmerising sites of Kalimpong. Furnished with emerald beauty of flora and fauna of the Himalayas, Rishikhola is a natures gift and a blessing for the rovers. Again like any other offbeat beauties of North Bengal the silence of the place is interrupted by the pleasing sound of the magnificent river and the delightful chirping of elegant Himalayan birds like Bulbul, Green Magpie, Great Barbet, Tricolour Shrike and so on, thus a paradise for bird lovers. Well, the visitors will be quite at ease to find suitable accommodation. There are several resorts, cottages or homestays, farmhouses like Rishi Nature Camp and many more.

5. Chhota Mangwa

Chhota Mangwa

Well as the name suggests ‘Chota’ or small is the new destination. A small eco-friendly village with truly intensely pleasant people with genial behaviours. Only one and a half hours journey from Darjeeling surrounded by the green forest and the admirable Himalayan mountain ranges, located at the summit of the Mangwa hills. The mysterious beauty with calm and composed aura attracts the rovers to the destination. The travel towards this picturesque suburb is an unforgettable journey. Passing by the lusty green forest of pine trees along with the scenic view of the magnificent snowy mountains enthrals the tourists. The enchanting view of the flexuous river Teesta and the panoramic morning view of the orange and yellow Mt. Kanchenjunga when the sun is rising over it, well the unavoidable mouth-watering orchard filled with citrus fruits and the reasons travellers and stop them from indulging into and gets attracted to Chota Mangwa. Far from the crowded cities and towns, Chota Mangwa is a perfect destination to hide oneself and spend time with yourself. The destination has a world of its which is still pristine from the modern populated and polluted society. It is a safe haven for those who are willing to get out of the present hustle and indulge with oneself in a serene ambience. Trekking is a common favourite activity of tourists. The tourists may prefer to lodge into the Chota Mangwa farmhouse, but also there are several homestays and resorts to enjoy once stay in this saintly place.

6. Tinchuley

Tinchuley, North Bengal, India

Tinchuley picturesque and attractive hamlet or a mountain village is a forbidden gemstone of North Bengal and a must-visit. The word tin Chuley means three ovens or challahs which is named under the three protuberant hill-tops which looks like ovens facing the Kalimpong hills. It was once an isolated wilderness, but now it is a self-sufficient eco developed hamlet with forest nurseries and various eco-projects.

Not only the three hill-tops embrace the place, surviving its name but makes it attractive for nature loves. The Teesta river garnishes the beauty and the lush of the green valleys, tea gardens and orange orchards make it a suitable place for mind-peace. Trailing along with the silent village, watching birds and interacting with the well-behaved people and enjoying the cultural food it is best of the place. The photographic places in Tinchuley which are a must-see are the Tinchuley Monastery which is appraised to be an extremely holy place for the inhabitants as they believe in a tale were a monk practised meditation in the place for seventeen long years. The next being the sunrise point which is famous for its shows a magical view of sunrise. There are so many other places for trekking which makes the trip a success. There are several farmhouses, guest house, homestays and resort for a lovely and peaceful stay for the tourists.

Though there are several other offbeat destinations as majestic as these places, yet a travel lover and a nature lover will always recommend these beauties to all. These places don’t compromise to serve all and bewitch every mind, drags you out of the hustle and cruel world to show you the actual beauty of nature lie beyond the materialistic world we desire for and in which we survive. These are the kingdom of nature and the real creation of almighty, where one is bound to find one’s ultimate peace.

Thus away from the present pandemic and the devastating spread of disease where we have to maintain social distance, what else could be better than distancing yourself and hide in nature.

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