FinanceMoney: Reason for One’s Happiness or Sadness

Money: Reason for One’s Happiness or Sadness

It is said that:  “Time and tide waits for none” — Certainly it’s a fact that one cannot deny. Time is that essential factor of our life on which both our success and failure depends. It’s because of the time that we come to know what we have gained and lost in life. Be it a school going child or an adult, a working employee or an aged person, for everyone time is important and a judging factor of life. Now, when we have talked about time, we often hear that ‘Time is Money’. Obviously, if we give a look to the present scenario of people working for their livelihood, we have to stick to this obviously, if we give a look to the present scenario of people working for their livelihood, we have to stick to this point. For them, time is equivalent to money.

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But the thing that people do not understand or just ignoring is that this particular money is snatching away all the time. Because of this money, people are unable to give time to the ones for whom they are working. This money is ruining serious relationships. Although we can’t even deny this fact that money too is an essential part of life. It’s all because of money that people are staying away from their families. They don’t spend time with them. It’s an obligation for them to do things that they don’t want to. But it is we who has to decide whether we want money to make us happy or sad.

As it is, all a matter of priorities, so for some money is everything. No matter what turn, life is taking because of it. People are living with a myth that materialistic possessions can bring happiness. But unfortunately they are so deeply trapped in this trap that it becomes difficult for them to come out of it. This is a misconception that money can buy you happiness. But it can’t. Research has shown that the rich people are more prone to stress. It’s because they throughout their life stay involved in making money and gathering wealth. But they never realize the untold fact that in the race of earning more and more wealth they are losing many things.


We always keep wondering about what all we could do after having lots and lots of money. The thought of having enough money and acquiring all those lavishing things just makes us happier. What we don’t know is that after having more money and being rich, people are unable to enjoy their life. They in the greed of having more made their schedule so busy that they all the time deal with stress and tension. It’s just that money can bring satisfaction. But more and more money can bring extra happiness is just a misconception.

Apart from these things, money what gives rise in society is discrimination among rich and poor. The ones who have enough felt themselves as the superior and there begins the discrimination when they exploit the one who don’t have. There arises the comparison people deal with their surroundings because of money. It’s like the game of ‘Who’s more powerful’. Certainly, our society has set a benchmark of being powerful, weighing the amount of money they have.

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These are all negative impacts what money carries with it. But in the world of flint, everyone is busy making money and finding ways to earn more. Meanwhile, they stay deprived of the ultimate happiness which they realize after it’s too late. The need is to understand that money is the way to find satisfaction by fulfilling the basic needs. It’s not the path where you walk and find happiness. There have been many people who died staying unsatisfied throughout their life because of the greed of acquiring more. It’s good to just make money your friend not family and to stay content with what you have because — “Contentment is happiness”.

Medha Shukla
Medha Shukla
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