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MUSIC: How It Is The Stress Buster and The Mood Chiller?

Who would not love a delicious cuisine served at the beach side with a soft romantic song playing in the background? Certainly every girl dreams of this as a romantic date with her special one. The combination of the food and the ambience sounds magnificent and the romantic music adds charm to it. This is the specialty of music. Just as the spices add flavour to the food, so does the music in our life. Just remember the time when you were bored up with everything and you had no one to talk to.

It was music that had lightened up your mood, gave you relaxation. We, as human beings make friends of our own species. But we never realise that the times when these human beings deceive us, leave us alone, it is the music that livens us, cheers us. Be it a romantic date or a break up moment, a wedding party or a boredom time, everywhere music refreshes the environment. From disco to the occasion of Sangeet, housewarming party or a long tiring journey, music has rejuvenated the hearts and the moments.

What is special about music is its variety and combination. Different people have their different choices. When people with similar taste of music meet together, they unite themselves in the joy of finding the same music lover. The different forms of modern music in India are:

Late 80s

The music of R.D Burman compiled with the songs of Kishore Kumar had a vibrant effect in the 80s era and is still alive in the hearts of people. The 80s music had such a charm that even today people are fond of it. The Bollywood industry is making remix and remake of the old collection on seeing its popularity. It’s because of the melody it has, the magic it creates in the heart of people and the way music has joined people together.
Late 80s best romantic old bollywood song

Bollywood Dance Track

You are in a full dance mood shaking from top to bottom and the reason is the fast Bollywood music. It can make you go crazy filling your hearts with enthusiasm. This is the power of music that once you start it can work up for your whole workout session. Although it is fast, but the way it freshens up the mood and creates a jolly moment is marvelous.Alia bhatt student of the year song

The sad romantic music

Are you going through a break up situation? Or missing your partner? The old romantic, sad songs, even the new ones will spice up your mood. The music sensing your emotions matches with it and supports you in those times. It increases the frequency of love flowing in your heart, making your romantic mood even more romantic and sensuous.ddlj kajol and srk

Patriotic music

Music even has the power to inculcate patriotism. The song ‘Aye mere Watan ke logo’ sung by Lata Mangeshkar and the music added to it undoubtedly fills the surroundings with patriotism, love for the country. The Indian music is powerful enough to arouse a variety of feelings, emotions in the heart as well as the mind.girl with ipodMusic as a form of art is not only soothing to the ears but also has benefits associated with it. Listening to music releases certain hormones in the body that helps in reducing stress and the stress hormone ie., cortisol. In times of depression and anxiety, music serves as a complete healer. As every activity in the body is controlled by the brain, so the moment brain gets charged and stays happy, the whole body automatically keeps functioning well. Music also helps to get a good sleep. It’s like a remedy provided free of cost for relieving tons and tons of stress. You just need to plug in those wired headphones in your ears, close your eyes and feel the melodious tunes.
Old woman with headphoneSo, the next time your friend cheats on you, your partner betrays you or you feel lonely, just take the help of soft and slow music and turn your mood up. Nothing can cure the pain as good as the music does. Without having any expectation, any reward in exchange, it believes in giving and only and mood girl lying on grassFollow the path of serenity and generosity of which music is made up of. It gives you courage, makes you strong to recover from all the worldly pains. Music is that passionate lover whom, if you love deeply will love you even more passionately without any demands and complaints. The good thing about it is:

“When it hits, you feel no pain”

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Medha Shukla
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