Op-edNew Year and Never Ending Resolutions to Change your Life Forever!

New Year and Never Ending Resolutions to Change your Life Forever!

‘New Year’: As soon as we hear this word, our heartthrobs in excitement and immense joy. Everyone turns up for breathtaking parties, celebrations and starts making plans. It’s like the time to rejoice, welcoming New Year with all your hands open. With all the fun and in a frolic mood, people all over the world appreciate the New Year and embrace one another sharing love and joy. Along with the celebration and bash, everyone has something new every year to start with, and that is the New Year Resolutions. Different people are seen with different resolutions based on their priorities.

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For some New Year is fun, for some, it is the time to start something new, and for some, it is the arrival of a good time. It’s just like a mother who waits for the whole nine months to take her baby out of her womb. The funny thing about resolutions is that some people from the beginning until the end of the year are quite serious about their resolution. But for some, the resolution ends as soon as it starts. It depends on how a person prioritises it. The different types of New Year resolutions people often take are:

New Years Resolutions

‘Smoking is injurious to health.’

A large number of people who are addicted to smoking take up the resolution of quitting it in the coming year. Sometimes, it turns out to be successful. But most often, they fail as their addiction doesn’t allow them to do so — the ones who are concerned about their health complete their resolution merrily.

‘I badly need a workout.’

The need to start a workout is a plan that strikes in mind one-month prior new year. But in most of the cases, it’s like ‘Kal se’, ‘parka Kal se’. As a result, the year ends, but the day never comes. Even this is the case with me (wink). The next year people again take up this resolution, and it stays just as a resolution, never gets completed (laugh).

‘Study hard, score more.’

The poor students are overburdened with studies throughout the year. Although they find time to have fun and hang out, they also remain serious regarding their studies. So for all the students, the resolution is like: This year I need to study hard and score maximum. How pathetic it is to include studies in a resolution. But as I said, it’s all about priorities.

‘No Negative’

Stress and negative thoughts don’t need an invitation to come. They are likely to rise anytime depending on the situation. So for people suffering from negativity, it becomes a resolution not to think harmful and make the coming year positive filling it with positive work and thoughts.

‘Social Media: No… No… No….’

Nowadays, parents get offended about seeing their wards busy all the time with phones and social media. So, this compels the ones busy all the time with their cell phones to take the resolution of maintaining a distance from social media. It means to have less use of phones and focus more on spending time with family. But as you know, social media use as addiction does not allow for completing this resolution for the whole year.

‘Only Veggies’

It’s quite funny to hear someone taking a resolution like: ‘This year I am going to stop eating chicken’ ‘I need to take up vegetarian food as my diet’. But hold on, control your laugh. Some people take up such resolutions and end up eating tons and tons of chicken and mutton (laugh). After all, the smell of good food can make you do good and bad too.

‘Saving is the only option.’

People are sobbing at the end of the month for not having a penny. Suddenly, before the New Year strikes an idea in their mind to take up the resolution of saving money for the year. No doubt it’s a struggle to save money for the month when you have to leave behind those beautiful things that catch your attention. But yes, ultimately the ones who have successfully done it get to feel long-lasting happiness and satisfaction.

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Wait! I hope to go through all these you might be wondering like New Year resolutions are a burden. But it’s upon whether you take it as fun, challenge or responsibility. It’s not like something being imposed on you. If you are serious about trying something new, ready for adopting something good in life and quitting the bad habits, go for it. You never know these resolutions can bring up some new opportunities and surprises in life. It’s like a hidden treasure where you get a blast of shock the moment you open it. Even it’s written in the Bhagwad Gita:

“Change is the law of the Universe.”

So, this time, take up a cheerful and healthy resolution.


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