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What not to say to a person with depression?

Depression — In this fast paced world, the cases of depression and insomnia are rising at a great speed. There is no time for rest and rejuvenation anymore. The good ‘ol days of mundane activities and slow paced life are long gone. We are now in a mad rat race of money and power, where each wishes to be better than the other. At such times our mental peace suffers a huge amount of wreck and damage. You may like to consult Soul Shapers which offers free online depression counselling.

As a people we have risen in greatness and have gone closer to insanity. Depression, however, is not insanity. It is a result of ignorance. When we ignore our mental well being for long enough, we tend to overwork our minds. This results to a legitimate breakdown of our emotional and mental dams. There are ways to tackle such problems, but under the pressure of the social norms, we do not acknowledge these problems. Mental illness is sadly a taboo in our society. Therefore we end up suffering in silence. Ignoring these problems results in a gradual fall of performance in work and social life. It forms a chain reaction and thereby affects us in every aspect of life.
So when you hear a person say that she/he is depressed, here is what not to tell them-

1. You should go out more often

Telling a person that the solution to their growing mental anxiety and depression is crowding themselves with people, is silly. It is the same as telling a person with a fracture to go on a long run in order to be cured.
Like physical illness, mental illnesses too needs rest. Our brains are as much a part of our bodies as everything else. They need the same amount of attention and procedures to heal and stay healthy.

2. You should Date Someone

This is the worst advice to give to a person suffering from mental depression. You don’t tell a person with dysentery to eat spicy food, do you?

Adding on to their perpetual sadness is not going to cure them. Relationships are managed with peace and tranquility. When the mind is already in turmoil, it is a huge task to keep the already existing human ties. Taking on a complete new one is a recipe for disaster for BOTH the people.

3. You are thinking too much

They are not! You cannot help your mind and it’s thoughts. You can still stop thinking about a physical pain by engaging your brain, but you have no control over your brain. By giving them such advice you are merely invoking their illness. In other words, you are telling them that their illness is their own fault and just a figment of imagination.

4. Do not tell this to anyone they might take you to be insane

If you want to scare your friend and coax her/him into suffering in silence, this is a perfect way to go. But then you will not be a friend to that person. Nobody should need to hide their illness under any circumstances. Hiding like an ostrich can keep the problem in the closet, but it can never cure it. It will result into heightened issues gradually.

5. You need to go out for a drink and let it out

It is not something that can be let out. You cannot tell a person with fever to get drunk and “let it out”. Also, you are telling a person to drink. In other words, you’re suggesting them to develop a drinking habit in addition to their depression.

These are the five main things that a depressed person often hears as goodwill advice. If you are not suggesting them to a depressed friend or colleague then you’re already their true friend and on the road to helping them survive and be cured — “Mental illness must be dealt as openly and positively as physical illness. Period.”

Sanskriti Tomar
Sanskriti Tomar
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