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Pilonidal sinus : A Serious Condition Comes with No Cause

Ever think about an illness that comes with no avocation from the patient’s side or any external factors? Well the answer is Pilonidal sinus. It is a type of abscess that form very rarely at the upper part of the buttocks and a surgery is necessary to completely cure this condition. If anyone thinks about what the reason for this illness, doctors will say it’s because of the hair follicles in the upper part of the buttocks, called Pilonidal area and when we sit and sweat the follicles will apparently enter inside the skin and form an infection. But who pays keen attention to the hair follicles in the back side, right?. That is what meant by the title.

There are several types of symptoms of Pilonidal Sinus. Some lucky patients will have only a colour change in that part — mostly a reddish colour will form with small pain, but for others, it’s a deadly pain, deadly means he or she can’t stand linear, he has to lean down side to ease from the pain, but actually the pain is consistent.

In most of the cases a negligible pain will start before one week of the severe pain, like above mentioned, it is negligible, one not even notice that pain. The pain will increase, and an abscess will form following the pain. This is the time most of the patients will consult the doctor. But its too late, the abscess will be formed at least one centimeter deeply with several centimeter long, and the tablet core is completely out of the hand.

Pilonidal Sinus

Some abscess can be cured by tablets, but serious condition will require surgery urgently to prevent further infection and get cured from the pain.

The most disturbing part of this illness is the post surgery stage. The wound from surgery will be left open without any stitches. Because it’s impossible to stitch in that part of the body. So it will be left open and will require regular dressing, mostly daily, until the wound get healed.

Healing depends upon the size of the wound, but it will at least take one and half month to cure. But there will be no pain from the wound until the time of cleaning and dressing. But that’s some instant pain, not persistent. Excluding that there will be no pain though the painkillers or injection can be taken according to the doctors description if the pain at the time of dressing is severe.

The dressing interval depends upon the location of the wound. If there is a chance of infection during passing motion, then daily dressing will be required, in other cases the dressing is required in the 2 days interval, but it must be without no excuses to prevent the chance of any infection. The cleaning will reduce the chance of any further infection. The antibiotic tablets can be taken according to doctor’s prescription. If there is any infection then must consult the doctor to reduce further complications.

Prevention methods:

The most pilonidal sinus will occur in persons with hair throughout body, mostly the buttocks area, sweating guys and persons sits for a long time.

The shaving of the hair follicles in the buttocks and upper buttocks area will help to prevent sinus, and if any pain, small or large, occurs in that area, consult a doctor immediately, because early detection will be very helpful to cure the illness easily, like any other sickness, because it will reduce the size of the post surgery wound, if it comes to that or it is curable by tablets otherwise. So try to maintain a greater hygienic to prevent Pilonidal sinus.

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