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Reasons Why You Should Always Count On Yourself

Be “em your parents, siblings, husband, wife, friends or whatsoever is the relationship or whosoever are they you need to strengthen yourself not for them but for yourself. There is merely one person who can be your supporter and that’s you.

Build Yourself

Start building yourself in a way where you don’t need to count on anybody else but you. That anybody includes all the above relations, remember they may stand for you, support you have been there for you but you only can take care of you. Let’s start counting on our own self and put others in second place for always. Don’t keep wasting and putting efforts and energy on something unworthy.

Welcome Disappointment

Let’s accept that at some point we get disappointed, we don’t need to, and we don’t need to always expect, it’s understandable that you do EXPECT, that comes naturally, you do it from the person you’re counting on, somewhere that’s how it should be, but you never know and I believe it’s not necessary to always expect, build yourself in order to avoid “disappointment” count the least on others.

Not I, nor anyone else can travel that road for you, start counting on yourself first for that anything you go for, that is the best way to avoid disappointment and build yourself, you don’t expect you don’t wait you don’t get disappointed. The sooner you come to accept this statement, the sooner you can begin to rely on yourself for all it is that you need for life. Trust me that “I WILL” will always give you amazing feeling.

Say No to Bad Thoughts

The greatest thing in the world is to know how to belong to oneself. the comforts of “I cannot”, “I don’t want to” and “it is too difficult” that we forget to realize when we stop doing things for ourselves and expect others to dance around us, we are not achieving greatness anyway. Have it in your mind that nobody can take care of you LIKE YOU, nobody will go out and get it for you BUT YOU. Live real and happy. Remember, you can always do it you just don’t go with yourself somehow that is just a nature to not count on yourself first but on others. Trust me, you stop doing it you will shut the disappointment door. I always find it best and beautiful being able to do anything I want to be done by myself.

Above all I had learned the one thing every person has to learn to make it through life is that the only person you can truly count on is yourself be your own hero.

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