Op-edRoseann Quinn- Tale of Ms Goodbar

Roseann Quinn- Tale of Ms Goodbar

The case of Roseann, the girl who was too gullible for her own good. The case have been written as a novel and portrayed as a film too, but both by reading the book and watching the film I failed to understand why in both the area they concentrated on her colorful life and criticizing her rather than showing the public that the Roseann was a beautiful lady inside and out.

In the year 1975, the novel “Looking for Mr. Goodbar” by Judith Rossner gained very much popularity, this novel was inspired by Roseann Quinn. This novel is a mixture of true events and fiction, later in the year 1977 was directed by Richard Brooks, starring Diane Keaton, Tuesday Weld, Richard Gere, Richard Kiley and Tom Berenger. The much talked about Roseann was an American school teacher in New York who was murdered in 1973. However the popularity of this murder case was not because of the mysterious circumstances under which Roseann met her unfaithful fate, but because the people took liberty to discuss her lifestyle.

Roseann was born in 1944 in the Bronx to John Quinn, at the age of 13 she spent a year in the hospital recovering from Polio, which left her with a slight limp and this left a deep scar in her mind, she remained to remain conscious about her body throughout her life. She attended Morris Catholic High School in Denville, New Jersey graduating in 1962 and was enrolled in Newark State Teachers College, she graduated in 1966 and moved to the Apple City, then the New York City, in September 1969, she began teaching at St. Joseph’s School for the Deaf in the Bronx, and taught eight-year-old. She was additionally exceptionally committed to her vocation and stayed back deliberate after school to help, her understudies loved her. In the year 1972 she moved to a studio condo at 253 West 72nd Street where she discovered demise following a year. As indicated by her colleagues and neighbors, Quinn would sit independent from anyone else and read at bars on the West Side, Police Captain John M. McMahon later said that “she was an approachable, active, benevolent young lady. Her companions were fairly assorted. She knew instructors and craftsmen and her friend network was a vast, interracial gathering. She knew a dreadful part of people. ” One companion who might later address the media said that she hit up a discussion with him by uncovering that she had been reading his lips and taking after a discussion at the flip side of the bar that she couldn’t generally have listened. Quinn had been going to night courses at Hunter College, and by December 1972 had finished about portion of her work toward her graduate degree in her claim to fame of instructing the hard of hearing.

On the night of New Year’s Day 1973, Quinn went over the road from her flat to a bar named W. M. Tweeds, where she met John Wayne Wilson. Wilson’s companion, Geary Guest, left around 11:00 p.m., before Wilson met Quinn. Wilson and Quinn went to her loft, where they smoked weed and endeavored to engage in physical relations. As Wilson would later tell his lawyer, he was not able accomplish an erection. He guaranteed that Quinn offended him and requested that he abandon her loft, and a contention resulted. After a battle, Wilson got a blade and, as per his police articulation, cut Quinn 18 times in the neck and stomach area. After the homicide, he secured Quinn’s body with a wraparound, gave, and left the flat. Before leaving, he wiped his fingerprints off the homicide weapon, the entryway handles and some other surface he may have touched.

Soon thereafter, Wilson admitted the wrongdoing to Geary Guest. Trusting that Wilson was making this all up to get a plane ticket home, Geary gave him enough cash to leave town. Wilson first traveled to Miami to get his significant other, Kathy. They later traveled to Indiana. Quinn’s body was not found until the morning of January 3. The powers at St. Joseph’s School, frightened that Quinn had not appeared for work in two days or called, sent an instructor to her condo to determine the status of her. The building’s director, Amedio Gizzi, let the educator into the loft, where they discovered Quinn’s body. Her 25-year-old sibling, John, later recognized the body at the mortuary. According to her neighbor Quinn had “developed a habit of meeting and taking home men”. I wonder what you call a man who has the habit, of course they have not discovered a term yet because it is a female and that is why it is known as a habit for a man it is very common practice like eating and breathing. This “habits” of her led to her death as even in that unfortunate night she had been taken as man to her apartment as it is stated above. I have given a background of Quinn’s life now let me inform you about Wilson’s life. Wilson was a failure, he was unemployed at the time he met Quinn and was leaving off one of his friend’s money.

Apart from financial crunch he also adapted to adultery when he agreed to spend the night with Quinn. He was mentally frustrated if we go by the reports submitted to the police by his friend. That night more then failing to get an erection it was his own reflection that pointed out that he was a failure in his life. Quinn herself had been scarred in her life when after an operation she was to live with a slight limp on her spine and was often very self-conscious, so for her to insult Wilson is much unlikely, the story could also be that Quinn felt herself unattractive and the reason behind Wilson such failure. She invited men because she gained confidence in herself via physical relationships, she felt wanted, she was facing an identity crisis throughout her life and this way she felt relieved and believed in herself. Many people were eager to write off Quinn’s case, insisting that a woman who engaged in premarital sex with multiple partners was bound to run into trouble. Her neighbors too found more fun in gossiping about her character, most of New York took pleasure in judging her character and felt that she well deserved it.

If it was India it would be no different, because rapes and then murder are caused because females travel late at nights and because they are way too freely with men. After all, a girl of such loose moral deserve to be death in such a gruesome manner. That is what people think, but no one for any of their action deserve to die in such a manner unless you are in South Arabia, where it is fine to stone a lady to death because she was engaged in such activities and even in Pakistan where honor killing is actually very honorable. Any female if they try to express themselves and do as they will, they will be subjected to such crime.

Monalisa Mukherjee
Monalisa Mukherjee
I am a human being and the distress condition of human disturbs me, but this has been writing again and again so here is the new twist. I will write each day about something that I feel wrong in this society with a pinch of comedy because nothing is better than sarcasm.

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