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5 Unforgettable Things of College Life

Gone are the days when our moms used to start yelling at 6:00 am in the morning to send us to the school. The days when we used to gossip about the teachers, the everyday new crushes, playing in the lunch break and eating between the classes, bunking the classes, forgetting the homework and much more. As everyone says ‘School time best Hota hai’ but we get to realize it when we enter in our college life. Everything suddenly changes as we enter the first step of making our career.

College life is that one important phase of life when we get to make infinite memories, explore different and new things every day.  We are able to be ourselves and have the best of the time along with the friends that become our family. Most of us have heard a lot of time that ‘School is the only place to make memories’ but ‘College’ also is the best place to make unforgettable memories.

Here is the list of 5 unforgettable things of a college life:

1. The Attendance Issue

The one major thing that changes is during the school time we used to never get up without the shouting of our parents but during the college time, we used to get before the time and get ready. The first unforgettable memory that we all will have or had is/was the ‘attendance issue’. Even after reaching the college on time and sometimes before the time and moving out of the school as per the timings, still, most of us faced the ‘short attendance issue’. Bunking the lectures, going to movies, hanging out with friends was all that we did in the college life. And during the time of our exams then we used to regret all the bunks, not attending the lectures and used to crib about the attendance.

The attendance is the first unforgettable memory that all of us will have or had during the college time.

2. The Canteen Food

All those who don’t eat too much become a foodie as they enter the college. The second unforgettable memory is the canteen food. Canteen becomes the ‘adda’ for the group to come anytime and eat food. We spend most of the time in the canteen and when the gossip starts, you just don’t get to know how much food you’ve had. The canteen food is one such memory that you just cannot forget and cherish those moments all your life.

The canteen food is the second unforgettable memory that all of us will have or had during the college time.

3. Love At First Sight/ One Sided Love

‘Love at first sight’ is the most common and memorable memory that all of us go through. Sooner or later, we all have that ‘love at first sight’ moment when we think that this is the only one that God has made for me.  It is the time when some also have new crushes or daily fall in love with different girls/boys at one time. Some relationships grow stronger and some just end within a week.  There are some those fell in love at first sight and when there is no progress, and then the ‘One Sided Love’ happens. All the Romeos and Juliets become strangers or sometimes possessive lovers. Even though the so called relationship status keeps changing or sometimes just stops, everyone goes through the ‘Love at First Sight’ or/and ‘One Sided Love’ memory during their college life.

The third unforgettable memory is the relationship phase that all of us go through during our college time.

4. The Internship Phase

As soon as we enter the second year we tend to feel superior and at the same time, our responsibilities also increase rapidly. One important time during the college life is the ‘internship phase’. Many starts to search before a month and some just don’t give a damn to it. Starting the internship sooner or later, after a month all of us has had that feeling to just quit the job. Those 2 months seems like 2 years to us and we just cannot wait to get back to the college. That internship phase allows us to see where we stand and the areas where we lack.

The fourth unforgettable memory is the ‘internship phase’ which simply allows us to see ourselves and makes us aware of our strength and weakness.

5. The College Trips

When we go for a trip with our family, we make a lot of memories. How exciting would it be to for a trip with your college friends? Similarly, the last but not the least unforgettable memory is the college trip. No matter how good or bad the place is until and unless you are with your friends. A college trip is something that you start getting excited about the months before and you just cannot miss the trips. The college trips give you infinite memories and make your college time memorable and even more special.

The last but not the least unforgettable memory is the ‘college trip’ which you will cherish all your life and which will make you feel like the day just passed!

Prarthna Grover
Prarthna Grover
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