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Ways to Boost your Memory

What is memory? Some may call it the power or process of remembering what has already been learned or others may express it as the faculty by which the mind stores and remembers information, in any way both means the same thing. Every individual in their process of life has to remember some or the other thing. But the amount of information to be remembered varies from one individual to another. It might differ from remembering the texts and answers for a student to remembering where his car key was left last time for an adult.

It might also range between remembering the grocery list to the presentation stuffs for an office worker. In all cases people find it hard to remember humongous information, since it’s true that we humans are no computers or data source machine. So here I’ll be giving a few tips on how to boost your memory power and to sustain it for a considerable period of time.

1. Take Sufficient Rest & Sleep

Proper rest and sleep are the first and most important need for any individual to not only remember something, but also to do other chores of life with a considerable amount of panache. As you know, your smartphone needs some time of rest to get it fully charged and work fast, otherwise it is ought to get hanged or break down. Similarly, our human body is no less than any machine. So provide your body a minimum of 6 hours or maximum of 8 hours of sleep to work with full vigor and zeal. If the desired amount of rest is not provided to your memory and body, both are ought to collapse. And the trick of remembering stuffs for a long time is bound to fail, how much hard one tries.

Man Sleeping with Clock

2. Adequate amount of Water with Proper Diet

As per different researches a hydrated brain works better than a dehydrated one. Research has even shown a slightly dehydrated body and curb off your attention and concentration level. So keep your water intake to normal level, don’t drink too much of water to become Einstein. Coming to proper diet, what does it suggest? Not just only food that fills your tummy, but also nutritious one. Eating only fruits and veggies or only protein based food would do you no good. One has to have a proper balance of different components of carbohydrates, proteins, fats and minerals in their diet. But for boosting your memory power it is always suggested to eat more amount of green veggies, fruits and nuts, but again do not over do it. A proper and normal intake of salt is also necessary to increase memory power and avoid foods with excessive sugar content.

Fruits on Table

3. Study Breaks 

Taking short breaks while studying is most effective to enhance your memory. Research has proved that person studying regularly performs much better than the one’s doing it in one marathon race. Do not sit for too long hours with your books and stuff your brain with excessive information, that would be of no help, as you are bound to forget most of the part you tried to learn. So it’s always advisable to take a short break of around 10-15 minutes after every hour or two of studies. In this break try to recapitulate the things you learned and if you think you forget some bits and pieces, give it a revision, you will see that the you could retain the information quiet well.

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4. Making Mind Maps

Ever tried making mind maps while studying? No? Then try it this time. For that you need to know what are mind maps and how to make them. A mind map is a visualized form of information, a  diagrammatic representation of different things, placing the central idea at the center and associating with related ideas. There are plenty of videos available in YouTube  about how to make a mind map. Mind mapping would help you to remember things easily for a long time. The mind generally retains what it sees and specially colorful things are retained for much longer duration. So try to make your mind maps as colorful as possible.  Try and convert every possible topic into a mind map of your choice.

Mind Mapping

5. Repeat, Revise & Remember

There is no shortcut to success and perfection as we all know. It’s not just a saying, but also scientifically proved the statement. If you learn and memorize something today and forget it the next day and try recalling your learned stuffs during the crucial time, of course you ought not remember anything. It is important for you to revise the things you studied to store stuff for the long term. Research says a person is ought to start to forget the things just after 3rd day of his or her learning session. So it’s always better that you recall and repeat the things once you learned them and to make this process short and interesting, mind maps are the one which is going to help you immensely.

Eat Sleep Revise Repeat

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Debadrita Mukhopadhyay
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