EducationVirtual Education - The Changing Tides

Virtual Education – The Changing Tides

While my mother went to school, she had one subject and one book for it, while my sister was in her school, she had one subject and three reference books and for me I followed the smart classes. Now we see a generation that moves on thump, everything is digitized and technology is growing rapidly where every old method is being replaced by a new one where does the teaching method-logy stands? Which is better is actually a bigger question? The traditional or virtual. Well, I have been under both the traditional as well as the virtual teaching method logy and according to me the virtual method logy is better.

The schedule can be flexible and according to the needs of both teacher and students in the virtual classes, in the traditional classes the schedule is rigid and also monotonous, as virtual classes rely on videos there is a scope of new videos every alternative year making the students take interest in their classes. Another important point is the class duration is easily extendable, instructor and student time permitting. While we study history, science or any other subject where personal views and opinion are taken under consideration that time we are driven by the opinion of the author of the book, but in a smart class the students are allowed to be heterogeneous, globe with a variety of non intersecting social circles and customs.

YouTube has become a new platform for virtual education now, many educational channels have started to provide the person’s knowledge about a particular subject, the best part of it is that it is not limited to a certain group the education is open to all and they can access this information whenever they want and that too free of cost.

Whensoever the idea of education comes to our mind the other profession that links with it is teachers, well virtual education leaves very little scope for the teacher, the teacher is replaced by mentors here that are designed in such way to attain to one student at a time, if a student is unable to understand a certain fact he or she can replay the video till the time he understands the matter. Many colleges have adapted semi virtual education in the form of making PPTs on every topic and it helps the student to understand the particular topic in brief. Also, this kind of video classes is available in various languages, so the student can learn to write letters in different languages, in many of the schools and colleges they teach foreign language and it is very easy for students to understand learning via video classes.

The student can also be more creative while studying they can come up with new ways of learning the syllabus. Like in subject like English and History the students show movies and play for them to understand better. A huge amount of money is spent on the education, and the middle class public is unavailable to afford such expensive procedure, the quality of the education is actually measured in the fee of the school due to which the students studying in government school do not get access to proper education. Many education courses already started online, some of the renowned universities like Harvard, Cambridge and even Oxford provide online course for the student. This is a global platform where students from all over the world can access the course by paying a minimal fee, for which they would have to pay a huge amount if they took the traditional method.

Google talk is where we speak and google recognize our voice and search for that subject now lets imagine if a virtual keyboard is created where whatever we say gets written this will be a huge step towards virtual writing. Another example of virtual writing is the fan fiction many writers have opted publishing their book and instead started publishing it online, the recent book being “Fifty Shades of Gray”. Darwin ‘s theory says that we have evolved from monkey similarly the educational system have evolved from the time my mother went to school and by the time my child will join school, I am sure the methodology used will be virtual classes which is actually for the benefit of the people.

Monalisa Mukherjee
Monalisa Mukherjee
I am a human being and the distress condition of human disturbs me, but this has been writing again and again so here is the new twist. I will write each day about something that I feel wrong in this society with a pinch of comedy because nothing is better than sarcasm.

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