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Save the Environment: Small Contributions That Can Save Our Environment From Pollution

Today we are facing problems of climate change, less rainfall and increase in temperature of Earth. All this is due to our own activities. We are using our natural resources carelessly without thinking about our generation to come. Our rivers are getting polluted. We are facing problems of global warming due to excess of cutting of trees and even our ozone layer is being depleted. Is this we call modernisation?

We are so much busy in our lives that no body has time to think about about it or he says what can I do about this problem? The time has come when we really need to do some thing for our mother Earth. Let us discuss some ways by which we can contribute our bit to save our environment.

1. Stop using plastic bags

Plastic is the biggest threat to our environment. It takes lots of years to get destroyed and on burning releases dangerous and poisonous gases in the environment. Stop using plastic bags and try to carry cloth or jute bag along with you to market. Let us try to eliminate at least one thing made of plastic from our lives forever and opt for environmental friendly option. Our country uses plastic brush in abundance which is main cause of pollution caused by plastic. We can check online and use bamboo brush instead of plastic brush and contribute our bit towards the noble cause.

2. Switch off the lights when not needed

Another thing we can do is to simply follow Early to bed and early to rise. Get up early and finish the work till evening and switch off the unnecessary lights. During day time also we should use the energy as per our requirement and use LED lights as they consume less energy. Air conditioners also increases the temperature of earth by releasing Chlorofluorocarbons in the atmosphere. So the use of AC should be limited. Your TV and AC should be switched off properly because they use energy even in standby modes too. So when not in use unplug these devices.

3. Avoid wastage of water

Can we think life without water? Wastage of water should be minimised. We should think about our future generation and try to limit the use our natural resources. Water pollution is biggest challenge for our country today. Our rivers and oceans are getting polluted day by day. It is high time to wake up and know about our social responsibilities. Stop throwing garbage and plastic bags in rivers. Water pollution is serious problem and threat to aquatic life too. Rain water harvesting should be done to conserve water.

4. Go green and avoid use of paper

Today we have facility of internet to save most of our paper work. To contribute our bit we can avoid buying newspapers and use the online facility of reading news. Most of our banking work can be done online and account statements can be checked on email instead of sending it at home. Recycle books and textbooks of school going children.

5. Reduce Reuse and Recycle

Follow the policy of 3R’s Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. We should reduce the use of plastic, coal, water and other non renewable sources of energy. Prefer bucket bath instead of showers. Reuse things, like we can use plastic containers for storing things instead of throwing them in garbage. Avoid using disposable glasses and plates. Recycle paper and plastic instead of throwing.Oil and cold drink cans can be recycled. Even bottles of deodorants and perfumes should be recycled.

Plastic waste should never be thrown carelessly. As we can see the examples of throwing plastic bottles after use here and there while travelling. This should be avoided. Find the dustbin near you and only then throw them and keep the surroundings clean and increase the beauty of nature.

6.  Use separate dustbins

Use separate dustbins at home and try to make compost of biodegradable waste for home plants. This will help to minimise waste. Make use of dustbins a habit and place dustbin in your lawn and outside your shops too. Keep your and others surroundings clean. It is difficult to change others habits but we can start from us first.

7. Grow trees and take care of them

Every year on World Environment Day we have speeches and lectures on growing of trees. But how many of us do it? Plants are grown and then left, who takes care of them. How many of them really survives. Do we have a check?

So instead of talking, lets get serious about it and really start planting trees and mother them. We can plant trees in our surroundings, parks or places near roads. Due to shortage of trees the amount of harmful gases like carbon dioxide is increasing and giving rise to global warming. Due to Chlorofluorocarbons our ozone layer is getting depleted. We really need to take steps and save our Earth.

8.  Use cycle or prefer walking to go to cover distances

To minimise petrol and diesel wastage use public transport for travelling. Although it is not convenient to use public transport all the time but we should go by them unless it is not necessary. This will save fuel as well as money. Turn off your car engine or two wheelers at traffic lights. Prefer walking to nearby distances to a grocery shop or to market whose road is quite narrow. It will be much convenient in traffic as well as a good exercise for you.

9. Use renewable sources of energy

Prefer solar lights in your gardens and solar heaters for heating water in kitchens and bathrooms instead of geysers. This will reduce energy consumption of our house and help in reducing global warming emissions. We can use bio-gas for cooking as it is decreases cooking fuel expenses. It is a clean fuel and have positive effects on environment.

10. Avoid Burning and Use of Chemicals

Avoid burning plastic and wood and other things because they release harmful gases in environment and increases global warming. Use of chemicals to clean our houses and bathrooms should be avoided instead go for other home made options like paste of baking soda and vinegar can be used for cleaning surfaces in kitchen. Avoid use of acid in bathrooms instead we can use acetic acid which is less harmful.

Similarly use of chemicals and fertilizers to soil should be avoided and leguminous plants should be planted which contain nitrogen fixing bacteria in them. So we should go for natural things and with nature to protect our Earth.

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