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Simple and Effective Ways to Enhance your Vocabulary


Most of us struggle when it comes to articulation in English. A good vocabulary not only helps in better expression in a more clear and concise way, but also builds an unwavering confidence in oneself which can help being perceived as an intelligent person too. There are always myriad of words to choose from while framing any sentence and no one comes across as a better person than the one who has multitude of words in his knowledge box. You too can resort to several effective ways of enhancing your vocabulary.

1. Be a Voracious Reader

No one, with a robust vocabulary, can deny this method of enhancing one’s lexicon. This method surely requires longevity to be effective but it has very strong retention ability. One should not only try to derive the meaning of new words from the context but should also couple it with looking up a dictionary for a more effective result. Reading novels, newspapers and sometimes blogs can prove to be very helpful.

2. Have a love for Words

I don’t know how it is with rest of the people but for me having a genuine fascination for words has a paramount impact on my curiosity and my ability to retain any new word I come across.

Maintain a diary for words – This is a crucial way of imbibing new words into one’s diction simply because our brain has a tendency to forget things we come across for a short duration of time. Jotting down words along with their meanings increases the probability of retaining those words manifolds. It also makes it easier to refer back to words you might need in the future.

3. Keep a Journal

Penning down your whole day in the form of a journal can be efficacious as you’ll feel compelled to use the words you come across all through the day. You’ll feel the need to be more expressive and that will naturally urge you to keep new words in your memory.

4. Always keep a dictionary and thesaurus handy

I hail the technology for apps in my phone like Wordweb and Merriam-Webster to which I can always turn to whenever I need to look up the meaning of a word. Many prefer to keep printed copy. While writing something, if you’ll try to swap ordinary words with new relatable words from the thesaurus, you’ll improve your writing as well as embed those words into your memory.

5. Watch English shows and movies

This is probably the most entertainment filled way of learning new words. Visuals combined with audio effects stimulate our ability to grasp new words as well as the language much better. The process becomes more impelling if the shows are watched along with English subtitles.

6. Play word Games

Playing games makes the whole process of learning and retaining the words into your memory much faster and as it is usually fun-filled, it also becomes interesting and addictive. These word games are challenging and are an excellent tool for gauging your improvement.

7. Learn new words everyday

The technique of simply cramming the words with their meanings proves useful for many though personally I find it a bit monotonous and uninteresting. If this method appeals to you, you can install apps on your phone or subscribe to websites that pop up a mail daily with a new word and its meaning.