LifeStyleSpa at Home: How to get a Spa treatment at Home

Spa at Home: How to get a Spa treatment at Home

What is a spa?

A spa offers a luxurious and medicinal bath experience, utilizing spring water or seawater, and providing a wide variety of health benefits. The name itself, derived from Latin, means ‘health through water.’ Spa treatment encompasses aromatherapy, onsen (Japanese hot springs), hot tubs, mud baths, saunas, steam baths, massages, manicures, pedicures, and even waxing.

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What are the advantages of spa treatment?

1. Relaxes: It allows your body some time to relax and de-stress.

2. Blood circulation: It improves blood circulation, allowing nutrients and oxygen to move throughout the body, tissues and cells.

3. Rids of toxins: Through lymphatic massage, spa treatments help remove toxins.

4. Chronic pain: If you are suffering from some disease which causes pain like arthritis or muscle spasm, it might not cure the disease but does help it providing some sort of relief.

5. Exfoliation: Spa treatments are a handy method of exfoliating the skin along with regeneration, removal of dead skin cells and pore refining.

DIY at Home Spa Treatments:

rose water, glass

1. Rose Water

Requirements: Rose petals, hot water, fridge, strainer, sterilised jar

Procedure: Put rose petals in a bowl and add hot water from the top. Cover until it cools down. Now using a strainer, strain your mix. Squeeze out any water from the petals. Pour it in a sterilised jar. And refrigerate it. It is great to use as a toner.

2. Mask

Requirement: Blender, cold cream, yoghurt or curd (unsweetened), honey, aloe vera gel, avocado, makeup brush

Procedure: Get your blender ready and pour into it the cold cream, yoghurt (or curd), honey, aloe vera gel and avocado. Blend. Now using a makeup brush, apply it on your face. Let it rest for fifteen to twenty minutes (during which you can meditate, listen to music or read some book). Rinse for a moisturised skin in winter.

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3. Do it in the dark

After enduring a long rush hour, filled with the hustle and bustle of the crowd, indulge in a bath in complete darkness. If preferred, light a single, fragrant candle to enhance the ambiance. Warm Massage Oils on a heater and apply them to your body, embracing the soothing sensation. Relax to the gentle tunes of piano, violin, or any other calming music. Allow yourself to be as extravagant as you desire and feel like a prince or princess—you truly deserve this respite from all the negativity you have encountered.

4. Lemon Delight

For this, all you need to do is extract some lemon juice. Make sure you test it for allergies but putting a little amount on a small portion of your hands. If it burns, itches or gives you any discomfort, skip this treatment. Otherwise, apply it on your knees and elbows.

5. Shower sauna

Requirement: Shower, heater or geyser, washcloth, relaxing oil (vanilla, lavender or rosemary)

Procedure: This method is perfect for a relaxing, before night shower. It is an added benefit that this helps clear your sinuses. Turn on the shower at its highest temperature for a few minutes (like 20 minutes or so). Let the steam build-up. During which, take a washcloth and spray it with relaxing oil. After which, get into the shower (of course, now at the temperature which suits you. Otherwise, you will end up burned). Put up the washcloth till your breath and find yourself engulfed in the sweet-smelling, aromatic steam.

face massage, clip art, steps

6. Face Massage

Spend some time learning face massage. It is not really difficult, so the term ‘learning’ is really an overstatement. There are also plenty of videos online that share the trick. The most important thing is to avoid the eye area while doing facial massage. It is not made to handle pressure and requires a huge deal of gentle care. Although, if you do want to try, like say to cure puffy eyes, simply tap the area with your ring finger, from the lymphatic duct to the outer area. Make sure to be gentle.

As you might notice, facial massage tends to make your skin look good by increasing its firmness, helps in lymphatic drainage (and hence, cleanses your skin by removing toxins) and makes you feel fresh.

There are also plenty of products online which help in facial massages. If you feel satisfied with the result, you might consider investing in these. Lots of models and actors swear by them. Of course, your hands are enough to provide satisfaction, and there is not necessarily any need to buy them.

7. Cooking Oil

All households have oil in their kitchen or on their vanity table. Indians tend to swear by the magic of Oil. Remember the time when your grandparents or parents used to drag your whiny kiddy self and apply warm oil? You really could not comprehend why they did it. And it stung, as well. To us, they were really cruel. But maybe after reading this, you will grovel before them.

Applying oil on your skin is really beneficial. It keeps your skin supple and soft. So on Saturdays or Sundays, douse yourself in it (along with nostalgia) and give yourself some self-care. Massage your body thoroughly, with a similar to the one you were subjected to as a kid. And then take a soapy bath. Now just touch your skin and relish in its baby softness.

8. Things you will need for a day of spa

You might consider investing in pretty little containers to store your lotions, scrubs, etc. You might also consider buying a bathrobe. And of course, a bathtub. Although these are not really mandatory. Get yourself some soft, clean towels. And candles! Though you can also make one yourself. Consider covering up your windows to prevent any hindrance to your ambience. Get yourself some calm, relaxing music. And just relax.

9. Feet care

Requirement: Warm water, toothbrush, soap, cold water, towel sugar and oil

Procedure: Mix sugar and oil together before applying to your feet. Scrub for ten or more minutes. Then remove it with cold water and soap. Dunk your feet in a tub of warm water and with a toothbrush scrub at the skin, gently. Let it sit in warm water for a few minutes. Soak dry it with a towel.

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