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Burning Summer is Here! List of 10 Best Indian Food, Fruits and Drinks To Beat The Heat

Summer is coming, so it’s time to take care of health and save from severe effects of summer. Mostly in summer people are prone to dehydration which can lead to heat strokes. Also people get severe skin issues like itching, irritation, rashes etc. Also it is advisable to use sunscreen during summer to avoid skin problems. Also it is advisable to drink plenty of water and always carry water and umbrella as essentials during summer.

It is also advisable to use light coloured cotton clothes in summer. Prevention is always better than cure and if we take proper care we can prevent any problems.

Summer is the time, where people prefer to eat cold drinks or ice cream to beat the heat, but always it is not healthy for body to consume lots of such drinks or ice cream as they contain lots of calories, which can be dangerous in future.

It is always advisable to eat healthy food in summer, to beat the heat . Here are the lists of 10 best food for summer.

1. Home made curd

For the best health benefits in summer especially for the children, the home made curd is best food to consume in summer. Home made curd is very easy to prepare as one need to add curd to the lukewarm milk after boiling it and kept it aside for few hours. One can also add sugar to taste if needed. Home made curd helps to controls sugar levels and also good for skin. It improves digestion, boost immunity and in addition it gives relief from summer temperature.

2. Chhana or Chhena (Cheese Curd)

Indians have very special way to make their own cheese curd. For making these one need to add lime to milk and then stain the water to make it Indian cheese curd. Also, this is used to make make several desert. Cheese curd can be consumed in summer as it contains only milk and lime and have health benefits. One can also add a little bit of sugar to taste. In addition to that it contains nutrients like phosphorus, zinc, Vitamin A, Vitamin B12.

3. Summer Vegetables

It is recommended to eat summer vegetables to keep away all the problems. Summer vegetables like bottle gourd, bitter gourd, snake gourd, pumpkin, brinjal, lady finger etc. bottle gourd provides cooling effect, replenishes loss of water along with other benefits. Bitter gourd also contains nutrients like iron, magnesium, vitamin etc. Snake gourd helps in detoxify the body, improve digestion, increase hydration. Brinjal also source of vitamin, niacin, magnesium, phosphorus, copper etc. So, eating summer vegetables helps to overcome many problems.

4. Summer fruits

Summer brings us with lots of summer fruits like mangoes, Litchi, Jackfruit, grapes, papaya, berries, watermelon etc. Summer fruits got amazing health benefits and can help to beat the heat. Mangoes helps to prevent heatstroke, watermelons helps to maintain balance in fluids in cells. Similarly, papaya helps in our digestive system. Jackfruits also helps to gives energy to body in summer. So, seasonal fruit is must for summer to keep healthy.

5. Home made fruit juice

During summer season, one can also make fruit juice from summer fruits at home especially for children to prevent them from eating cold drinks or ice creams, which are somewhat unhealthy for them. Different types of juice can be made like orange, pineapple, grapes, melon, strawberry, cranberry, mangoes, grapes etc. In this way the children and also the adults get benefits of fruits without consumption of cold drinks. Also Aam (Mango) Pora and Aam panna is favorite drinking juice in summer, which contains health benefits as well as taste for summer.

6. Pulses

It is always recommended to eat light during summer and not to have heavy meal or spicy meal in summer to prevent discomfort or dehydration. Pulses are good source of protein, also contains low fat, helps in digestion and control our sugar level. In summer its better to consume pulses in adequate quantity with rice or roti (flatbread). Also during summer pulses or daal is made from raw mango, which is also relief food during summer.

7. Corn

Another food is recommended to eat in summer is corn. There are also lots of delicious recipes available which can be made for corn for the summer. Corn also got health benefits like it provide anti-oxidant to the body, also it helps to protect from several disease. Raw corn also have several health benefits for summer it helps to provides energy for the body. It is a good source of fiber.

8. Lime Water (Nimboo Pani)

Lime Water is best alternative to cold drinks or ice creams. It has lots of health benefits and can save you from heatstroke.  All you need lemon juice mix in water and also one can add sugar and salt to taste. Lime juice in summer can helps you with proper digestion, helps to remove constipation, urinary problem etc. The citric acid in lime is answer to many health solution in summer along with giving a summer relief.

9. Pickles

In summer time many people eat home made pickles from mango, also in summer it is recommended to eat pickles as because it has got lots of health benefits and consuming pickles in adequate quantity can helps to solve many problems like blood sugar problems, it helps to control blood sugar rise. It helps to prevent cancer. It also helps to control diabetes provide anti-oxidant and helps in diabetes. Many people in tropical country eat pickles during summer for health benefits. Also to be taken care the pickles prepare in hygiene condition.

10. Coconut water

This is the most healthy drinks to keep most of summer problems and disease away and it is also recommended to avoid the artificial colour added drinks or packaged drinks and to drink the coconut water. It not only provide relief from heat, but is also helps to cure many health problems like diabetes, heart problem, kidney problems etc. In addition to that it also have anti-oxidant properties that helps to boost body energy and most importantly it will helps to keeps hydrated in summer.

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