TechTeamViewer Cleanup Tool (Open-source) to remove Commercial Use Suspected

TeamViewer Cleanup Tool (Open-source) to remove Commercial Use Suspected

TeamViewer doubtlessly is one of the great remote desktop application that let you connect with your friends, family and clients to help them remotely and also to conduct meetings and that’s all remotely. It offers seamless experience, but in other hand it is quite expensive when it comes to commercial-purpose usage. Though, TeamViewer comes with free and personal usage edition, but intentionally TeamViewer stop working after a few days and usage with a message that you have been found using TeamViewer for commercial purpose (commercial use suspected) even though you were just helping your college or school mate in her or his project.

Uninstalling and installing it again won’t work as TeamViewer will trace-out previous installation logs left behind when you uninstalled.

The only solution is to clear the TeamViewer traces and logs completely from your PC either manually or using special tool that can do the cleanup work on your behalf.

Recently, we’ve developed an open-source TeamViewer Cleanup tool that can help you to cleanup your PC or laptop for the fresh installation of the TeamViewer.

The TeamViewer Cleanup tool is available on GitHub.

  1. First Uninstall the TeamViewer from your PC
  2. Download the TeamViewer Cleanup tool from GitHub (Your browser may warn for virus, just click on keep and ignore it)
  3. Run the TeamViewer Cleanup tool and grant the Administrator access privilege.
  4. Click on the “Start Cleanup Now”¬†button and wait until it clears the TeamViewer traces.
  5. On successful installation, close the button
  6. Download and install the fresh copy of the TeamViewer from it’s official website
  7. Run the TeamViewer

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