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Ten Secrets To Keep Your Skin Glowing And Beautiful Naturally In Summers

Summer is the season when we have numerous choices to flaunt our looks with different types of clothing. We can pair up anything and mix and match to suit our looks. But it is the time when we have to be extra careful towards our skin. Our skin needs utmost attention in summers from oil and those dirty looking pimples and sun tan which is very difficult to get rid off.

Beautiful skin not only gives us confidence to face the world, but also makes us feel good from within. Let us discuss what we can do this summer to get a beautiful glowing skin.

1. Drink plenty of water

To keep skin hydrated in summers it is necessary to drink plenty of water. Water helps to remove toxins from skin in form of sweat and urine. In summers it is very important to drink plenty of water as our body loses a large amount of water in form of sweat. So to compensate the loss and save ourselves from dehydration and to keep skin glowing drink water, fruit juice, coconut water or lemon juice as water also helps our body cells to absorb nutrients from the food we eat.

2. Regular exercise

Do simple breathing exercise or yoga or you can simply go for a walk in fresh air to stay fit. Healthy body has healthy mind and that reflects on your face. One can guess about your mental and physical condition right from your face. You can try some face exercises which relaxes the muscles of your skin and increases the blood circulation in cells to give you glowing skin and keep wrinkles away.

3. Use Sunscreen

Do not forget to apply sunscreen 30 minutes before going out in sun. Buy a right sunscreen for yourself this summer and save your skin from harmful UV rays coming from sun which damages the cells of skin and increases the melanin formation which results in dark spots, early ageing, tanning, itching and inflammation. Excess exposure to sun can also lead to skin cancer or pigmentation. Avoid going out in sun between 11 am to 3 PM, as the sun rays are strongest. Do not forget to wear hat and sunglasses and keep yourself covered to avoid over exposure to sun.

4. Eat good and avoid oily food

Eat healthy food rich in vitamins and minerals and avoid spicy and oily snacks as it can cause pimples on face. Prefer green leafy vegetables and food with high water content like cucumber, water melon,strawberry, papaya and oranges. Include curd or yogurt in your meal as they contain anti oxidants to keep your body free of toxins and improves digestion. Have a light meal which is easy to digest and good for your body and skin. Avoid eating out and junk food as this kind of food has negligible amount of nutrients and are harmful for our body.

If you are a smoker or alcoholic, try to quit that habit as it is very harmful for health and skin. Switch to a healthy lifestyle for yourself and for your family. Avoid cold drinks and packed juices and prefer “Desi” like lassi, milk shakes or fresh juice.

5. Early to bed and Early to rise

Follow the simple routine of getting up early. Getting up early has many advantages as you can finish your work on time and have a good sleep at night. Waking with sunrise is quite motivational and inspirational too. It fills your mind with positivity and confidence too. Although proper sleep is also must for keeping your skin glowing. It relaxes your mind and soul and a person feels refreshed and calm after a good sound sleep. It manages stress and keeps many mental and physical problems away. Avoid working for late hours as lack of sleep can lead to puffy bags under your eyes and makes your wrinkles more visible

6. Stay happy

When you are happy from within it reflects on your face too. So try to manage your stress and feel happy. Wear loose and light cotton clothes and apply light waterproof makeup to feel good. Forgiveness gives you the most satisfying and happiest feeling on earth. Forgive yourself and others for their deed. Stay away from negative people and negative thoughts.Go out for a movie or dinner for a change and enhance your mood. Try to de-stress by staying away from social media sites as they waste lots of time and energy. Spare some time to for yourself and to connect with the people around you.

7. Use good cleanser

Along with things mentioned above we also need to take care of skin by using good skin care products. Avoid using too much cosmetics as it takes away your natural beauty and makes skin dull. Use a good cleanser in the morning and evening to lift out the extra oil and dirt and make your skin feel good. Remove all sorts of makeup before going to bed as it clogs pores and can cause blemishes or acne.

8. Exfoliate

Exfoliate your skin once or twice in a week to remove dead skin cells and get a brighter glow. Use a walnut scrub or papaya seeds scrub to make your skin bright and radiant. It opens up the clogged pores and let your skin breathe. Use a toner which will balance the Ph level of skin,reduces black heads and pimples along with tightening of pores. You can simply use rose water as a natural toner for skin.

9. Moisturise your skin

An important step in your daily routine is to moisturise your skin. Massage it gently in the morning and evening after shower as it keeps skin hydrated and relaxes the cells. Clean your face and apply moisturiser at night before going to bed as it relaxes the muscles and can reverse ageing.

10. Detan (De Tan)

We all face tanning due to exposure to sun. In order to avoid tanning use a good sun screen with SPF 30 and cover yourself when going out. You can follow a simple step to remove tan by mixing equal amount of honey and lemon juice and apply for 30 minutes. Rinse it off. It will definitely work to remove tan from skin. Another thing to remove tan is to use a bleach cream. It will make skin bright and bleach the hairs to match your skin and give a radiant glow.

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