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The Spirit of Love and Affection

Love is one of the most magical things that one can experience in their life. It is the pure quality of living creatures. It is a thing that unites the entire animal kingdom because no matter how small the creature is, it needs the same kind of love and affection that a human being needs. Even a mother dog or a mother bird feels the existence of love through its kids. Every creature on the planet has an inherited ability to express love. It is a loving devotion not only to one’s family but also to the beings and things around them. Many say emotions and sentiments drive love, but it also includes admiration, respect, and good wishes for other creatures. The true meaning of love is a tedious task to explain because different people have different opinions about it. Still, we must agree that love is an unbiased emotion that connects an individual to the entirety of humanity.

It is a wrong notion that loving someone does not make you weak. As some people might say, one gets attached to that person and cannot think of a moment without him. Love is the strength that everyone needs in life. A newborn baby needs the immense love of his mother during his early childhood; this makes him understand the actual value of love and helps him spread that love to the rest of the world. It is a life-giving force that brings enormous happiness, harmony, and peace. The one who has tasted it and realised its power is fearless and free from hatred, jealousy, and selfishness. A person who spreads love around himself is always admired and respected by others. It is the true sign of good character. If we shower pure, selfless love on an individual, we will be able to make that person realise their worth. It brings out the good in an individual. It guides us to the right path, elevates our thoughts, and helps us to blossom into exemplary character. There is a vast difference between love and affection. Affection, fondness, and liking someone are not as deep as love. Loving is a deeper form of affection which includes accepting them with all their strengths and shortcomings unconditionally. Love is like a ripple in the water. When you throw a pebble in the water, the ripple it causes becomes bigger and bigger with time.

As a person climbs higher in the social hierarchy, the love he spreads is not only related to his family members. A man who stands on a more robust platform loves not only his kiths or kin but also his neighbors. The love circles are great. Men are still more remarkable. They spread love irrespective of caste, creed, race, sex, religion, nationality, etc. These people consider themselves global citizens and embrace the whole world. Even though familiar people might not be as great as those people, we should always try our best to spread as much love as we can in our sphere of influence.

Colourless life without love

Life becomes colourless and dry without love. There is no feeling of euphoria in life without it. When we are deprived of love, we feel unhappy and depressed, as we would feel if we were deserted. No matter how much money we earn or how luxurious a life we lead without love in it, we think we are gaining a livelihood to spend our lifetime. Loving someone can make that person feel good about his existence and motivate him to live up to the expectations of his loved ones. Love has the power to make the rejected and dejected learn to love life broadly. It is the elixir of life. We live to love and love to live. It is a divine force that keeps that entire humanity intact. Love is a charm. It is like a sponge that soaks up all the sorrows and scatters sweetness and light, under which the whole of humanity will flourish.

All religions a man follows teach him to spread love as much as possible. Spreading love is the core concept of all religions. It is incredibly disheartening to see that people fight and cause bloodshed with one another on religious grounds, forgetting what their religion taught them. I believe one can be a faithful follower of religion only if he can spread the message of love to bring about harmony. The spirit of love can uproot many evils from society, such as terrorism, violence, exploitation, etc. The nature of love can overcome anger, hatred, and intolerance.

Love is the magnet that draws people from different platforms together to common ground, having a massive difference in the thought process of varying faiths.

SK Abhipsha
SK Abhipsha
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