Op-edTips for Finding jobs in times of COVID-19

Tips for Finding jobs in times of COVID-19

At the start of this year 2020, no one would have predicted the current reality for employment forecast and economy. As we are facing unprecedented times – we cannot predict when the worst will be over. Employment chasing during the lockdown, when organizations are laying off staff or requesting that they take obligatory holidays or pay cuts may seem foolhardy. Even thinking about switching jobs when all are freezing recruitment can also feel overwhelming.

So the best approach now would be to focus on the temporary solutions which would lead us through this challenging time. While we cannot control how COVID 19 has affected the economic activity and job market around the world, yet we can make a move to deal with our outcome in a better way.

So how can one survive in this falling economy?

Consider short term solutions:

Think of what should be possible right now or in the next quarter of a year rather than focusing on forever. Utilize this time in investing employment that you might not have considered in the past. List your top skills and search for opportunities wherein these abilities can be put to use in various limits.

For example, An event planner can now help in organizing online workshops to the companies or coordinate with Hospitals in building spaces and put their problem-solving ability to good use. Telecommuting roles are something to look out for at this time.  Don’t miss to see the 20 interesting things that you can do to earn while pursuing a regular degree at College.


If you are not sure about securing a new position, don’t worry. A lot of freelancing jobs are gradually opening up in sectors like marketing, IT, online business, media/amusement, and money related administrations.

The remuneration in freelancing jobs may not replace the monthly payment for a salaried employee. In any case, the more the number of independent projects you take up, the better is the compensation. These independent undertakings can be a valuable addition to the resume when the lockdown ends.

Be Patient

It is agonizingly excruciating to wait for an answer from a potential recruiter in any event, even during ordinary times and these are uncommon conditions. Organizations might not know what the coronavirus means for their business and where their business stands at the moment. They might continue with the interviews for positions still open, but things might not move as fast as planned. So don’t take a delayed response as a lack of interest, rather wait and allow them to respond at their pace, but don’t forget to follow up.

Network and Network

Everybody is attempting to steer new ways of networking and connecting for work. The right approach to go about this is by rewriting your LinkedIn profile and utilize the social media platform to connect with employers to know about the available opportunity. Numerous ventures are as yet recruiting and need people to complete their works. Discover such like-minded professionals by joining groups in LinkedIn or Facebook and start a discussion. Like, comment and engage in posts to make meaningful connections that reach out and take the conversation further. Make valuable connections with hiring managers and Vice Presidents, build relationships with them through social interactions.

Polish your resume and cover letter

Keep your CV and cover letter updated for each job that you apply and realize the skills required to be fruitful at the interview. Highlight experiences that are more relevant now than before, for eg, leading remote teams or crisis management are the skills that raise your profile.


Organizations often offer impetuses to their staff to refer an excellent candidate to their company. This reference could be from any individual who you know, and in this way, you can apply for positions in companies through the contact you have.

Online Learning

“Learning and Training anytime, anywhere” has become more popular now, and you too must focus on improving skills through online courses and workshops. Platforms like Course era, Udemy, LinkedIn, and Edx is offering many courses that can be taken for free. What course you choose would vary from person to person, but you should focus on gaining and developing your skills. Focus on developing soft skills that will help you grow in any organization. Make sure to attend virtual job fairs and participate in job events as well. 

Practice Virtual Interviews

These days, virtual interviews are picking up energy and are unique in relation to in-person meets. Subsequently, it is essential that you begin rehearsing now to ace your interview. Read up about the various ways you can prepare for virtual interviews. Rehearsing video meetings and acing your non-verbal communication, manner of speaking and outward appearances will give you an edge over others.

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Flexible Fit

At this point, when the markets are down, there is a huge demand to be fulfilled compared to the supply. So as per the economic theory, the salary offered might be less, and you should be adaptable and reasonable. To beat the competition, you need to put your best foot forward and convince the employers for being a more reliable fit for the company. Get ready to give your best efforts in the job selection process. 

Sectors to look for

Many companies are still looking to fill their essential roles more than ever. Browse through these companies’ websites and apply Philips, Amazon, Zoom, Walgreen, Walmart, Krogers, Support.com, Outschool, JP Morgan, and more. New employment opportunities are also opening up in the following sectors:

  • E-commerce companies
  • Education technology (Edtechs)
  • Remote work software companies
  • Online entertainment companies
  • Video game companies
  • Grocery stores
  • Pharmacies/ Pharmaceutical companies
  • Warehousing services
  • Delivery driver services
  • Home exercise equipment 
  • At-home beauty product 
  • Food kit delivery services

Remember, it isn’t where you are working matters now, but what you are doing that count. Be diligent in your job search and look beyond the industry to see how you can grow your core skills.

I hope these brisk tips will assist you with pacing up your job search and keep you inspired to upskill for new job search challenges.

You future employer is HIRING, Don’t let a pandemic stop you from your career growth.

All the Best!!

Guru Gayatri
Guru Gayatri
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