LifeStyleTop 5 Makeup Trends of 2017 Among Teenagers of Indian and Worldwide

Top 5 Makeup Trends of 2017 Among Teenagers of Indian and Worldwide

Makeup is an art form, a great way to express yourself and radiate creativity. Makeup is a great tool to help elevate the entertainment industry. But the real beauty about makeup is its evolution. We have seen the dramatic times of wearing flashy metallic eyeliner in the late 70’s to smoky eyeshadows in the late 2000’s. Every year has brought about new looks. Let’s look at what this year had in store.


Glitter MakeupToday, we have got glitter in almost every makeup product we use. Glitter got a huge platform after Coachella. Just something about those sparkly flakes is just so irresistible to fashion industries. Body glitter especially had a huge market this year and truly added some sparkle to our lives


Unicorn Makeup

These mythical creatures seemed to have created their own genre in Fashion. Every time we scroll through our Instagram feed, we always come across pastel colored eyeshadows or unicorn inspired hairdos. Inspired by cartoons like My Little Pony and Lisa Frank, makeup companies have released makeup lines which are either pastel colored or covered in iridescent glitter to replicate the look of unicorns. However, it’s safe to say that this trend did bring magic into the fashion industry.


Colourful Rainbow Eyebows

Perfectly shaped eyebrows have definitely conquered a huge platform on Social media. Sharp eyebrows seem to exhibit boldness and fierceness and just screams confidence. People across the world have started experimenting with different eyebrow shapes. This year, we had the feather eyebrows, squiggle brows, and even the braid brows! How practical these eyebrow looks can be is definitely debatable but it sure did keep our millennial nostalgia “on Fleek”.


Highlighter Makeup

Natural glow is a huge obsession for the cameras. Highlighters provide that glow ranging from copper hues to blinding iridescent colors. It comes in powder form or liquid. However, recently makeup industries have started experimenting with blinding full coverage highlighters which definitely look out the world! Instagram already caught up with the tend. But, the real question is, is it the highlight of your makeup routine?


Contouring Makeup

Contouring is a technique by which helps you achieve that sculpted jawline or cheekbones look. It gives that illusion on creating shadows to enhance the embossed features of your face. Contour comes in powder forms, cream, or liquids. This trend was initially boosted by the television reality stars – The Kardashians. This trend has been popularized all over the world and definitely “snatched” our makeup game.

Pryadharshne D
Pryadharshne D
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